Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......


My Dear Friends:

We have attempted, throughout these transmissions, to present a picture of life in Limitation as the functioning of players in a drama which was designed by the Expanded Self.  As yourself a Form Ego, you can use as a model for understanding this by drawing what you have called a "mind map" on a sheet of paper.  Within your thought patterns, there sometimes appear several "ideas" that need expansion and exploration.  To do so more effectively, you will portray those ideas visually on the paper.  Each portion of the drawing has an assigned meaning, to the degree that it is representative of some process that is going on in your mind.

So it is, My Friends, with your own Form Ego Self.  Your presence here, in physicality, is part of a "mind map" that is being drawn by a more-expanded version of the Oneself.   As such, you have assigned meaning and purpose---though you don't always know exactly what it is.  After all, you weren't originally created for your Ego Self, now were you?  So, there is a sense of restlessness.............a longing to know who you are (in the mind of your Creator), and why you've been put down here on the "paper."

The "creator-ness" that is inherent in your nature (since you are a fragment of the Prime Creator) does not always sit around and wait for instruction. It automatically begins to function on its own.  And, even though you were originally designed to be part of a more expanded "mind map," you also begin drawing "mind maps" of your own.

Outside of these doodlings from your Expanded Self, who created the Universe that is you (in Form) you were originally intended to have no meaning.  But the Multiverse abhors a vacuum, so you began to make up meanings of your own. In this way, you became "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," beginning to manifest, even as your Master Self is manifesting.

Meanwhile, within that greater context, the Expanded Self who sketched you is acting in response to an even more Expanded Self of which He or She is a fragment.  In many ways, the whole "chain" brings to mind the image of Multiversal Scientists, who are studying cultures that they are growing in little petrie dishes, while other (most expanded) versions of themselves are also studying them.......even as THEY, too, are being studied by even more Expanded Selves..........all the way "up" to the Gathering of the One, where study is no longer required, and all truth is simply a matter of Pure Knowing.

If this is so---then the basic question that appears is "who is in charge of all this?"  Indeed, at the heart of the entire struggle everywhere within polarity is a search to establish a "pecking order."  Who rules the roost? Who is God?  That query produces more fun in the Multiversal Game than any other.  And the only plausible answer, from the expanded viewpoint, is EVERYONE and NO ONE.

Since each fragment characteristically assumes the action of creator, at whatever level it exists, then it could be argued successfully that----at least within that context----HE is in charge.  But this would only be half truth.  Because there always exists another, similar but more expanded, level of him that sees from an even broader perspective.  And this Creator Self exercises even more power over the situation than the one below.  Where does this process end?  Where, indeed, does the buck stop?

RECONNECTION.  The process becomes complete when any particular fragment realizes, at whatever level he/it exists, that he is a hologram of the All That Is, and everything around him is essentially his mirror.  When that happens within an individual---there is a light SO BRIGHT AND SHINING that all parts of him who come near are warmed and filled by that Awesome Presence.  This faith eventually produces a feeling of transcendent trust, a sense of falling backwards into the arms of your universe, knowing full well that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO CATCH YOURSELF.  And when you do this, you become fully TRANSPARENT...........allowing all the other "levels" of the Expanded Self to shine through, like an enormous crystal.

Paradoxically, this sense of trust is usually reached only after periods of struggle, suffering and tribulation.  It is a  "hitting bottom" that is often described by alcoholics who have realized that they are powerless over alcohol....... a fruit that appears upon the inner tree of someone who has experienced total disillusionment.

This later term has, up to this time, assumed quite a negative connotation within your society.  But we are now here to tell you that it is the key to freedom.  For, to be "disillusioned," is to no longer live in illusion.  It produces a letting go of weights and hindrances, that eventually will make it possible for you to rise and fly!  It has been said that "It is always darkest just before the dawn."  Indeed, this is ever so true!

Just when you think that all of your personal "understanding" has been blocked and shattered---a new, and more Expanded set of "doodlings" begin to appear upon the "sketchpad" of your mind.  And there, amidst the ashes of your broken dreams, you hear the voice of the Master Sorcerer (your Expanded Self) begin to speak.  He says:  "All right.  Now that we have finished with our playing around, can we finally get down to business?"

The truth, it has been written, will set you free.  But what is truth?  And what is freedom?  Please let us suggest a few things that may assist in this regard.


Reconnection is REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE.   It is COMING HOME.   Whether it occurs in small increments or whether it is instantaneous, the process often involves a reversal of beliefs, ways of relating, and emotional attachment. Rather than focusing merely on the World of Form, with all of it's problems, goals, and distractions---a person undergoing Reconnection begins to integrate knowledge of the unseen worlds as well.  He gets the BIGGER PICTURE.

In order to come here and exist in Form, the Fragment's consciousness must be cauterized from connection and knowledge of the Multiverse, so that he can learn to focus his attention here.   If we pictured the All That Is as a physical body, this would be the equivalent of cutting off an arm or leg. Indeed, the strange but undefined longings that most people feel their entire lives (but seldom mention) are a sort of PHANTOM PAIN from that original amputation.   The arm misses the rest of it's body.  And the body misses the arm as well.

When that limb becomes aware of the Bigger Picture, and begins to absorb and integrate these essential "Bridge Concepts" which we are sharing now, it begins to RE-MEMBER itself.

What, then, is at the center of this experience you all are rapidly approaching?   What does it mean to be reunited with the All That Is?   As we have seen, the name "God" can be assigned to any Oversoul Entity, and frequently is.   This is where polytheism originated.

Thus, the energy force which oversees the human heart, for example, could be considered GOD by all of those "workers" under its watchful care---veins, arteries, skin, and muscles---all folks who are not privy to the knowledge that there could be anything higher than they, themselves, can see.  To them, God is that person who exists just beyond the horizon---"over the rainbow," so to speak.  Are they wrong?   NO!!!   God is all of those things---and so much more.

Therefore, those folks who spend their time praying to the Overseers of the wind or the rain---those cultures who dance before a symbol of power which is carved in stone---do they worship empty space?   NO!!!  There is no such thing as empty space!  Even your Scriptures say:  "....There are Lords many and Gods many....."

Each Soul and Oversoul has power.  Those who deny the power of any particular Ruler or Principality will suffer for their error.   But who is ultimately in control?  What is the path to Transcendant Power?   Is there a Lord who rules over all other powers and all other kings?   What is His or Her name?

His/Her name is ONENESS.   The highest power in the Multiverse, the ONE with the most control, clout, and sheer force belongs to the individual viewpoint which has expanded his/her definition of self to include everything and everyone.

Be clear about what is being said here.   The GOD POSITION on any Gameboard is not that consciousness that looks at everything and says "MINE." Rather, it is that gaze of awareness that looks at everything and says: "ME."

There.  It's over.  No more secrets.  We have now read our little mystery book back to front.  We already know who did it.  WE DID IT!  We, ALL OF US AND EVERYTHING, at our highest vibration of integration and awareness, are the originating Force behind all events, great and small.

There are, indeed, many levels of power.  There are "Lords many and Gods many."  Each level is TRUE, VALID, and SOVEREIGN---within it's context. But, when we approach the TOP (which doesn't really exist, because it constantly keeps expanding), there is..........quite simply.......ONENESS.

The Being who is able to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually Reconnect with that viewpoint is heading toward more power and influence that he could ever dream to achieve.  It is HE or SHE who is truly in control.  Oddly enough, though......when a person qualifies for that kind of power........he ceases to care.  He only knows ONENESS.

<end transmission>

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