Just Say What You know. . . . . . .

I was speaking today with a young man bound for Costa Rica, to be with friends and community.......as he nurtures a NEW VOICE that is rising up within him.  A VOICE of KNOWING, which expresses and plays all the tones and chimes that seem to be going off inside him right now.

"It's all very musical,"  he said to me.  "It's hard to find words......" he adds soon after. But find them he must, or it seems he'll burst into a zillion pieces and his universe will have to start all over again.  We've been there, done that!Got the T-shirt!  This time around, our world deserves something new.  And friends.......we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.........from ALL the dimensions.......watching our every move, our every decision.    

I've had the privilege of witnessing and facilitating  these kinds of openings since I had my very own in 1991.  It's like nothing imaginable. I told one friend that I have felt, since yesterday, like someone is trying to drag me through a knothole backwards.  Pressure.  Pressure.  The mind tries to grapple with it, but mental processes are not nearly quick enough.  Indeed, we must get OUT OF OUR HEADS to deal with what is happening now. 

And I don't even believe it's about hearing ME speak...........though obviously I AM speaking in this little mini-message...........   

We ALL must begin speaking what we know. Do not bother trying to be glib, my friends.  Just say what you know.  There is always SOMEONE who needs to hear it.  Why worry about what you don't know, what you can't comprehend?  Just say what you DO know and that alone has power to fill the impending VOID which gathers all about humankind at this fateful time. 

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The time of "professional mystics" is diminishing.  Yes, there will still be teachers, midwives, healers, facilitators...........and yes, they are worthy of their wage. But MYSTICISM..........PURE UNABRIDGED MYSTICISM is dripping now from the ceiling, the window blinds, and Grandma's antique drapes.  It's everywhere!   We just need to open our eyes, wake up and see it.  And those who are of a mind to argue will probably be the most frustrated of all.  There's just no energy to argue anymore............  

"For those who see, no explanation is necessary.  For those who don't see, no explanation will suffice." 


As he finished preparations for his departure, my young friend kept re-iterating, over and over.  "People don't have to be clever.  There's plenty of variety to go around.  If each person just stepped forward and said what he or she knows, the ripple effect in consciousness would be amazing..........." 

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