Another Transmission from The Reconnections


 My Dear Friends,

"There will be those among you, during these latter days, who will consent to serve as hosts, for various "dignitaries," who will be visiting from beyond the Veil.  You can feel them, as they come and shivers up the spine, or tingles in various parts of the body.  They come simply to experience what it can be like to be contained within a structure.  They come only for a moment, and then they depart.  Your Dreams of the Mass Mind have portrayed this quite accurately in that motion picture called "Being John Malkovich."  Watch it, and you will see. 

There are those who view this as perversion---as if you are somehow being "violated."  Others see it as pathology, an anomaly of interpretation.  They would give you medication to take away this awareness.  But really.....they are giving medication to take YOU away from THEIR awareness! Nothing happens in life, except by divine contract!  "Soul Contracts," as they are termed.  You cannot be "accessed," nor can you access anyone.........except by mutual contract, within a state of Oneness.  So go ahead!  Make a visitation.  Host a friend.  Allow a visitor to stop by.  When they do, they leave seeds within you........preparatory energies for times when your own "hidden parts" will spring to life.   This is what we mean when we speak about "Sponsorship" into the Unseen Realms.  And so it is."    

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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