Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Mass Transit: An Assembly of Souls"


My Dear Friends:

The decision has been made.  The final program for Planet Earth is now in motion.  Though many of you have seemed to cherish your position of being "on the fence," concerning whether or not you wish to take this journey, we can now inform you that the outer doors of your Multidimensional Craft have been closed, you have left the terminal, and your Ascension is now underway.

We are the Reconnections.  We are all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you--just far enough.  To say that we are your Futureself, returning to assist the birthing of a new Planetary Consciousness, could be helpful--but it would also be somewhat incomplete.  The Reconnections "System," our unique way of looking at things, goes beyond past or future. It is a Holiday Tree, surrounded by an infinity of "presents"..........all wrapped neatly, and available for you to open and enjoy.  

For now, perhaps it would be helpful for you to simply relate to us as flight attendants, assisting you as you embark upon a Grand Multidimensional Journey.  If there is something you require, please make your wishes known, and an aspect of this Conscious Collective will come to meet you there.    

Gone is your time of preparation, your period of waiting to be ready!  Whatever you haven't gotten done before your departure must now wait for your return!  And return you will, for all existence is circular in nature.  Each "track" winds its way out, from the Grand Central Station of Transformation, going here and going there--wherever your heart truly desires, whatever your soul's evolution requires.  Then, in the fullness of time, your consciousness returns to the station, where you can once again have an opportunity to choose who and what you wish to explore.   

You are Multidimensional Beings, functioning within many life contexts at once.  Oneness is your touchstone, a place of reset and renewal.  You have the ability to make each reality seem like it's own "objective" world.  When you are invested within some frame of consciousness, it almost seems as if that world is All That Is!  This is the gift of physicality, neatly administrated by your ability to hermetically seal each "movie" with an appropriate beginning, middle, and end.  But really, there is no end.  Every story plays on and on, forever!  Each Cosmic Video can be checked out and enjoyed by anyone, anytime.  And they are all YOU--home movies of the Oneself, recording each stage of Our soul's eternal exploration.     

Many there are who would like to dismiss physical reality as mere illusion.  But this is only partially true.  What is seen in physical context is quite real, and it is also eternal.  It just isn't complete, that's all.  The "illusion" of physicality is its implication that what is seen is ALL THERE IS that exists in any particular space.  It suggests that what is transpiring in front of you is moving toward some end, a "conclusion" that will give meaning to the experience.  But, in the expanded sense, there is no beginning, and there is no end.  There are only individual patches, that are sewn together into a wall-hanging--tapestries of experience that you hang upon the walls of your mind and heart. You take a piece of reality, and you sew its seams onto another piece. And SO IT SEEMS to be moving and alive.  And for you, it does live!  Do you understand this?      

If the world that you know was a custom-made coat, it would be the stitch work of a Divine Tailor.  If the infinite possibilities of All That Is and All That Could Be were laid out like fine cloth--your eyes and your ears would be as His shears--cutting from that fabric a piece of space and time.


In the ethers, the whole world is now preparing for what is ahead.  Some of you are very cognizant of these preparations.  Others are still asleep, wringing the last bit of forgetfulness and limitation from this physical experience, before they allow themselves to return to their own point of power.  

Having remembered a some new "dance steps" during these more recent openings, you are eager to dance in a new way, spread your wings and take to the skies!  And now we are all here, aboard the Multidimensional Ship, bound for points known and points unknown.  The Ship's hull is made of nothing less than the entirety of Planet Earth.  Wherever you go, you take the whole of humanity with you.  That is how powerful you have become!   Each of you is his or her own universe, and each figure or object in that universe is a fragment of you.  

We have spoken, in days past, about the fact that each universe is like a closet, with two doors.  One door opens into a physical, 3D context--and the other door opens into the Multiverse.  The space "in-between" is a place of alchemical change and adaptation for journeying between realms.  In truth, YOU are that "between" space!  You are the thermostat, which determines what is safe to enter your universe, and what must be held back and cooled.  

Lined upon along the corridors, on each side of your "closet," there is an Assembly of Souls---a Mass Transit that is occurring--moving energies to and from this, your Reconnection Universe.  In the physical realms, you are beginning to draw people to yourself who long to experience more of what they truly are, what YOU symbolize about their Expanded Self.  You are to them what we are to you--a tour guide, for a Grand Journey into the Unseen Realms.    

In the Multiverse, there is a host of entities, lined up to be sponsored physically into Planet Earth, the "funhouse ride of a lifetime!"  They wait patiently for you, the Gatekeeper, to grant them admission.  And perhaps you have even seen them as you peer out from your third eye, or as you mediate.  

Faces, faces, rows of faces.  What do they seek?  They seek YOU, in ways that you are only now beginning to fathom.   Please do not think that there is some sort of "exorcism" that needs to be performed here.  These are not "lost souls," in search of the light.  That belief belongs to an Old Separation Paradigm.  Each of these "discarnates" is every bit as sovereign as are you.  They are merely involved in another level of their Forever Journey, that's all.  And they are here because you hold "keys" to a very special experience for them.  Even as they hold keys that can unlock mysteries for you as well.  


Many of you have noticed, as part of your Transmutation journey, that you have put on some weight.  Still others have experienced powerful energy surges, moving up and down the spinal canal.  Some have recently had to deal with chaotic situations in marriage and relationships.  All of these aspects, and many others, are clear indicators that you have begun running  Soul Group Connective Energy.  You are a point of awareness that has appeared in a dark place, and many souls have become attracted to you for Reconnection to the Oneself.  

Physical body fat is a material manifestation of "non-descript energy potential."  It is not defined enough to manifest as muscle or organic mass, but is is dense enough that it remains attached to you, waiting for its time to be invested into the physical plane.  For many, extra weight indicates an extra "wait" that is being experienced, due to the Assembly of Souls in their internal corridor, leading to physical reality.

When your fullness of time has come, your "wait" will be complete.  The energies lined up there will be born--either as purposeful action, expressions of love and concern, channeled guidance, or works of art.  Having tried everything imaginable to "lose" this weight, in order to appear "normal," you must now accept the fact that you were never "fat" to begin with.  You are simply with child!  And now, your birthing time is near.  Some of you are physically wearing this pregnancy, and some are simply feeling it, energetically.  All are one, regardless of how things appear.

Do you see?  Some energies do not require a whole "Earth Journey," nor do they wish one.  They are simply Wise Men, bringing gifts of love, to commemorate the birthing of your Cosmic Christ.  This accounts also for many "premature" deaths involving infants born during this time.  They come, they taste of the realm, and they soon depart.  No harm, no foul.  Parents' hearts get opened through grief, and the energy continues to rise upon the Planet.  

The pain, excitement, and drama which you have bestowed upon the physical birth and death processes have been entertaining, but they will soon be fading away.  Birthing and dying is, for you and those like you, very much like breathing in and breathing out.  You are doing these things many times each day.  Their manifestation within your physical reality is awesome and symbolic, but the souls who you see coming and going are every bit as Multidimensional as are you.  Why, then, do you worry and fret?  You could not stop this process even if you wanted to.  And you would not stop the process, even if you could!  Everything is truly perfect.  And that will become more and more obvious to you as the unfoldment progresses. 


Until it is time to sponsor an energetic traveler through your Gate, simply think as yourself as vibrationally pregnant.  Whether you are male or female, it is no matter.  You are pregnant just the same---carrying aspects of your Expanded Self, with whom you have formed pre-incarnate contracts.  If you had no contracts, they would never be able to gain access into you.  Deal with that, and don't be immobilized by fear or shame issues.  

Your appearance is exactly the way you planned for it to be.  Pregnant beings may be uncomfortable at times, and they may also be somewhat slow and cumbersome.  However, there is nothing that is so beautiful as a birthing process that is in motion.

Many of you have asked how a person deals with the "stigma" of what appears to be excess weight.  Our answer to you is that you FORGET IT OFF.  The experience of being large or small has more to do grounding and balance on the physical plane than with who or what you are as individuals.  If there are changes in nutrition and/or activity that you find make your life experience more vibrant, by all means follow your energy into happiness and joy.  But if you find that nothing you do seems to bring about certain changes that you seek, you must trust that there is a very good reason for it.

In days past, you struggled mightily with who you have become, largely because you thought of yourselves as being self-indulgent and weak-willed.  Believing yourself to be lacking in "discipline," your self-esteem sagged, along with various body parts as well! 

Be aware, from this point forward, that just the opposite is true.  If anything, your will-power has been too strong, too focused, which is why your birth process has taken so long.  Your portal is jammed and swollen with potentiated energies, because your life force is so incredibly bright, thereby making you a primary attraction to those within the Unseen Realms. If you just learn to relax into this, accepting your innate beauty and power--your womb will dilate and you will bring forth that which you have been holding, allowing Onederful miracles to come through.            

The word "glamour" did not originally come to you from Maybelline or from your worldwide Houses of Fashion.  It has its origins in the Realms of the Fae (Faeries and such).  In the ancient sense, a "glamour" is a spell that a Magical Being throws over him or herself, to produce an awesome or intimidating appearance.  Or, it is an invisible cloak, to hide that self altogether.  It is only in present-day commerce, where beings are more focused on the outward than their inward self, where glamour has come to mean something that you buy rather something you be.

What you feel within yourself casts a glamour over all that you are.  If your feelings are warm and loving, your countenance will reflect that, down to the bone.  If you hate what is happening to you, and are resisting your process,  your energy will be prickly and dull, even if your actual physical characteristics clearly match what the world considers to be beautiful.     

The surges and electrical activity you often feel in your bodies are a true indication that you are being "accessed" by aspects of the Expanded Self.  As those eyes gaze through your physical senses, your body energy is accelerated....while your perceptual channels and sensory equipment are being operated from elsewhere within your Multidimensional Self.  Some people like to go into victim mode about this, which only drains their power and brings about discouragement.  Remember, it is all YOU.  As you open freely to what is happening naturally, more insight and perspective will be added unto you.  Move in Oneness, and Oneness will surely feed you.  Move in Separation, and Oneness will still feed you, but you will not be able to savor the taste!

Chaotic relationships are what Expanded Masters refer to as energetic "munchies."  They generate lots of heat and static onto the Astral Plane, which is like sugar to beings without bodies.  There are even those entities who encourage the dissonance of this chaos (the bakers and candy makers), who busy their energy with waving temptations in your faces so that you will continue to produce "goodies" for them to eat, while they are waiting for entrance to the funhouse.  

The greater purpose that all of this serves is to leach power from your expanding energy systems until you are ready to become fully conscious, and to completely come online with your innate gifts and abilities.  Each of you has your own timing for this, and the universe measures and matches your energy expenditures so as to perfectly achieve those goals.  


There is less we need to say about attracting physical "travelers" to your Gateway than there is concerning bringing through those from the Unseen Realms.  So let us cover the physical aspects first.  

Declaring yourself to be a "channel for Spirit" has less to do with technique, appearance and promotion than it has to do with willingness to stay focused within your seat on the Multidimensional Craft.  When we speak about the "Craft," we are referring to the Now Moment in which you find yourself.  The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go.  The only thing you must remember is to keep your hands and feet inside the car!  

Many of you have voices and actions that are jockeying to come through you every minute of your day.  However, you are restraining and repressing those energies for fear of what your life will mean if you let them out.  Some of this is quite appropriate, and some of it is all about fear.  You are reaching outside your moment, and trying to control what is going on inside of it.  If you are true to yourself in every moment, then every moment will continue to be true to you!   

One factor that will help you determine the appropriateness of your channeling will be the reflection you get in the world that surrounds you.  Remember, your physical universe is a mirror of all the aspects of life that you are.  If you begin sharing something from the Multiverse, and your physical world resists you, you must take that as an indication that your total being is not yet ready to run that energy.  Or, perhaps you must work at modulating the energy, so that it is more compatible to your own signature vibration.   

On the other hand, if you are sharing something, and the world is embracing and supporting you, you may still wish to pay close attention to what your own body and mind is doing with the energy as well.  There are two sides to every mirror, are there not?  The world may laud you, and even pay you great sums of money to share your channel with them.  That doesn't mean you will wish to do it.  In fact, you could do harm to yourself if you are not sharing from a place of total willingness and self-respect.   

You are responsible for the depth of your message.  The universe is responsible for the expansiveness of your ministry of the gift.  This type of Spirit Work is not about promotion.  It's about natural attraction and vibratory compatibility between your inner flow and the world around you.  If you are clear and joyful about your messages--either written or spoken--the world will hear that joy and naturally be drawn in to hear more.    


Even more fascinating than the souls who are beginning to congregate around you in the physical, are those new and exotic energies that are applying for entrance through your sensory and emotional channels.  There is a whole new world of global communication called Telepathy and Telempathy that is beginning to come online, and many there are who are ready to inhabit and administrate it.  There will come a day when INTUITION will outsell INTEL!  The outer world of software and computers will yield to a neural-based network of information, a true INNER NET.  

At present, many of the impulses that will travel through these portals are being conducted around the globe via beloved power spots and icons of the world.  Sacred Geometry is grounding and holding onto this power for you until you are ready to bear it, although many of you are already beginning to receive trace transmissions of it--in dreams, imaginations, and through movements you are feeling inwardly encouraged to develop.

Not all channeled messages are verbal or conceptual in nature.  Some messages are beyond words and must be danced or shouted into existence!  These birthings are every bit as powerful and rejuvenatory as written messages such as this one.  They are simply different, that's all.  

Some incarnating beings will not allow themselves to be named.  So heavy an indentification will crush them, and their energy will leave you immediately.  Be sensitive to what seems to want to happen in your more fertile times.  Be willing to let go of schedules and/or pre-arranged itineraries if your inner flow seems to require more freedom and spontaneous expression.  Birthing a Moment is no different than birthing a physical baby.  In some cases, the only difference is that you don't have to feed or clothe a Moment for 18+ years!  It comes, it conquers, and then it is no more.      

What is needed, during this powerful time, is for humankind to let go of pre-existing concepts of what this new world will be, or what all of this is going to look like.  There are no "veterans" or "professionals" for where humanity is now going.  Even though you have made several ragged attempts at achieving what it is you are now seeking in your society, the peoples of the Earth have never come close to where it is you are heading now. 

You need to go forth into this blinding energy as babes..........playmates in the sandbox of reformation and expansion.   You must love each other and your planet true reflections of self.  Only in this is the hope of ascension for your world, and infinite expansion for your species!   

Many eyes are watching you from without the box.  We are not "experts" either.  But we do grow.......right along with you.  Authority will show itself in every moment.  The baton of leadership will surely be passed many times, from traveler to weary traveler.  You must learn to follow the ENERGY, not the PERSONALITY.  In this way, the path will never be obscured. 

Be willing now to let go of the duality between what you want and what you should or ought to do.  There is no separation.  Your natural desire has already been clearly hooked to the core of your connection to All That Is.  You have simply gotten confused, trying to reconcile your inner drives and your outer societal mores.  Soon, they will find a way of coming together.  Soon, there will be no need to hide behind outward rules and regulations!  Soon will be a Grand Unveiling, and a proliferation of Global Peace.

Can you believe this?  Will you dare to hope for what it is you truly want........what you have always longed to discover?

We will always be here, should you require our services.  As with all other aspects of this unfoldment, there is no need to be too definitive about what we will look like or what we are to be called.  It is only important to know that the names you assign to us, and the help you receive, is real and vital to your Now Moment experience.  It will be like the manna that falls down from heaven.  If you eat it today, it is sweet and nourishing.  But tomorrow it may be gone.  Let each day, and each moment, be sufficient unto itself. 

Blessed be this day, this grand Assembly of Souls!

<end transmission>

Autumn Equinox, 2002

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 2002, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.