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My Dear Friends,

You move from singularity to multiplicity, and your "I" becomes a "We."    In Reconnection---you learn to own the people, objects, and situations that appear in the perceived reality as SELF, and you move from being "alone" to being "All One."   You go from shame and blame to SAME.  Every time you point your finger, you realize that three fingers are pointing back at you.  

We wish now, to assist you in finding a new, personalized way to continue the  process of INTEGRATION which you have begun when you recognized yourselves as parts of the Greater Whole.   And yet, even as you begin to think of everything and everyone as SELF, you also find that you are still physical and still functioning in a Game Format that includes a "you" and a "them." You are not one of many, however............we are really many of one! 

Personalization       ~      Interaction       ~       Observation

To assist us in sorting out this assortment of alternative selves, we offer the following Levels of Fragmentation to organize your thinking: 

Each one represents a context of observation, wherein you can view a facet of the Multidimensional Crystal which you have always been.   

LEVEL ONE:       The BODY, and its individuated personality, is a representation of yourself, FIRST PERSON.    

LEVEL TWO:     Everything and everyone that has A DIRECT INTERACTION with that body---whether it is human, animal, vegetable, or mineral---is referred to as yourself, SECOND PERSON.  This is also the level of the Intimate Interface.  

LEVEL THREE:   Everything and everyone which can be seen by you, but which HAS NO DIRECT INTERACTION WITH YOUR INDIVIDUATED EGO SELF, is referred to as yourself, THIRD PERSON.    

Additionally, utilizing some of our familiar psychological terms, we identify these various "levels" of self with specific states of consciousness:   First Person perceptions are the activity of the CONSCIOUS MIND.     Second Person representations are the activity of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.     And Third Person manifestations of self are representative of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND.     And it is ALL ME, it is all THEE, and it is all WE! 

<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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