"Now we reveal this wonderful truth that, as a Citizen of the Multiverse---every thought you have, every dream, every desire that longs for fulfillment is HAPPENING NOW, IN THEIR ENTIRETY, WITHIN YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF. You see, this Physicality that has been held so dear---this solid matter that you have clung to as "Real"---it is THIS PLANE that is the shadow!!!  And every part of that shadow; every nuance---is REAL AND COMPLETE somewhere in the Multidimensional Self.

Part of the mechanism that binds together the Limitation Plane is the "blocking" from your consciousness of full representation of all you are and all you are doing. Since this is "defined territory"--there is just not room for it all here. Therefore, the Limitation Focus was created to view, in full manifestation, ONLY THOSE IDEAS WHICH YOU WISH TO STUDY "UP CLOSE" AND IN SLOW MOTION. It is the "microscope" designed for studying and exploring all those aspects about yourself that interest you---those "issues" your Higher Self has programmed you to resist. If you think about it--ONE HAS TO BE RESISTING THEM in order to SLOW THEM DOWN to this vibrational frequency so they can become solid. Therefore, this Plane of Visualization contains those "assignments" that "fill in the gaps" experientially---joining with other alternate, simultaneous existences and forming the huge jigsaw puzzle you are within the Multiverse."   ~The Reconnections.