Home for the Holidays


B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


Someone in one of our Online Discussion Forums pointed out that Thanksgiving this year fell on 11/22. 

The Numerologists among us will recognize these numbers as a powerful Energy Gate.  It was on this date in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed, sending the United States through a dark tunnel of self-doubt and disillusionment, not unlike the pain our country is in right now........but I digress.........


We're all back now.  We made it home.  Our car pulled into the driveway, as loved ones stood waving at us from an open doorway.  I remembered a poem I wrote awhile ago, promising that we'd be "Home Before Dark."  Well......we made it.  Hallelujah.  And, I might add, not a moment too soon.


When we arrived, there was this huge glowing fire in the hearth, and a glorious, infinite, PRESENT waiting for us under the tree.  And what kind of tree was it?  Why....an OAK TREE, of course.  A beautiful, ancient, marvelous OAK.



The Oak Tree has become a cherished symbol for me of late, nicely embodying qualities of personal stability and proper integration of power.  It reaches for the sky while staying grounded firmly in the Earth. Druids of Olde were called "Oak Men," because of their deep magical understanding.......and their preference for living in nature......gathering in groves.....in tune with soil, seed, and sacred element. 


This time around, I don't sleep out in the trees much. Not yet, at least. An occasional nap in the park, perhaps. In my Daniel Persona, the idea of "roughing it" would be spending the night at a cheap Holiday Inn.  That could change at any time, but it doesn't really have to. 


Nowadays, I invite the Oak Tree to come and live within me---in meditation, visualization---in tune with all I am and do.  I send those roots down deep...... deep into Gaia's bosom---where passion for love and closeness keeps me "anchored" in 3D, identified with Her people........where "creature comforts" keep me longing for the fresh milk of Her kindness. And, truly......She is one woman who doesn't disappoint.




A friend in Britain left a voice mail for me the other day.  He's a rascal, this guy.....calling at all hours of the day and night, often from a pub. He said someone sent him a picture of a rainbow for his birthday.  When he saw it, it made him think of Bridge People, and journeys to other realities. He wanted to tell me that, and then he shrugged the rainbow off.  The idea of it seemed a bit wistful for him just then. 


The next day, his parents offered to take him out for birthday dinner.  As they drove through town, there was a downpour from the heavens, cats and dogs raining all over the place!  When they reached the restaurant, he noticed  that the deluge had stopped, but pregnant clouds still gathered dark and foreboding in the heavens.  As they were shown to their table, his Dad looked out the window and said:  "Oh!  Looks like we're going to have a rainbow."  My friend shrugged.  "No way!  It's too dark." 


A minute later, there it was, high in the sky.  A rainbow.  A sign of freedom, a symbol of peace.  He took it in, fully, completely.....and gave thanks for the synchronicity.  As I sit now before my inner Oak Tree and Hearth, I hope we can ALL take it in.......as a symbol that NEVER AGAIN will we allow our world to be destroyed by Raging Waters (rampant emotion), an Ice Age (absence of emotion/indifference), or Wild Fire (anger and self-rejection).   

If you read the poem, you can sense that this universe has seen our share of tough times. No more than our share, but certainly no less either.  Polarities, like Noah's animals, have gathered 'round us two by two. But we're here now.  We're HOME.  And where is Home?  It's right HERE, in our heart. 

Would this mean that "stuff" no longer accumulates in our yard?  Of course not.  That's the purpose of a "yard" isn't it?  It's a place where "worlds" meet.  There's a great garden there, where folks can eat and play and congregate.  And there's a Sanctuary, where we can form a circle, speaking truth and joining together in meditation and song. 

Reconnections is changing now.  I can feel it.  The Guides, in their most recent transmission, gave us all a clear commission to service which was the equivalent of the father giving his adult son a gentle shove out of the family nest:  "There you go, boy!  The world awaits ya........." 

<It wasn't exactly:  "Here's your hat, what's your hurry?" but almost.........>  

A couple of people on our Star Child Forum commented soon after that about their own dwindling interest in "channeled" truth.......preferring to look INSIDE and articulate their PERSONAL truth from now on.......owning it fully, AS SELF.   

I bristled when I first read it, fearing that newly awakening folks might take their words as a warning to overlook the wealth of knowledge that has already been brought through by faithful channels over the years.  But that clearly wasn't it.  Their sharing in that moment was mirroring some level of ME, who now gets what the Guides are saying........and I'm preparing, on many levels, to make my next Journeys of Self as simple and user-friendly as possible.


This remembrance of HOME.......this enjoyment of Thanksgiving abundance, this preparation for the Holiday Tree........it all leads up to a glorious Moment of Celebration....laced with streamers, paper hats, and free-flowing, bubbling champagne.  A sign on the wall reads:  "Happy New You!"...... and we all give thanks, once again, for every step along the road that led us here.

The Meta-Human Prototype has begun to awaken.  Those of you who subscribe to www.planetlightworker.com can read about it in my column at the beginning of next month. Those who don't may still find your universe speaking to you about this subject, in its own special way.  An Amazing Planetary Oneself, captured on the canvas of human experience in a million different forms.  How will YOU experience the miracle?    

For some, it will involve making a serious leap into singularity---of mind, heart, or circumstance. It could mean serious physical or emotional changes, too. 

For example, that which is called Bi-Polar "Illness" is really a manifestation of Shamanic Consciousness, born out of season, in a person who doesn't yet understand how to operate his instrument.  Emotions go haywire, internal experience moves to a new level, and people around us get scared.  There's nothing wrong with it.  It's just part of the process. The same is true of gender ambiguity........or hypersensitivity, due to empathic connections we're having with others.  Some people will spend their time doing Grid Work and very little besides. It all can be perfect, if we're willing to let that happen.             

There are folks who've been "partners" too long in dead-end marriages and business concerns.  I refer to these relationships as "stalemates."  For these folks, the only way through will be OUT.  Marriage Counselors may disagree, but we pay them to keep us together, don't we?  They are employees of "The Relationship" or "The Company."  If that goes down, so do they (at least in regards to this assignment).  

Maybe our leap will be forever, or maybe it's just for a season.  Some "open minds" occasionally need to be closed for repair.  I wrote about a couple, a few years back, who broke up after 25 years of marriage.  It seemed like a national tragedy at the time, but they stayed apart.......worked through their stuff.......and now they're back together, happy as all get-out. 

There are those of us who are in exactly the opposite situation, too.  Having found that "Ascension" does not have to mean abandonment of 3D or the Earth tumbling into total chaos¹, we may just choose to JUMP BACK a few steps, "re-enter the Game" at some point, and pick up any pieces of self we've still left behind. 

So what would that look like for YOU?  Fame?  Riches?  Artistic Achievement?  Humanitarianism?  Perfect Love?  Touch?  Sensual Activation?  We've been discussing ALL these things lately, in various articles².  Did anything come forward for you as you read?     

And, if this is the case...........can we puh-leeze not perpetrate on ourselves that same old excuse for non-engagement:  "I don't need any of this.  I've finished with 3D.  I'm now ready for 4D and beyond!"  It's a mind trick.  On some levels it could be true.......but apparently, there still must be Third Dimensional Lessons for us to learn because we're STILL HERE, aren't we?  We wouldn't be here if we didn't need or want to be.

So that leaves us with two paths.  One path goes forward into Oneself Union.  We BECOME everything the Reconnections have been talking about for all these years.  We step through the Gate, and WHOOSH.......we're there.  And if we are unwilling to do that, we'll find ourselves setting out upon another road. This would represent a level of reality where we step back a few paces in consciousness, and allow ourselves to re-visit old issues and themes where energies got pinched off and hidden from us.  It all seemed so "scary" to deal with at the time.  You can't run from these things, you know.  Eventually, what goes around DOES come back around.  When it does, the Geiger Counter in our 3D body and heart will start ticking, and that ticking will get louder and louder.

There is lots to think about in these next several weeks.  The Holiday Energies this year are more powerful than ever, yet so are we!  I heard the 12:12 Activation will be the strongest one yet.  But really........the only activation anyone needs to attend is the one happening NOW, at this very moment!  The beating of a heart, the heaving in and out of our chest as we breathe...........LIFE FORCE in motion.  Selah.

"Stay away from a
philosophy that does not laugh, a wisdom that does not
cry, and power that does not bow to children"


¹ "After enlightenment---the laundry."  ~Anonymous

²  Primarily "Out of Our Heads, Into Our Senses"  and  "The Next Level" Series.



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