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What is this thing called TRANSMUTATION, anyway?


Yes, indeed.........there are CHANGES coming..........

Thank you all so much for your most EXCELLENT response to the posts. Many people are saying: "Where did you get this material?" All the information I have included on the posts came to me as channeled information from Spiritual Guides. My Contact with "The Reconnections" officially began on 11/11/91. It has taken some considerable time for me to progress in my own energy acceleration to be able to begin to put this material into a more tangible form. Now is that time. The indicators are here, the response is very encouraging.

We are getting letters from Finland, Croatia, England, Scotland, So. Africa, and many other locales---all with their own version of verification of what is being shared. Additionally, I am receiving practical insights and guidance from very qualified individuals who are sharing how they are getting through all of these changes. Together, we will make it!

I once had a conversation with a Doctor friend of mine...we both work with patients who are stressed...and sick...and injured...(I am a Muscular Rehab Therapist)... I said to him: "What are you seeing these days...among your patients...?"

He said: "My patients are behaving very strangely." Many of them I have known for years to be focused, young, bright, and well-adjusted. These days, they are acting like rats in a cage..."

There are incidences all over...of people beginning to be aware of deep, deep feelings...a comprehension of their hidden emotions...all the way back through lifetime after lifetime...(which has been symbolically compacted into the events of this particular archetypal lifetime)...

It is an *awakening*....of all the senses...not just the mind...not just the processing mechanisms for collecting "data" in the physical universe...but something else...something *primal*....The outcry will either be incredible joy...or it will be incredible horror...it all depends on how willing you are to receive the "other side" of yourself...

Many beings are so afraid of their "Dark Side"...the side of themselves that they just can't see....hidden abilities, hidden knowledge....little "quirks" and "habits" that they have judged to be "unacceptable" (down through the ages)...it never really went away...it was just shrouded in the Veil of Forgetfulness. When we finally open to remember....what will occur? My hunch is: everything! It will be a mystery show....

The Native American Community speaks:

The Native American Community has been amply represented in this sharing. I have made some wonderful contacts with the Shamans and Healers of that tradition. If we refer to the Extraterrestrials as "space brothers"....we would naturally refer to our Native American friends as "earth brothers." This sharing illustrates why:

Native American writer:

"With the birth of the white buffalo, the final set of prophecies near fulfillment. Soon a great spiritual awakening will begin.

Slowly, at first, the spirit of mankind will begin it's transmutation."The soul will remember..." Whereas we once were of one power, so shall we be again. Whereas we were one body with one voice, and became manybodies with many voices, we will become many bodies with one voice.

"Witness hereunto the proliferation of "god' as "god' is known.."The lines of energy that permeate, quadrate, parallel, tranfix, and disperse throughout the entire material, astral, and ethereal planesare in the process of COMING INTO HARMONY.

In the history of my people, there is a story of four brothers that set out on a trek to gain wisdom and understanding of the four elemental powers that combine to become the one true power:

To the Yellow-skinned race, the elemental power of air was given as quest. This is the power of wisdom itself. They would learn that the power of the air was of the mind. Oneness with the element of air was, to them, oneness with self throught the power of the mind.

To the Black-skinned people, the element of wisdom was fire: the power of the physical body. The oneness that they sought was oneness of structure, rites of fertility, the manipulation of the physical aspect of the prime material. (They were building pyramids when the majority of us were living in caves.)

To the white-skinned people, the element of water lent it's power of aesthetics, as well as the chaotic factor of criticism. Oneness to thembecame beauty, rhetoric, and emotional religion.

And to the Red-skinned people, was given the charge of the element of earth. They found that oneness was the power of the earth. The earth is your mother, all things have spirit. Ne-uii-aeo - the breath we all take.

The story goes on to say that the brothers would one day come back together. To insure the original intention would remain clear, they agreed that when their descendants were ready to reunite, that the spirits of the four brothers would speak to the hearts of the children in dreams and visions and tell them when the time was approaching. They would then be prepared when the four brothers picked up the four corners of the veil that shrouds the earth from the spirit world, and tear it asunder."

A return to ONENESS..........yes?

In the realm of PHYSICAL TRANSMUTATION, people are having varied experiences. Here are a few:

Woman in Oregon:

"I generally stay up pretty late... often late at night I can feel very powerful surges of energy entering through my crown chakra and sweeping through me. Recently there's been an additional sensation, sort of as though someone was pressing very hard on the superior posterior part of my skull with their thumb...only it's an energy pressure rather than a physical pressure. I tend to associate this with some higher guides that have been coming through recently... but that's only my guess. The general crown chakra sensation takes over the entire crown of my head and has that "1000 fingers fluttering" sort of feeling.... this other thing is different. Oh, another difference is that the general crown chakra feeling is fluttery, while the other is a direct, steady pressure."

Another one goes on to share:

"As a light worker up to my energetic elbows in vibrational healing, I am fascinated by your theories. What is the source of your information? Is it channeled? By the way, I was catapulted into Energy Healing in the fall of 1991. It was as if a huge tide swept me away from the business world and into Polarity Energy Balancing. I did not know the reason at the time, but am only now beginning to comprehend the shift. And as I comprehend and understand, I realize that the real shift is away from understanding and toward surrender. In the surrender lies the real, non-mental comprehension."

Many people out there who are participating in our "share-a-thon" are hands-on healers. Since I have, among other modalities, been practicing bodywork and energy healing for the last 11 years---it is important for me to see this. Two years ago, it was given to me by my Guides that much of the Transformation Energy is being passed from person to person through the HANDS-ON transmission of Massage Therapists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Rolfers, and all the other "touch" therapies.

It's as though this "Oneness Virus" is being mixed and mingled....through the various "melting pot" energy systems of these dedicated professionals. In any community, therefore, there would be those depots through which the diverse kinds of energy are brought together, integrated, and then distributed to others. The vibration of OPENNESS AND ALLOWANCE OF INTEGRATION which accompanies submitting yourself to being touched and nurtured (feminine/receptive polarity) in these ways is the "serum" which is needed for dealing with the influx of this new Transforming Energy.

Some of the most touching growth is taking place through the internal re-defining of beliefs in what used to be considered "standard" right/wrong judgmental attitudes. I was incredibly touched by this one Canadian writer:

"Daniel, I am really enjoying your posts. I have been musing lately about prejudice and the old paradigm of good vs evil. Something I am coming to grasps with is that although we are all one, and I understand this intellectually, at this place on my path/evolution I see in my life that people of different cultures are actually quite different than me. This does not mean that they are good or bad or their way is better or worse, they simply have a different life perspective. I have come to realize that when I become defensive about myself or my culture, then my defensiveness is about me, not about "them" or their culture. I have to then look at my issues and explore why I am defensive, and perhaps feeling insecure. I then took this one step further and looked at Good vs bad/evil. I feel that this is a life choice or perspective that any one individual may choose, I believe there is no good or evil, people are just on their own unique path and are pursuing something that is appropriate to them at this point in their journey. We are all still God/Godess---The Children of All That Is.  For those people who get caught up with this perspective and become "victims" they are again fulfilling their own destiny. I came up with an idea during a meditation about 2 years ago that went like this ... EVIL is LIVE backwards, EVIL is a life UN-LIVED. I further interpreted this to be that to live a life in and through fear and a life that shuts down feelings through fear is a life unlived."


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