"Stop the planet, I (feel like I) want to get off!"

A Message from talk -show host Art Bell about "The Quickening"

A link to QUICK NEWS, a version of current events that are not found on mainstream news.


·         Fatigue and lethargy, even after many hours of sleep

·         Spaciness, inability to concentrate

·         Insomnia---or regular awakening, often at predictable times during each night

·         Joint and Muscle Aches and Pains that cause you to awaken, feeling as though you have been working hard all night long.

·         Feelings of Depression that do not seem to match the circumstances of your immediate life.

·         Free-Floating Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks that cannot be traced to any specific trauma or cause.

·         Allergies, Skin Conditions, and Immune Difficulties that almost seem as though your body is at war with itself.

·         Thoughts of “Going Away,” without a clear idea of where you wish to go.

·         Incidents of Time Loss, Loss of short-term memory.

·         Shifts in mood that seem to have a reason behind them, but you can’t figure out what it is.

Global Acceleration Sickness is not a diagnostic term.  Many of the above symptoms may respond to various forms of traditional or alternative/complementary forms of medical treatment.  If you can get help for your symptoms, by all means do so.  Usually, humankind will only be willing to deal with Acceleration Sickness, for what it really is, when there is no other way to get relief from its effects.  There is no shame in this.  It's simply how we are.