"The Many and the One"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


The energies arriving now from beyond the Veil seem to be carrying two distinctive elements within them:  Authority and Diversity.

The Authority Aspect tells us, in no uncertain terms, that we are the Creator (Author) of our own life experience.  Life doesn't just "happen" to us.  It's something WE, OURSELVES, are designing and implementing as we go along.  The fact that many of us have forgotten this insight does not change the truth of it one iota. 

The Diversity Aspect tells us that, even though we manifest as INDIVIDUALS in 3D Space, we are actually HOLOGRAPHIC FRAGMENTS of one contiguous WHOLE.  The Reconnections tell us:  "You are not one of many.  You are really MANY OF ONE."  And so it is.   


This clash of viewpoints and agendas......the many and the one..... is just one example of a host of (apparent) contradictions present in the minds and hearts of transforming humans at this time.  Authority requires confidence and steadfastness of purpose.  Recognition of Diversity demands flexibility and tolerance of others.  Which "side" of our personality will we choose to honor in any given moment?  Which "side" will we ignore?  

A healthy transition from 3D to 4D and beyond requires simultaneous recognition for BOTH these elements, operating within a graceful and efficient societal format.....wherein  ALL SIDES can express and develop themselves to maximum potential.  As the Reconnections mention in their  "Politics of Oneness" transmission, this change is not something that can be achieved merely through POLITICAL means.  It can only spring from a radical rearrangement of values within the Creator-Administrator Aspect of each Perceived Universe.  In other words, it can only spring forth from the INSIDE of a person.  It cannot be simulated as an external facade.


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To express Authority without honoring the REST of your essence in that sea of faces known as your "audience" or your "constituency" is like performing surgery on a human body without noticing the effects each "cut" is having on the patient.  It's all SELF, at whatever level of experience it lives and moves and becomes known.  We must NEVER forget that. 

The entire world is looking for its Perfect "Leader"........which is why Obama is so popular right now.   As people fall at his feet, Obama continually lifts them up and reminds them:  "I'm not the one who is doing this........WE are."  The voice of the ONE...... speaking for and as the MANY. 

If our own life process is exactly what we want it to be, then it might be time to reach out and touch our "other selves" through service to the Global Community.  If our current situation isn't so great, what small thing can we do to make it better?  Every little thing we accomplish in the microcosm is automatically translated to the Global Oneself through special "software" we carry, deep inside us.  This is known as "The Butterfly Effect," and it also applies to negatives as well.  The Hopi Elders tell us:  WE are the ones we've been waiting for. 

Humanity's wait is over.  The future is now.  John Mayer said it right when he said:  "You can't be of assistance if you're standing at a distance."   Are Earth's BRIDGE PEOPLE ready to make ourselves known?  Or........most to the point.......are we ready to begin KNOWING the vastness of ourselves?



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