"What does a person give (as a gift) to someone who has everything?" Even better still: "What does one give to someone who IS everything?" The answer is: THE GAME.  Essentially, The Game is a great gift that the ALL THAT IS gave to Ourself as a vehicle for personal exploration and expansion. Of course, we must speak allegorically again---for to explain the Grand Game, one must begin playing it.  Stated simply: From Infinite Unity--We chose to fragment and separate out a portion of the Oneself and pretend that it was something else. Turning to face the Whole, or "GOD"---this fragment of "NOT-GOD" became a mirror reflection--a way to study, in a dissociated way, various aspects of WHO WE ALL ARE. With the interface of two entities: God and "Not-God," we beheld the first polarity relationship---which is to say, a confrontation of opposites. 

Next, there was decreed the formation of DEFINED SPACE, which is to become the Game Board upon which this is all played out.  "Not God" began to fragment, and to produce a spectrum of relationships and interactions which would become his or her legacy of personal creation--an exploration that goes on into infinity. Each of the various fragments that are produced  exists in relation to him as he does to the Greater Whole. All the while, The Gathering of the One assumes the position of Multiversal Audience. Indeed, it is a Game We are playing with Ourself!"  ~The Reconnections