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An Etheric Vibrancy, a "Force" that emanates through a Multiversal Gateway  

"The Neo-Shaman will possess highly attractive, highly intoxicating elements.  They are "white hot cinders" which fill his "Cinderbox," which is the area just below the breastbone.  He (or she) will have a "presence" that surrounds him.  Beings, from both sides of the Veil will be drawn to it.  It is the job of a Neo-Shaman to protect the integrity of this Etheric Gateway!   The energetic residue which tends to collect there is, for all practical purposes, radioactive.   It tends to illuminate spirits or physical bodies with whom it comes in contact.

The usual effect of this "radioactivity" is the appearance of passion.  Whether we are observing bodies in Form or conceptions of Spirit, the Neo-Shaman will tend to attract them to himself---creating in them the desire to MERGE with him or her!   Therefore, it is not unusual to find that a sleeping Neo-Shaman will be surrounded (both in spirit and in body) by throngs of interested people, all wanting a "piece" of who and what he is.

Etheric "radioactivity" has a way of making people crazy.   If a human, casually interacting with a Neo-Shaman, becomes temporarily enamored with him (we call it being "infected"), the results can sometimes be disastrous. He might become "willing" to make explorations for which he (the curious human) is not prepared.  In a way, this relationship could be a lot like experimenting with psychadelic drugs.   If you're not ready to take them, they can really mess you up.

It is no mere co-incidence that this part of the planet is known as The Holy Land. As a centering point, and origin for many of your planet's mainline religions, The Middle East has become a primary location for the opening of the first of these Multiversal Energy Gates, through which the Ancient and the Shining Ones now regularly come and go! Through these Portals their essences pass, bringing with them a certain Radiance (Intense Energy) bleeding through from the Other Side of the Veil.

The power of this Radiance is profound, creating an acceleration in the energy fields of all who are exposed to it. The effect that it has upon the human nervous system is like the Siren's Song in the mythologies of old. It can drive people crazy, if they are not prepared to rise with it to new levels of love and allowingness.
For those whose hearts are open, the Radiance has very little effect, beyond the feeling of a gradual, daily increase in personal joy! When you are in Oneness, there is no objection or hindrance to being exposed to Radiance. However, if you are of a territorial or separatist mindset, or have hunger for power, these vibrations can make you crazy. What is happening in the Middle East now will soon be happening everywhere, as Energy Gates begin opening wide all over the globe. However, by that time, the vibrational flux will be so intense that control-based individuals will have a difficult time even functioning, let alone making war."


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