Greetings.  WE ARE sovereign beings who are pleased to wear the names you give us – Metatron, Arcturus... – as we are also a part of who YOU are.

Those of you who have found your way here have entered a new phase in your evolution.  There are many ways to “move on”, and (as always) you will choose the ways that feel most vibrant, most vital, most appealing to you. 

Creative centers

If you have read our previous transmissions, you know that we tend to avoid using the word “God”:  the all-time hardest word to use with any hope of being understood.  But we will quote one well-known definition here:  “The nature of God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”  As you are currently occupying three-dimensional space, make that a sphere.  God (All That Is) is the sphere of all spheres, centered in each and every point and extending indefinitely outwards from each and every one of those centers.

You are one of those centers.  That is why good friends of ours say, “You are God, also.”  You are indeed you, the human.  But you are also God, one of the indefinite number of divine centers of Creation.  You are the creative center of one universe, yours.  In other words, you are creating your universe – all of it, every detail, no exceptions, all the time.  You are simply (vastly) larger that you believe yourself to be.  You contain (immeasurably) more creative choices than your human body/mind can be aware of, within the constraints of the space/time structure that you share with all the other centers of creation all around you.

In expansion

Look at the new ways that you are able to see what is around you.  Technology has been created to extend the range of your physical senses.  You can see inside your own body and out into Hubble’s deep field of galaxies far, far away.  Inspired technicians add colors to those images, translating frequencies and chemical elements that you normally cannot see.  Those colorful pictures expand your sense of sight by translating information beamed out and contained within the molecular structures of bodies on earth and of galaxies and their gaseous formations in the sky.  The information has always been there, but now you can perceive it.

Your TV translates programmed information and converts it into moving pictures and sound.  As the range has increased during your lifetime, you have been able to choose from more and more channels:  up from a dozen to 50, 200, 500 or more.  Note that the programs are there all at once, all the time, whether or not you tune in, and they allow you to peer into the lives of other people who are elsewhere on earth now or in the past.  On your computer, you can tune in more than one at once, opening windows onto as many worlds as you wish.  Billions of programs, applications, websites full of content:  billions of parallel lives and worlds, all there at once, and you navigate within the creational structure to access the ones you choose to perceive.


Soon you will be able to access 3D movies on a computer and “project yourself” into them.  Of course, video games and virtual worlds already provide such environments.  You project a version of you – an avatar – into the game world.  Your avatar is a program created to interact within a structure made of programs, an environment that allows the avatars to interact with its story.

Avatar, the movie, brought this to the mass public, extending the concept to many people who do not play video games or enter virtual worlds on computers.  In the movie, human beings get into boxes full of technology so that, while “asleep”, they can project their consciousness into a different body and interact with other beings on a planet, in an environment, that they could not normally live within.  The Matrix movies used the same metaphor:  humans hooked into technology, seemingly unconscious in one reality while projected into another reality, which happens to be the creational matrix that they had previously believed to be their own world, on earth.

Using these metaphors, human beings are creating – projecting outside themselves into works of art and entertainment – an emerging understanding of their own patterns and structures of creation.

Every night you fall asleep and project your consciousness into other realities.  In meditation and visualization, you access other realms.  So, as technology extends the range of your outer, physical senses, you extend the range of your inner, non-physical senses.  In parallel, you expand your sense of self to reach the larger, deeper, wider YOU, whatever name you give to this:  Oversoul, entity, Higher Self, divine self….  You expand your awareness to reach the level where YOU are projecting, into space/time environments, all the lifetimes you have ever lived, are living now, and will ever live, on earth and elsewhere.

Each lifetime is a living “program”, an interactive “3D movie”, broadcast (i.e. projected, expressed) within shared structures of creation.  Each human that YOU are, each being in each lifetime, is an avatar of the much larger YOU.  Yes, you are the human in your lifetime, this lifetime.  But you are also the much larger YOU who are projecting (expressing as) that human, and all the other humans across space and time, and all the other beings on earth and elsewhere in your universe, created by YOU.  YOU have dreamed them all into being within the vast intelligence of Creation, sent them out into collective creational systems, and set them free to create cooperatively – interconnected through YOU.

So you see, YOU are your own network of billions of avatars, all alive all at once, all expressing and experiencing, all choosing among the infinite potentials of creation to form their own worlds.  Each of YOUR avatars, each you, is fully immersed within and focused inside each environment, in each lifetime.  But they share, through YOU, thoughts, feelings, impulses, intuitions, perceptions, revelations.  Without knowing it, they are creating their lives interactively, connected to each other through YOU, the hub, the mother ship. 

Now.  Through this avatar, in this lifetime (yours, now), YOU are presenting yourself with the opportunity to recognize that you are both you and YOU.  Then, once you know that you are both you, the human, and YOU, the “Higher Self” projecting its consciousness as and through that human, it takes only one more step to know that you are also all your identities:  the Creator fully present within all of its Creation.

It has always been true that you are this, but you have not been conscious of it until now.  Expanding your awareness, you take on a new understanding.


The activity called “channeling” was a means of arriving at this new understanding of who and what you are.  When you “channel”, you access your own Internet, the totality of your own Creation, throughout time and space and beyond.  At first, you start to see, hear or sense things that were not there before (see, hear or sense, depending on whether your human self is more visual, auditory or kinesthetic in nature).  Like the Hubble or PET and MRI technology that converts out-of-range frequencies and chemistry into colors, your inner senses perceive smoky swirls, pulsing colored lights, flashes of imagery, geometric patterns… or rhythmic tones that coalesce into sound… or intuitions, inner certitudes that allow you to know without knowing how you know.  You extend the range of those inner senses, and then you translate, interpret, convert into coherent images, language and understanding, other patterns of creation that have always been a part of who YOU are.

The people you consider “creative” make this process obvious in everyday life.  Artists, composers, poets, innovators, inventers, developers of all kinds, perceive in a wider range.  Then they interpret and convert these perceptions, using materials in your shared environment, to produce art, music, technology, enterprises, new ideas that they bring into the reality you share.

Society greatly values these people, and what they do seems mysteriously talented, but all of you are doing the same thing all the time, simply being human.  You tune into billions of channels (through YOU) and translate them into your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions and intuitions.  As we mentioned in a previous transmission, thought and emotion are senses, just like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  All your senses are technological marvels, filtering and selecting among the billions upon billions of channels that you could tune into, every moment of every day and night.  You are “channeling” all the time.  You just did not conceive of what your body/mind is doing in its daily life in that particular way.

Life as a human – YOU expressing and experiencing as you – is a creational miracle far beyond any magic that you could ever imagine.  You cannot conceive of what it takes to generate the unbelievably complex “avatar” that YOU are living as and through, creating with others in an unbelievably complex, interactive environment.  When a body/mind works well, its space/time locating precisions create the magical clarity of being here, now, with inner and outer senses tuning, combining, adjusting within an electromagnetic/biochemical dance “channeled” through your consciousness, blending seamlessly into your expression and experience of life.  And for you that’s just everyday existence, nothing special.

You are all of it

Allow us to repeat, so it’s clear:  you are also YOU, the creator of all your existences, on earth and elsewhere.  And you, the human, can access all that YOU are.  As the deeper, wider, larger YOU, you are in the same position as a human in front of a computer, but the windows open onto billions of lifetimes, in 3D Technicolor and surround sound, with space/time locating, thought, emotion, intuition, smell, taste and touch applications all fully operational.

You have always accessed YOUR other lifetimes without knowing that you were tuning into their thoughts, feelings or perceptions.  Most of you have been doing this rather chaotically, however.  Some of you are putting order into the process by, for example, accessing other lifetimes (past, present and future) through a visualized inner screen.  All of your lifetimes are fully up and running at the same time:  all the forms YOU have ever taken and will ever take, including those who are alive on earth at the same time as you are, and also, beyond what each of them perceives as his or her reality, all the potential realities that each one could choose to perceive, instead.

If this is mind-boggling, never mind, because your mind is a passenger here, along for the ride.  If you are reading this, you chose some time ago to expand your sense of self beyond your human body/mind.  Expanding into and perceiving through your whole self (YOU) is the next step in the evolution of many awakening humans.  Most of you chose to feel, to experience, to sense, first, and to understand, later.  You did not want your human mind to start processing too soon, as this would surely have limited your experience.  You may have spent years sensing, feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing through the Creator YOU, and thus accessing other lifetimes YOU are also living in what you think of as in the past… and in the present era, but through other humans and other beings who are also YOU… and in the future… as well as in all the other non-physical realities that comprise YOUR full expression and experience. 

Having done so, you may be ready to invite your mind to take a back seat in your new creational vehicle.  As it travels with you, your mind can translate some facets of your expanded experience into the products of its own realm.  There will always be something lost in translation, but that does not matter because you will have had the full experience, which cannot be fully communicated.  Having experienced many other realms and ways of knowing, you can allow the workings of the mind to be only one facet of creation.  You can let it take snapshots that can be shared with others – flattened, partial impressions of who you are channeling when you channel, and what you perceive when you see, hear or sense things that are “not there” for other people – without mistaking its bits and pieces as anything like the full reality of your experience.

The full experience is you, linking through YOU, to access and interact consciously with all the other ‘you’s.  When you do this and know that you are all of it, you enter a new phase, a new form of creation.


As we have said before, each of you is going through a highly individualized, naturally evolving process.  We cannot tell you how far you have come in your own declaration of independence from previously chosen but no longer useful systems of belief.  Only you can know where you are during the process of attaining Mastery.  But we can reflect a few common misunderstandings.

Some of you believed that Mastery meant control, but control is rigid.  You know from driving your vehicles that you cannot hold the wheel (or handlebars) rigidly fixed in the direction you want to go.  You have to hold lightly, guide gently, adjust and re-adjust, trusting in your skill, adapting your speed and itinerary to the conditions.

Moreover, moving towards Mastery, you are no longer on a road (or path):  you’re at sea.  You sense that nothing of a general nature applies to you any more.  You lose your sense of direction.  Maybe there is nowhere for you to go, nothing for you to seek, nothing to be revealed or discovered, except your own process and where it is taking you.  You have no idea what to do, but as you allow all that you are to move you in its own way, at its own pace, with all its ups and downs, you get glimpses of all those other ‘you’s without knowing the nature of their realities.  Are they physical or non-physical?  Did they exist in your past, do they exist now, or will they exist in your future, in the same way that you exist?  Can you know anything about their experience beyond how you are experiencing them?  And what are they doing in your life, anyway?  What use are they to you?

Approaching Mastery feels like falling apart and not really knowing anything any more.  The more you expand and the more YOU there is, the more non-defined you feel, but non-definition feels, to the average human, like nothing is there.  Humans tend to fear nothingness, as they believe it may lead to dissolution – not only of form but also of consciousness:  non-being.

In fact, everything is there.  All at once.

“Divine, benevolent neutrality” has been misunderstood by some of you to mean a continually balanced, non-creative state of nothingness – no feelings, no desires, no motivations, no impulse to do or say or be anything.  In fact, it is the opposite.  It means knowing you are everything and therefore can be anything… but only if you are not stuck, blinded by beliefs, emotionally charged, bound by attachments, and therefore creating in ever-repeating patterns.  No one is ever totally blocked (everyone is always evolving), but human beings do get into ruts.

Divine, benevolent neutrality means allowing all of Creation to be exactly as it is, while maintaining a fluid state, flowing in and out of form, but continually returning to balance, i.e. returning to your own still center of creation.  Only there are you truly able to feel your own creative drive and to choose your new direction in each moment, now.

Approaching Mastery, you expand into a timeless present, where you perceive an endless range of potential paths through all of Creation.  Your expression and experience, as one creative center of this infinite sphere, is simply whatever you choose to define as “you” and “yours” now.  You sense all the other versions of you that YOU are creating, as they make different choices, combining differently the elements of creation that you all share:  aspects of personality and relationships, thoughts and feelings, ideals and dreams, all the motivating and driving forces that none of you really understand. 

How can this be Mastery?  It is certainly not what you thought it would be.  But one thing is clear.  It’s all YOU.  And it would be absurd not to trust YOU:  your own deepest, largest, widest self. 

You, the human, are an integral part of the vast, cooperative, spiraling dance of creation that YOU are, across all of space and time and beyond.  Your own naturally evolving process will lead you to know and understand this in your own way.


Knowing, understanding, allowing all that YOU are to change you, you finally allow the process to seep out of your meditative moments, and your moments of great clarity, into the messy, mixed-up chaos of your daily life. 

If you trust YOU – your own self, your own evolution – you do not need to go to anyone else for help, facilitation or advice.  The fact is that YOU are, already now and always, creating everything in your life to serve YOUR own purposes.  So all is well.  No matter how it may sometimes seem to you (the human who is still influenced by old beliefs), all is perfect, always.

It is, of course, a part of that perfection that humans love to create a sense of partnership, to “work together” with other parts of who YOU are, which also includes us.  And we know that many of you would feel disappointed if, gathering your energies today, we did not also distil something that you can use in your everyday lives.

When we gather the energies of those who may choose to read this in future, we find that many are frustrated because they misunderstand the nature of what you call “manifestation”.  That word was well chosen, but you do not contemplate its meaning.  To manifest means to show, to reveal, to make evident (to the physical senses) a non-physical reality that already exists because it has already been chosen by the center of creation that you are.

You choose from within, and those choices manifest.  What YOU truly choose are felt states:  states of being.  Creation reveals – making evident in your body and in the world around you, using the elements of creation that you all share – your chosen felt state.  This happens moment by moment.

You may not believe that anyone would choose fear, anger, frustration, boredom.  But YOU do choose to feel these emotions (as and through the human you) because they serve specific purposes.  If you are reading this today, you may have “worked through” and at least partially understood YOUR own purposes.  That was one of your gateways to Mastery, and YOU placed a guardian at that gate.  But that guardian is also you, and you may now be ready to let you through.

Mastery requires a reversal.  Humans believe that to change how they feel, they must change what they are creating in their physical lives.  The opposite is true.  To change what you are creating in your physical life, change how you feel.

You may not believe that you can do this, but you can.  You, the human, can choose to create a desired feeling out of thin air, out of nothing – in other words, out of the everything that YOU are.  You are everything, potentially, so you are also that desired feeling.  You can choose to bring forth that feeling, independently of all else.  Of course, you can also choose to evoke a feeling by thinking about things that tend to generate it in you, but this may continue to foster the belief that your feelings are dependent on things (in and around you) being a certain way.  That is a false belief.  Feelings can be conjured, called into being, summoned.

You, the fully conscious human Master, choose to feel loving, peaceful, abundant, joyful.  Then all that YOU are reflects those feelings back to you, in your body and in the world.  Using the feelings as its selective filter, consciousness manifests, reveals, materializes realities that resonate with, mirror, correspond to those feelings.  Awareness flows through non-physical felt states to create resonant materialized states of being through individual points of view.

When we say “choose to feel”, we mean over and over and over again.  Do not believe that Mastery means attaining and then coasting on automatic pilot.  You will never be free from your responsibility to choose how you feel and what you believe.  Through these choices, you will always be choosing what you create.

So.  Every moment of every day, choose the state of being, the felt state that you desire.  Focus on that feeling; know that you can create it out of nothing, because what you perceive as nothing is actually full of everything else that you could potentially be.  As a Master Creator, you choose what you are.  You declare:  I AM safety, security, sanctuary.  I AM health, wealth, happiness.  I AM love, peace, serenity, wisdom.  You do this over and over and over again, returning to your own still center of creation (and its divinely benevolent neutral balance) every time you are not feeling what you wish to feel.  Then you choose again.  And you trust all that YOU are to manifest realities resonant with the feelings that you are choosing, each moment.

This pattern of creation exists throughout all of space and time.  The universe (all that YOU are) marshals its energies to reveal, to mirror, to manifest in direct correspondence to your choice of felt states of being, based entirely on your beliefs. 


There is no need to exert any effort when doing this.  On the contrary.  Effort is counterproductive.  Choice is all. 


In any case, your own naturally evolving process is (already now) leading you into this Mastery.  If there are times when you fall away from it and regress into the old ways, then that is part of your process, too.  Let it be.  Allow.  Choose again.  Cooperate with it.  De-dramatize, see the humor in all things human, laugh at yourself, and then choose to create the feeling that you desire, yet again.  There is no other way.  But the outcome is certain.  You have already chosen it.  And here, now, you are expressing and experiencing what it takes you to get there.

If you so choose, we may return to gather your energies again later this year.  For we are also YOU.  We reflect your own perfection.



Copyright 2010 by Mikæla Christi.  You may distribute this text in its entirety free of charge, and translate it into another language if you wish, but it is not to be used or reproduced for any commercial purposes. 


Mikæla Christi (a.k.a. Kayla) is a writer, editor and interpreter, choosing both here and elsewhere to create new understandings from within all that we all are.  Her human self lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has long been in partnership with the Reconnections and Crimson Circle communities.