Transmission Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"Creation and Filtration"

My Dear Friends:

A person doesn't manifest his or her world out of nothing.  Rather, each of you forms your personal reality from the *everything,* which exists all around you.  In order to make something physical, you simply focus upon it.....(which slows down the vibration sufficiently for it to solidify), and then you install Perceptual Veils around it, to block out the awareness of everything else that is there.  This is your own perceptual equivalent of putting blinders on a horse. 
As you begin your process of focusing, you must clearly realize how the creative element of your mind works.   The explanation we are going to make for you now is a linear one, because you are currently operating within a linear reality base.  Please realize that you have the power to change the order or the rules of this process at any time. 
Like the printer on a computer, which faithfully stacks and programs its activity based upon keys hit by the operator, your very own Creative Manifesting Mind begins printing out reality based upon statements which you, yourself, hold to be true.  Even though your statement is uttered only within your own mind, and is held for just one second, it has absolute power to form your world.  And it frequently does!"