The Only Healing There Is

"The only healing that is ever needed is an expansion of awareness--seeing everything as perfect, and everything as a reflection of some part of  SELF that has been cut off or forgotten.  When you reconnect, by whatever means you choose to do it, you find that harmony returns, and everything appears whole and complete once again."

--The Reconnections

  We are now entering what is called the "Age of Vibrational Medicine."   The era of (expensive!) parlor tricks is just about over, even though there is every appearance that it could go on for many years.  Snake oil is snake oil, even if it's sanctioned by the FDA.  The current climate of fear and "prevention of disease" is largely the invention of  the "commerce" side of the healing professions.  Just as Madison Avenue attempts to brainwash us into believing that we will be social misfits if we don't smell a certain way, or drive a certain car--even so our medics are constantly after us to come and get tested for "this" or "that," lest some "invisible marauder" should overtake us unawares.     

The very beginning of any healing session must begin with a solid belief in the absolute perfection of the patient's present state.  Using the word "perfect" to describe something means that it is "complete."  In the Multiverse, there is a universe that honors every idea, concept, or potential scenario imaginable (and then some).  In the Expanded Self, we have and are everything we need to be.  We come here, to a single universe, in order to focus upon specific situations and sensations.  The more we resist doing that, the more attached to this single universe we become.  What we resist, persists.  The belief in perfection is a doorway out of this universe, into any alternative reality we could ever want or need.  But first, we have to make peace with where we are HERE.  Then, we can go anywhere else we desire.  

We don't just have one body.  We have many of them.  Our healing is perfected through processes and expansions of what the Reconnections call "The Soul Train."  In a healing sequence, the idea of perfection, oneness, and multidimensionality is initiated into our "human program" by means of our SPIRITUAL BODY.  Then, it is considered and interpreted for us through our MENTAL BODY.  Next, it is tasted, felt and integrated by means of our EMOTIONAL BODY (in the same way a mother would test the temperature on a baby's milk before feeding it to him or her), and is made manifest by our PHYSICAL BODY.  Each "level" of this sequence represents one "car" on train.  And it takes however long it takes.   

It is not unusual at all for a person to manifest pain and "dysfunction" in one level of his being in order to develop and sharpen his function and awareness at other levels.  This is why seeing the "big picture" is so important.  When a person goes to a physician or healer simply to "get rid of the pain," or to become "normal" again, he is assuming that what is happening is out of place or wrong.  This produces doubt and confusion, alienation from his body, and a sense of despair.  It is illusion.  There is always an underlying reason for why things work as they do.  And that reason is perfect and complete.  The more we try to fight what is, the more into darkness we will go--even if things seem to get lighter.  Today's "solution" is very often tomorrow's problem.       

The various medical practices are not to blame for our self-alienation, and our quagmires of disease and dysfunction.  All has been planned out, and each plan is working perfectly.  We just don't always see that.  It is no shame to seek medical treatment or health care.  However, if what we feel led to do is not "getting rid of the problem," we may want to consider that it probably wasn't a problem in the first place.  And then, we can begin to look at the situation from a different perspective.  Meanwhile........if something itches, scratch the easiest, quickest way available.  If that doesn't work, don't be impatient.  Open yourself, to see whatever hidden "views" are being overlooked.  The answers will come in time.       

  Healing methodologies are more nurtured and energized by INTENT than they are by CONTENT.   What you hold within yourself, as a belief---concerning the pill you are taking, or the therapy you receive---is the most powerful factor of the healing experience.  Listen to your inner dialogues.  Open to the full spectrum of your feeling self.  It is within the interface of Divine Knowing with Human Feeling where miracles can occur!



Oneness.  Everything and everyone.  

It's more than politics, more than religion, more than philosophy.  

It's an event, and it's happening now!











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