"Very Interesting......"

I once wrote a series called "Strange Energy" because I have, over the years, frequently found myself, during some difficult days, calling up friends who have a sense of spiritual awareness and saying to them: "It's a strange energy out there today, isn't it????" Inevitably, I will hear the
voice on the other end of the line say.. "Wow, are you feeling that too?"

I had lunch with a lady Chiropractor one day, and she gave me a whole new perspective on this idea.   She said to me: "After having done the work I have with my guides and teachers (in spirit), I have come to realize that I can no longer afford to be casually referring to things that are happening in my world as "strange" or "weird." From this point on, I am learning to think of everything as simply "interesting........."

Immediately upon hearing this, I caught on to the fact that my previous statements of what I thought were words of wonder and awe were actually very loaded with *judgment* about what I was experiencing. I figured that, if something didn't feel like I was used to having it feel, then it must be bad, or at least it must be odd. However, as a member of a Oneness Universe, wherein I have come to believe that everything mirrors an aspect of Daniel, if I think that way I am basically demeaning myself, am I not?

Our collective pre-occupation with tenaciously protecting the status quo is one of the greatest obstacles our planet is facing as we approach the Fourth Dimensional Corridor. As we move past our present density, and into the realms of *pure possibility,* many of us are wondering "Am I going to lose contact with life as I know it?"

When I first began to channel from the Reconnections, I suddenly felt as though I had just fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice into Wonderland. I sat in pure awe, late into night, pondering the new ideas that were coming to me. I wrote for the longest time in a frenzy, fearing that, at any moment, the comprehension that was opening up before me would be snatched away, as though it was all a dream. Now I am beginning to understand that it is our three dimensional "reality" that is a kind of dream (though it is also quite touchable and real).

I was questioning one of my Guides, Belteshazzar (who is also another aspect of my own Oversoul), concerning the *hesitancy* which I had about fully committing myself to this work and fully allowing myself to be nourished and sustained by its truth. I told him: "I'm frightened by what Spirit is teaching me these days. What if, in all of this frenzy of activity, I am channeling details and facts about the Fourth Dimension and I find that I have lost *myself* in the process?"

Naturally, I expected to be comforted in my fears. I expected that he would simply say. "Now, now, not to be worried.  We'll protect you!" Instead, he spoke to my mind with an almost wry amusement. He said: "Well.......there could be an upside to that situation. If, after all of this channeling, you really do lose yourself, then you won't be here to know that you are gone."

Gee......thanks, Belt. I feel better already........! <s>

The very core of the "Energy" which is afoot seems to be a dichotomy that exists in our personal motivational structure, evenly divided between two opposing forces. On one hand, humankind collectively fears change with an almost insane intensity. On the other hand, we also detest boredom and earnestly desire to explore.

In our hearts, most of us are desperately seeking something (or Someone) with whom we can fully surrender our separateness and in whom we can trust. Simultaneously, we seem to be insisting on a
continuous balance of power in every relationship or organization we design.

A definitive level of the Oneself personality is always asking the questions " Why, where, what, and how?" The other side of that same Self is an avid devotee of complete and total freedom and abandon. In that level of consciousness, we cling tenaciously to the Chaos Manifesto, which reads: "All structure is bad. Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts." Immediately after dutifully reciting this creed, however, another side of the Oneself gets an urge to go out and buy more life insurance.

It all seems a bit insane , but at its center, the motivational situation is not as dismal as all that. What Spirit has revealed we are experiencing, as we continue on into this Millennium, is the completion of two concentric cycles of universal exploration that are being conducted from infinity past on into infinity future. These are the journeys and travels of Theos, the Archetype of FORM, and his brother, Chaos, the Archetype of VOID (non-form) as they play out every possible/probable manifestation of everything that ever was (or wasn't) and every will (or won't) be.
(For more info on this, go to the Energy Activations Sector of this Site.

Each of us that dwell within this Reconnection Universe is a point of CONVERGENCE for these two powerful Archetypes. We are their *meeting place* in time and eternity, a point wherein they can gather all of their knowledge and wisdom for sharing in one locality. Our bodies are the physical MERGE, wherein each of them can experience fully the viewpoints and benefits of the other. However, when they do this, the Archetypal Minds do not directly interact. Doing that would corrupt the purity of their essence within the realms they conduct their infinite business of exploration. Neither do they speak to each other *through* humanity. Rather, they can experience each other *as* humanity.

A person might ask: "How can two infinite journeys be completed?" If so, he has questioned wisely. The answer to that query, which I received from Spirit, is "by agreement."  In a court of law, each
opposing counsel is often required to present arguments and data about matters important to his or her case. Where there is no real desire for contention between the parties about certain facts entered into the record, each party will STIPULATE that information as being true, even without full establishment of its veracity, in order to expedite or facilitate the process of moving forward with the trial.

The Oneness Universe is a point of stipulation that each of the two brothers has made with each other. Even though neither Archetype fully knows the full agenda nor the character of the other, they are each willing to reveal him/herself within US, in order that that a hybrid race might be developed which contains the strongest and most distinctive attributes of both. This is also true of *every other polarity relationship* that exists in this universe as well. They are all gathering themselves together *here* for inclusion in what could only be described as the Living Archives of All That Is.

We are the Children of the New Oneness!   Much more will be said about this.



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