The Eye of the Beholder
by Daniel Jacob

If last month's article tended to delve a bit into prophecy, who Star Kids are, and what they're going to mean to this world in days to come, this installment is about viewpoints and perspectives that may arise within elder generations as Planetary Changes begin to occur.  Even as I write those fateful words "elder generations", applying them to myself and my peers, a chill goes up my spine! Could it be "The Big Chill," that I am feeling of 1980s movie fame?  Perhaps it's time now for Star Elders to pause, so we can take stock of our place on the Great Wheel of Life.    

Aren't Baby Boomers supposed to be ageless?  Weren't WE meant to be pioneers of a New Age, about which so many are speaking - the Age of Aquarius?  Aren't WE the innovators, the revolutionaries?  If you haven't seen that movie, I heartily recommend that you do.  As our first-borns begin turning 30, 33, 35, life can become a BIG CHILL - a splash of cold water in the face of normal human denial. 

The Wheel of Life, from my experience, is a linear presentation of birth, death, and rebirth (or the appearance thereof), and it happens all day, everyday, for as long we are focused in physical form.  With each in-breath there is an invitation to life, and with each out-breath there is a dying to what was. Seasons come and go, and the beat goes on and on. Each cell in a person's body is replaced every seven years. I am, quite literally, NOT the man I was 7 years ago.  For the most part, energy continually gathers and collates itself around an evolving, vibratory pattern of consciousness, administrated through a single VIEWPOINT - an individuated life, set out upon paths of discovery and personal expansion.         

From the moment a prophecy is written down concerning anything, it starts to become obsolete.  It leaps out of a rapidly moving stream of consciousness and plants itself on the shores of 3D reality.  People and objects living nearby will be warmed and inspired by that prophecy, because it's still fresh from the stream, still vibrating with pure, liquid potential.  But once it cools, and begins blending with the energy of the shore, things change - or, rather, they appear to change. 

Perception and reality
The Reconnections, Spirit Helpers from whom I channel, have the following to say about the nature of reality: 

"The determination of what is real is a matter of perception, rather than existence. Everything exists, but not everything is perceived. Your senses are not windows to an 'objective' reality. They are really filters, blocking from your conscious mind what you have no desire to see. OUT THERE exists a Multiverse of potential, an expansive IS-ness that is beyond your capacity to grasp or appreciate.  But IN HERE, in the universe of your perception, there exists only YOU and your mirrors. Each of you is a Multi-Faceted Jewel---and each facet is a self-portrait, expanding out in every direction into infinity."

Everything is real everywhere it appears.  This is what Spirit brings to us now.  The eye that beholds a person or a thing, and allows its image to come into awareness is BIRTHING something into a Perceptual Universe.  To use computer terms, images are being cut and pasted or highlighted and deleted all day long, within a database called "This is My Life." 

Each image and each link in that file is chosen strategically to accomplish a purpose. It is fed through a perceptual grid that interprets its meaning according to the basic nature and characteristics of the observer. "We don't see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE are." (Anais Nin) 

In order to use me as an image in one of your "files," you need my permission. That's called a Soul Contract. The same is true in reverse.  Belief in Soul Contracts makes it possible for folks to finally let go of regret, bitterness, victimhood, or frustrated desire.  There are no victims.  There are only volunteers.  There are mistakes and there are no mishaps. All things happen according to plan

In the Multiverse, there are universes which honor and embody everything imaginable, and then some.  And every soul is linked to every other soul, in Oneness, though that underlying union is not always remembered.  When a single individual is sitting quietly, and his mind begins to "wander," the rest of him stays put, or the body performs some menial task that he can do almost in his sleep. We've all had that happen. Now, realize that this entire 3D world, with all its populace, purpose, and variance is the brainchild of ONE BEING, sitting quietly, having a whole host of "mind wanderings."  Multi-Track Thinking - the only way to fly! 

Laying Aside Forgetfulness
For some, what I just said may seem outlandish.  For others, these basic New Paradigm ideas may even seem a bit "old hat" by now.  One of the beautiful things about this 3D Game is how varied and precious each viewpoint is to the Greater Whole.  And we're all connected, whether we remember it or not. 

In their transmission "Family Tree, Family Me," The Reconnections take these basic ideas and spin them into something eternal, something innovative and exciting.  Instead of viewing each child as product of a union between two people (his parents), they take us on a journey which views each universe as the sole creation of ONE individual viewpoint (uni = one), a viewpoint which has power to integrate and experience all other points of view represented therein.  We call this the Watcher Self, or the Expanded Self.  It's the YOU that hovers over your entire perceptual landscape, owning and appreciating each aspect of that creation as it relates to the Greater Whole.   

When we view life this way, using the Oneness Equation which Spirit is now imparting, we no longer regard a 3D child merely as the product of two individuals mixing genetic material and bringing forth life. Instead, we view those parents (and the rest of his universe) as fragments of his very own Expanded Self. For a time, the child is programmed to believe that his parents preceded his arrival onto the planet. Yet, TIME is illusion, is it not?  In the Multiverse, all time is NOW, and all space is HERE.  The appearance of "there" and "then" is simply a visual aid, a temporal construct which allows for the unfoldment of a story plot, and creation of a linear, historic sequence for study in the mind. 

What "normal" 3D thinking teaches us is: "First came mom and dad, then came sister Jane (or whoever), and then I arrived."  That is how we are taught to see things.  But, truly, you were ALWAYS present in your universe, always here, since the very beginning of time, as were we all.  You simply identified with different elements during those times.  At your core, you are ALL OF IT. You are the Great "I Am" (a fragment of that Energy, anyway).  And in my perceptual universe, it is I who carry that distinction.  Since we are each universes unto ourselves, my divinity doesn't have to interfere with yours unless you allow it to do so, through the adoption of a Separation Belief System.  

People tend to think of themselves as coming after their parents because they are still interpreting life from their parents' perspective.  In turn, their families will do the same, functioning from their own ancestral perspective, on and on and on, until each person finally reconnects with The ONESELF. That is the way of things.   

People LEARN to think in separation, and they continue to do so until Spirit enters their world and tells them differently.  When we shift viewpoints - ANCHORING POINTS, you might call them - all delineations and interpretations for that universe shift right along with us.  A Multiversal Mind can build a case for being the POINT OF ORIGIN in every universe no matter what position or time period it occupies. A Universal Mind is limited.  It aligns with whatever 3D "propaganda" is programmed into it.  But then, one day, those internal "shackles" get removed.  The mind breaks out of its "shell", allowing an Eternal Soul to awaken, a temporary prisoner of body and circumstance, who suddenly, miraculously, rises up - taking conscious command of life's journey.  So it is, and so it has always been.   

Eternal Life, Here and Now
Some of you may be reading along, asking yourself:  "Where is he going with all this?"  Please bear with me.  There is a point to be made here - a very important point. 

If your universe existed AS YOU, long before your physical child-self made his/her appearance, wouldn't it also exist AS YOU, long after your physical body wanes or appears to die?  Are you one single body, one separated personality, one mindset?  Is that all you are?  Oh my, no!  You are so much more.  And that is one of the gifts that our Children of the New Earth bring to us. 

The birth of a child represents life's continual longing to renew and refocus itself in the moment.  And, even though your experience of being may have become inordinately attached to one aging physical form, the appearance of a child or children in your life circle symbolizes the fact that YOU, as a Soul, as an entire universe, are not finished yet!  You still have things to offer, and experiences which long to be enjoyed! 

At present, conceptual "software" is being loaded into every person's consciousness - each 3D traveler who longs to experience life in this new, multidimensional way.  For some, the program simply sits there, on the database, unopened.  For others, the software opens spontaneously, requiring the individual to work feverishly to balance and sustain himself in the presence of new "toys" and new perceptions.   

The primary factor which determines the timing of these initiations is the signature vibration of those who receive the download. In every human operating system, there is a governing force that has been given power to block the initiation and installation of any program that could permanently crash the system. The Reconnections refer to this force as "The Guardian Spirit."  If there is too much will, too much ego identification, causing personal vibrations to go too low, it may be that certain perceptual systems will DISALLOW the usage of these new gifts until more NEUTRALITY is brought into that person's way of being. 

When the time is right, and our internal vibrations are ambient for change, folks will be enabled to leap, perceptually, from body to body, place to place, time period to time period. The Recons have previously referred to this as "Hip-Hopping Through the Fourth Dimension."   Though there are many who are doing this in the dream state, or in mediation, soon all will be able to do it. 

The key to being able to transpose one's image of "self", leaping from thing to thing, or person to person, involves internal beliefs about the ONENESS of our world. Are you desiring to enter into another life flow merely as a voyeur?  A peeping Tom? Or do you, at your deepest levels, consider that person, object, or place to actually BE a fragment of yourself? A piece of You? Your willingness to make that distinction, through a belief in Oneness, is the prime prerequisite for your being able to operate the internal software which enables a person to do this. 

The Next Generation
If the reader has been following the discussion thus far, and you are not too turned off by any of these concepts, you have an opportunity to do something very special, indeed.  At your own pace, and in your own timing, you can form yourself into a BRIDGE PERSON, spanning between the generations.  Instead of seeing yourself as a "Flower Child" of the 60s, a "Baby Boomer" of the mid 40s, or a "Child of the Depression" from the 1930s, you can begin to think of yourself as ALL OF IT - a Virtual Nexus for Eternity who occupies space in the Here and Now.

As you do this, perceived distinctions between male/female, parent/child, humanity and divinity begin to blur and fall away. Your adult mind, like the minds of most awakening Star Children, will begin to multi-track, and go on "journeys" into its various parts. The view screen of your Inner World may even take on the appearance of the Director's Booth at your local TV station.  Many screens.  Many points of focus in the Now!  

Though your sensory orientation remains still, in a room, listening to the sounds of traffic outside your door, your emotional body has the ability to fly off, traveling through the Multiverse, exploring distant lands. There is a distinct sensation that accompanies this process, a sensation that can cause alarm in those who are not familiar with New Paradigm Living. Or, perhaps, as you swim gently through a swimming pool at the club, your internal visual centers could allow you to visit the year 2027, from the deck of your very own hover craft! It's all there, and it's all available if you're just willing to believe. 

Famous words, once penned by John Donne, speak clearly to us now about this transformative process.  As funeral bells begin to toll, throughout the land, they say: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee." In light of what we've just discussed, I would also like to affirm that each cry from a newborn belongs to us all as well. That sound is simply the flip-side of the tolling of that final bell. Out of death comes new life. It is all a Grand Circle. A spiral, really. He who has ears to hear, let him hear now! And those who have eyes to see will soon be in for a wonderful treat. 

When your human instrument begins to weaken or fail, due to age or infirmity, your spiritual instrument will begin to come online. You are so much more than you think you are!  And soon, our Next Generations are going to illustrate that for us, in vivid detail. As I mentioned last month, humanity has reached "Childhood's End," just as Arthur C. Clarke's novel foretold. We are now ready to graduate into the adolescence of Multiversal Citizenship.  That which appears to unravel or evaporate is simply in the throes of Conscious Rebirth, movement to new levels of being. 

As infants, we embodied all the hopes and dreams of our ancestors, past lives, and future hopes - trying desperately to come into physical form. As elders, we face a whole new challenge. Can we take what we have developed, and what's left over from our ancestral line, and HOP ABOARD this powerful new vehicle called "Spaceship Earth?"  Can we merge with the souls and dreams of The New Kids, not as hitchhiker's or voyeurs, but simply as continuations of who we (and they) have always been? 

It's all there.  It's always been there. Beauty or ugliness is now, and forever was, in the Eye of the Beholder. Do we insist on continuing to experience life as a separated, lonely, dying fragment?  Or, as the energy rises, will we choose to upgrade our viewpoint to include the nurturing, ambient tones of Universal Oneness and Love? That choice belongs to each soul. 

I look forward to continuing dialogues between readers, my own soul, and my Spiritual Guides. You are welcome to write if you have questions or comments. All input is important if we are to continuing moving towards maximum effectiveness.   

2006, Daniel Jacob


Daniel Jacob
is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." For more information about Daniel and his work visit,, or e-mail him directly at: