Image Courtesy of  Jeannine Chappell

The concept of DREAMING AND DREAMS shields the Limitation Consciousness from fully comprehending what is happening when we make our excursions into The Multiverse.  We take flights of fancy, and refer to them as DREAMS in order to keep a firm foothold on what we believe is "real," and what isn't.  When we journey out in this way, we say::  "Oh, it was just a dream......,"  and we assume that will be that..  But there is much more to it than that. Slowly, humankind is coming to a realization of to the vastness of our conscious capacity.  The Reconnections tell us that we didn't just "think up" computers and cyber-technology.  In truth, we re-membered them from our inner experience of the Expanded Self---the Greater Whole of Us---and down-stepped the energy into what looks like a machine.  That way, when we get tired of being powerful, we can *turn off* the computer, or we can *wake* from our dreams, in order to return to acting like "normal people" again.  We are so much more than that!