Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Liquidating Your Assets"


My Dear Friends,

Global Warming is a fact, My Friends, though the underlying cause for it is far more simple than most of you might think.  Ecological stress and solar bombardments play a role, no doubt...........but deep down, the real source of Global Warming is YOU.  We are speaking now of your Neo-Shamanic, Holographic Body, which has now calibrated itself to the Earth Mother, even as your Multi-Faceted Soul-ar Self leaps upward towards Father Sky, riding his lightning across the heavens.  It is that Reconnection of the Two, within YOU that creates the heat.

These hidden parts of you, which have lay sleeping for so many eons, are starting to awaken!  What is seen on the "surface" is no indicator, by any means, of what is present down below!  You are so much more than you think you are! 

Do not fear the quickening or pain that must inevitably accompany this birthing process.  Revel in it, like the Gods/Goddesses that you are!  Some are encountering intensity of remembrance which far surpasses their ability to feel into, or adequately process the changes that are underway.  Pay no attention.  Your sensations will return, once your updated "software" is installed and operational within a fully-realized Oneself Core. 

Some of you may find yourself weeping intensely, for no reason at all.  Look at the picture above........and you will understand.  Your "frozen" concepts and sensibilities are MELTING.  The glaciers of bygone beliefs and limitations are breaking apart, ready for liquidation and reformation in the Now.  Having made contact with your very own Central Sun, you now have the opportunity to go anywhere, and become anything you wish.  You have finally made it "home" and you are in fine shape!


Artwork Courtesy of Slawek Wojtowicz

Most societal systems are facades that have been set up to perpetuate the need for control, the lust for power.  The more energy humans pour into perfecting society, the less they spend on examining their own hearts for signs of imbalance and deep inner need.  Families are not a reflection of the society in which they exist.  It is the other way around.  And individuals are not formed by their families, either.  The larger body exists to be a mirror for the smaller---even as the smaller is meant to be a mirror for the one.  To seek to control and regulate your reflection in the great mirror is to miss the point of it all.  One cannot improve his experience of the INSIDE merely by focusing his efforts upon controlling the OUTSIDE.   

One of the characteristics of old paradigm emotionality is an intensive focus upon physical circumstance and one's bodily reactions to it.  Intensive focus tends to SLOW DOWN a person's flow of energy so that what is happening can be examined (and fixed, if need be).  Do not do this!  When a part of your energy is stuck, leave it be!  Move your attention to those operations in your immediate surroundings that are UNSTUCK, so that personal momentum can be maintained.  Check back, from time to time, to see how your "stuck" is doing.  But don't, by any means, try to "fix" it.  You aren't broken!  You're just IN PROCESS.  So let it be.

Here is the New Paradigm definition for EMOTION:  ENERGY IN MOTION.  Anything else, no matter what it "feels" like, or cries out to achieve, is simply a manifestation of habituated, body-based control mechanisms.  Selah. 


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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