S=Open Sharing,   Q= Question,  DJ=Daniel Response


S:  I have noticed, interestingly, that I have instances of blurring where I am not sure if I am awake or asleep.  This occurs while I am awake but for a second reality merges and I have to orient to my waking self.  I find it fascinating but usually it happens when I am at work and I don't have time to follow it to see where it is leading me.  At that moment it feels like standing in an open doorway, then having to close the door and go back. 
Bonnie McGee
Panama City, FL


Q:  I send you this mail because I have all the symptoms of the Acceleration Syndrome and I dont know what to do.  Im a very spiritual person and sometimes feel like my life doesnt have sense.  Im from Monterrey, Mexico. Please recommend me what to do.

DJ:   Each of your symptoms may have a clear medical diagnosis that goes with it.   Don't pass up the possibility of seeing a Licensed Health Care Practitioner for your pains and/or dysfunctions.  The clearest indicator that you have Global Acceleration Syndrome comes when you feel that you have tried everything to deal with the symptoms, but they continue (or even increase.  At that point, you may want to entertain the possibility that your "symptoms" are really LABOR PAINS, and you are deep into your pregnancy with the New You!  

Do everything you can to care for your body during this time---just like you would provide for an expectant mother.   Eat well and wisely, drink water, breathe deeply, stretch and move about, and grow spiritually!   As you expand your mental frame of reference, your physical body will adjust and adapt right along with it.   I can't promise instant relief from pain or weirdness with these insights, but I can tell you that there is a reason you are having troubles, that these same symptoms are being experienced by people all over the world, and they are leading to something really significant. 

One of the most significant gifts you can give yourself is the gift of Spiritual Community.   If you have some locals in your area with whom you can share your process, it is advisable to do so.  Also..........We'd love to have you come and share with us online.  We are currently running two online Communities in Yahoo Groups.  You are welcome to come, free of charge, and join us in many stimulating discussions.  Bring questions, thoughts, and experience.  We are warm and receptive!


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