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As we sit, reading new accounts of worldwide anxiety and disturbance, wondering to ourselves "Can it happen here?".......we are already slipping back into a Separation Mindset, mired in the 3D linear dream..

The mere asking of that question "Can it happen here?"..... shows us that we have been seduced into the illusion that it ISN'T happening here......that OUR world is somehow SEPARATE from a world where buildings are falling down, people are dying, and there are riots in the streets over food or fuel shortages........


And yet, The Reconnections remind us: "My Friends..........EVERYTHING is happening HERE! And it's all happening NOW.. That's because HERE and NOW is all there is.."

Life only APPEARS to be peaceful or affluent in some parts of the globe and turbulent or impoverished in others..........It's an optical illusion, produced by the artful placement of a VEIL......a Veil of Forgetfulness.......which strategically blinds us to certain "truths" of daily existence while highlighting others.   But really........it's ALL happening to EVERY ONE OF US, simultaneously.............We share each others' joy, we share each others' pain.. That's the deal.


Every human being, going through this marvelous Global Transformation from 3D to Multi-D, has a choice....Do we choose FAITH or FEAR? And if we choose faith, in what (or whom) do we place that faith? Do we wish an exemption from the human condition? Insulation from pain or discomfort?

And if we choose fear, what is it that frightens us most? Hunger? Pain? Loss of love or life? Insanity?


We are ALL in this together...and we are ETERNAL BEINGS.. We are not alone.. We are ALL ONE BEING........We go forward, into infinity......as bare-assed babes........trusting whatever "fate" we (ourselves) have created for this journey, and drinking deeply from whatever cup that is placed before us.  After all, it was WE who put it there....

The WATCHER-KNOWER SELF is an important aspect of who we are......rising above it all, whenever things get too wild or confusing.. He or She holds a A "reset" button, which has power to shift us from Separation Mindset to Oneness Mindset, through usage of phrases like "I am watching myself go through this........." which is equally true, whether planetary shifts are happening in our own back yard, or they are witnessed on a TV screen tuned to CNN..

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls... It tolls for THEE..." (John Donne)

This is soooo true, whether the bell is sounding birth, graduation, marriage, or life transition.. It's all HERE, it's all NOW, it's all ME..." (If I choose it to be) After all......when all is said and done..........we still have a choice... Will we choose faith and wholeness (regardless of the consequences) or fear and fragmentation? Only the Shadow knows!

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