"The Magical Child Lives"


Forty Years Since "The Summer of Love"

and We're Still Here!


By Daniel Jacob

Is there a more divine experience than watching a child's face the first time he or she climbs onto a swing?  I doubt it.  "Push me, Daddy............higher, higher!"  They can never quite get enough, can they?  Later in life....that same child, now an adult, continues to measure life's experiences according to those first sensations of buoyancy, safety, freedom and joy. 


If we live our lives with abandon........moving here and there, according to the will of the moment......we are called Swingers.  Party People.  If emotions come and go, in the blink of an eye, we are said to be experiencing "mood swings."  Back and forth, up and down we go.  Higher and higher....then plummeting, straight down.  Peaks and valleys. Sunshine and rain. 


In a perfect world, all our motions would be UP, or at least even.  If we absolutely had to come back down, our descent would be light and sweet, like a single feather wafting back to earth after morning flight.  In Camelot, the rain may never fall 'till after sundown.  By eight the morning fog must disappear.  But Camelot went away.  And Avalon drifted off into the mists, leaving sullen Glastonbury Abbey as our sole remembrance of those visionary, halcyon days long past.  Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?  Can you tell me where he's gone?



One of the reasons we went up in our heads was to get away from the pain and disappointment we experienced here on Earth.  We started out as Supermen and Superwomen---curious, invulnerable, fearless, and wise.  Then came our fall from grace.  Things happened along the way.  Unsavory things.  Gruesome things.  Little by little, our butterfly wings folded in around us, and our hearts began settling for the lesser of whatever evils we imagined could befall us. 


I am not producing these articles for people whose lives brim with joy and fulfillment.....people who only know life on the "upswing."  Nor am I wishing to contend with people who have successfully designed compensatory living patterns which effectively meet their needs now.  Why would I?  If something works, don't fix it. 


I'm here for the misfits........the wanderers, the silent ones.  I'm here for them and AS them.  And also for those who long to pull our Collective Sword from the stone...........to clear our mind of "set" notions and numbed-out ways of being.  To bind up, dress, and re-store broken wings to the wonder of flight once more.  And yes, indeed..........."it will take what it takes." 


"Religion is for those who are afraid of Hell.  Spirituality is for those who have been there."



More on The Magical Child

 Carl Gustav Jung


"The archetype of the "Child God" is extremely widespread.  A fair amount of evidence has come down to us from the Middle Ages showing that the "child" was not merely a traditional figure, but a vision spontaneously experienced as a so-called "eruption of the unconscious."  In folklore, the child motif appears in the guise of the dwarf or the elf as personifications of the hidden forces of nature.  To this sphere also belongs the little metal man of late antiquity---who, on one hand, inhabited the mine-shafts, and on the other represented the alchemical metals.....Mercurius, reborn in perfect form. The child motif is a picture of "forgotten things" in our childhood. And when an Archetype is the image of something belonging to the human race, as a whole, the child motif represents the pre-conscious, childhood aspect of the collective psyche. One of the essential features of the child is its futurity.  The child is potential future, an anticipation of future developments, even though (at first sight) it may seem like a retrospective configuration. It is a striking paradox in all child myths that the "child" is on the one hand delivered helpless into the power of terrible enemies and is in continual danger of extinction, while on the other he possesses powers far exceeding those of ordinary humanity.  Though he may be "insignificant," "unknown," "a mere child".......he is also divine."   C.G. Jung.


Whether we believe that Gods create men or men create Gods, one primary tenet remains constant.  What we project out from ourselves must ultimately be brought home to roost.  Our creations mirror some aspect of us, whose value is primarily determined in the Eye of the Beholder.  The Magical Child Icon is no exception.  We see his or her face everywhere, if we are ready.  And If we are not, we look away......or, perhaps, we try to persecute, abuse, or entrap that power, in hopes of making it our own.  To hide the genie in a bottle.

The fact that Children of the New Earth carry magic is irrefutable.  Soon their wisdom and power will overcome even the most iron resolve against letting them in.  And if so, what would that mean?  It could bring a tide of healing the likes of which the world has never known.  Not only a new-found freedom and authority for children, but a genuine miracle of learning and healing for the older generations as well.  Up to now, massive numbers of parents and caretakers have been leading an equally massive number of children either into repression or abuse trauma.  Adults mean well, but the negative statistics are really racking up here.  If we fail these kids, it's because we over-value our own wisdom and undervalue theirs.  Indeed, some children will welcome intervention and protection by adults.  So be it.  That, too, is a valid choice to be made.  Every flower has its time to bloom, and no legislature or city counsel can accurately predict when that will be.   

Meggie Cleary and Father Ralph in "The Thorn Birds"

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I explore all this in two series of articles:   "The Imagine Nation" and "A Child-Friendly Society."  They represent a basic design template for one possible future for humankind. We do live in a Multiverse. Laws and attitudes being what they are now, it could take a long time for Westernized Humanity to give kids what they seem to be asking for.  And if so, are we protecting them, or are we protecting ourselves from what we might have to face up to if we really gave them a "say" in how the world works.........if we really LET THEM INTO our process?  In matters of love, aggression and manipulation simply have to go!  It's not for adults to lead young people into trauma, tedium, or confusion.  It's about them leading us back to playfulness, grace, and innocence. 

Isobel and Tristan in "Legends of the Fall"

Leon and Matilda in "The Professional"


I realize that what is being speculated here might very well cause some upheaval in society, if it were brought to fruition. The articles discuss this more in depth.  And yet...... isn't society already nearing some kind of breaking point?  Aren't our adulterated ways causing us more harm than good?  We have steam pipes blowing up in New York, for God's sake!  Do we realize the symbolism in stuff like that?  If we go "out of our heads"........and allow our senses to guide us, intuitively and gently.........we may surely come face to face with our Magical Inner Child.  It won't always be pretty, but it will surely be true.


Billy and Katie, in "Stealing Home" 

My High School Graduating Class just had its 40-year reunion on July 14th.  Yep..... I took my leap into grown-up life right in the midst of the "Summer of Love."  I didn't attend this recent event, but I did organize my own "reunion" on the phone last year.  I contacted a dozen or so of my most valued friends and reminisced to high heaven.  I knew that very few of them would attend either. One woman asked me during our two hour chat:  "So Dan........what have you learned in these last 39 years?"  I was thunderstruck......not so much by the question, but by who was asking it.  Here was someone who knew me back then, who was wanting me to "report in" on my life journey to date. I thought a moment, and answered:  "I have learned that I can trust myself.  I can trust what I feel, what I want, and who I am."

I traversed many hills and valleys to arrive at that realization.  The hills were ego trips and the valleys were mostly about doubt.  And there were plenty of stretches where fertile flatlands enabled me to plant some things which I believe will endure.  It wasn't the journey I started out on.......but it was a journey I chose.

And you know what?  We can trust our kids too.  We can trust what they feel, what they want (or don't want), and we can trust who they are.  There are more eyes watching over them than we can imagine.  And more hearts depending upon them than they would like to realize.  Whether or not the "old guard" is ready to let go, the reins are gently being removed from our hands.  Once again, THE TIMES THEY ARE A'CHANGIN'......and, like it or not, we're changing with them. 

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