By Daniel Jacob


I was pondering with a friend the other day about the ADDICTIVE NATURE of what we Workers of Oneness do in our service to the planet. 

If a person has truly tapped into the CORE of what he or she came here to do, there is going to be PASSION involved.  Passion lives at the Core.  If you're nodding your head now, then you and I are no stranger to that passion.  When my writing or channeling is "on a roll," there is never time to fully explore it the way I want to.  Physical chores pile up around me, friends jump up and down in the background, saying "Hey!  Remember me?"  And the whole world narrows to a pin point while I bring through whatever new "concept" I am birthing in the present moment.  And I know the same goes for any of you when you're out "mining" for new worlds and energy essence. 

After the "birthing" stops with my writing, my inner pendulum swings back to remind me of my blessed humanness.  What did that famous quote say?  "After enlightenment---the laundry."  And isn't that true?  

The depressive element floods in when we look at 3D again through the eyes of a "muggle"......a "normie"......dealing with the necessity of food, care of the body, finances, taxes, personality conflicts, and a host of "human" activities that we had ignored while being "in flight."    
The GROUNDING TIME is usually no fun, unless we've come to peace with it.  If we do, the whole process can be serene and lovely.  We chat with friends, feel our humanness, and we take an accurate assessment of the needs of our world.  We do this so that, when it comes time to LAUNCH OUT AGAIN.....we'll have some clear "themes" to explore, and a grasp of collective needs to address with Spirit.  
The concern some of us feel about "energy symptoms" that limit and tether us is part of the Grounding Process.  Our symptoms and involvement with doctors prompt us to ask:  "Have I overdone it this time?  Have I blown my mechanism?"  At the root of this concern is the inevitable question:  "Will I be able to fly again?" 


Isn't that a kick?  Our "flights" almost kill us, or so it seems........but all we can think about is FLYING AGAIN.  

THIS is the sign of a true  "Star Pilot."  A Spirit Pioneer.  The passion makes us who we really are, but it can also endanger our ability to stay here in physical form if we don't watch out.  When I first started channeling, a fellow wrote to me and said:  "You know what you're doing here, don't you Daniel?  You're toying with insanity."  I blew off his comment at the time (because I was having so much fun)....but internally.......I've never really forgotten it.   
Friends and lovers can distract us, money and toys can amuse us, but in the end...........when the hour rolls around to DO THE WORK..........we're right back into it.  And day this "work"..........this marvelous gift we carry........may eventually KILL US.  After all, one of our rewards for doing The Work is a gathering realization that we are much more than one human body.  Eventually.......the caterpillar will shed its cocoon, and a butterfly will emerge.  But in the meantime..........we are dealing with the "pillar to post" experience of witnessing ourselves as very human and very divine.  And BOTH perceptions are absolutely true.  
Parents usually have an idea in their minds what they want their kids to be.  Some want their kids to become a "mini-me" replica of themselves.  Others have already determined in their minds that they want their kids to surpass them in every achieve what they wanted, but never allowed themselves to have.  Mostly, however, there comes a time when parents want/need their kids to simply be FUNCTIONAL.  They need us to separate from them and become independent entities unto ourselves.  If that doesn't happen, they worry and get unhappy.  
Meanwhile, Star Kids come onto the planet---not to do what their parents want, but to do what SCARES their parents, what the former generations tended to AVOID.  This is not always true, but it frequently is.  They "take over the family business" in a spiritual sense......taking time and energy to do what has been left undone.  
On some level, our folks carried within them the desire and power to "go where no one has gone before."  When they were young, that desire/ability may have poked it's head out from inside and then scurried back in, never to show itself again.  In their time, it was too unsafe to know what they knew.  Yet on some level, that knowledge still lives, deep inside them.  In us.......our parents crystallized that desire and ability for yet another infinite exploration.  We have become its embodiment. And they passed the "hot potato" on to each of us........though they may have forgotten (or sought to forget) that it ever existed in the first place.  
Our Spirit Dance........back and forth across the Veil.........represents the alternating desire of humanity to "stay" and to "go" both at the same stay comfortable and also to discover, conquer, and explore. We have specialized Guides who watch over our process, on both sides of the we don't remain "grounded" too long, or waste that ability..........and other Guides who make sure we don't stay "airborne" too long, so as to destroy our 3D vehicle.  So far, it looks like these Guides are doing a splendid job. 

I know a fellow whose last "assignment" in Spirit was an extremely powerful one.........a rough one.  When I looked energetically at his process.......he looked like Galadriel in "Lord of the Rings"......when Frodo offered her the Ring of Power.  Remember how she transformed?  Her eyes were fire, and her hair stood on end!  Her voice became the thunder of the sea, and her energy was clear off the chart.  And a moment of surrender...........she LET GO of the power..........and allowed herself to "become normal" once again.  

And what did she say afterward?  She said:  "Good.  I have passed the test.  I shall remain Galadriel."  And she ministered to Frodo, because she knew what was ahead for him.  
And this is what the Reconnections offer to us now.  They, too, have "passed the test."  They allowed the energy in.......they allowed it to take them.......transform them.......lift them higher than high.........above everything.  Then, they exhaled........and allowed themselves to return to some semblance of "sanity."  And here they are, ministering faithfully to us.  
You won't be down for long, my friend.  Just long enough for your energy systems to be refueled for the next journey.  The Arcturians are working with us nightly, from the ships.  They are gently and lovingly separating out our frazzled inner selves, breathing new life into each of them, and combining them together again.  It's quite a challenge to run that much energy, isn't it?  
So don't strain against the ropes.  Don't try to be Goliath and leap too soon back into the fray.  There's all the time in the world to do what we do.  And when we're refreshed and rejuvenated........we'll be back at it, stronger and better than ever.

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