Excerpt from Vortex Merkaba:  The Harmonic Concordance

"The Great Wheel:  Drawing In, Pushing Out"

(Expansions and Contractions for Planetary Birth)

"The basic symbolism of The Harmonic Concordance is centered around the image of a Grand Sextile, or Star Tetrahedron which appears in the Astrological Charts that portray and study key parts of your planet in the coming days of activation that are ahead.  At a certain time and place, the appearance of the Grand Sextile in your chart will begin to penetrate the tender membrane that surrounds your consciousness, and produce reactions and decisions in your life and in the lives of all those who surround you.   

This symbol is also known as a Merkaba.  Like the wind that speeds past an airplane in flight, a Merkaba can be an Energetic Vehicle for those passengers inside that plane.  If a hole is cut in the Veil that surrounds their minds and hearts, the "wind velocity" of the Multiverse will begin sucking people towards expanded awareness, and they will be forced to make some decisions about their goals and their lives in the Now Moment. 

Each pyramid starts from a broad base, which gradually tapers itself into a point, and this shape reflects what happens when an "expanded frame of reference" gradually gets narrower as it moves away from Middle Ground.  At the center of the overlapping pyramids, there is a collaboration of space that looks a bit like "home plate" on a baseball diamond.  This is the "Betwixt and Between" for all of those polarizations.  

In this place, there is a Conference Center, wherein delegations from all polarities can meet, and share their viewpoints and gifts with one another.  To remain there, for any length of time, is to damn yourself from returning to what could be considered "extreme" or "totally pure" again.  This is because your "pure brethren" would be able to catch the scent of your collaborative experience at the Center, and would no longer be able to trust you as being sincere or committed to their separation stance.  It is this energetic fusion that produces the Radiance Energy that has been escaping through Energy Gates that are now opening all over the world.  


What causes the Wheel of the Merkaba to spin is the attraction/repulsion response that accompanies the mixing and mingling of all these (seemingly) divergent energies.  As a soul approaches a point of conjunction between two "opposites," that soul must make a decision about who he is, and what his relationship will be to the dance that he witnesses in that space.  Does he side with the one, or does he choose to side with the other?  

The Essence of Oneness Energy tells us that we are everything and everyone.  But that is only a generalized concept that, up to this point, has involved the mind.  When we begin to see the Merkaba Dance played out in our own home town, or personal context of life, it also invokes input from the emotional body.  At that point, the observer may begin to bring up memories and distinctions he has formed from other life encounters, and go into a state of conflict, which slows the whole process down to a point where everything solidifies.  We have described this in detail in our transmission called "How Universes Are Formed."    

When an Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Object, the only thing that can happen is a MERGE.  If neither is willing to "give space" to the other, and if the velocity of their claims to that space are fairly equal, then the only option they have is to BECOME ONE WITH EACH OTHER.    


The Multidimensional Vehicle for every individual body and personality centers itself in the Heart Space.  It is a conjunction of sensory, emotional, mental, and volitional forces that mix and mingle all types of essences, that are evaluated for inclusion or exclusion into the beingness of the Form Entity they serve.  As various essences are attracted to your Heart Center, the multiplicity of who you are stands at the Gate to welcome and inform them about what they can expect to encounter if they wish to come in and become intimate with you.  

We call this your Vortex Merkaba.  Since it is multiplanar in nature, it spins like a wheel, or turn-stile, that gives entrance into your personal Conference Center.  We speak generally about this now, as it will become key information later, when we begin to share about Sacred Sexuality, and the future of Human Relationships, as they manifest in the Grand Society that is to come!  

We have also likened your Heart Center to a Universal Cauldron, in which you mix and brew your elements, in hopes of producing your own version of the Philosopher's Stone, which is a universal catalyst that combines anything with anything else.  Another symbology that has been attributed to this Heart Center is the Holy Grail.  If you will recall, the Grail was a cup (tarot symbolism for heart energy) that was used by Jesus at the Last Supper.  At that event, he held it in his hand and said:  "This is my blood.  Drink ye all of it."  

Jesus' statement was very sexual, and it was also very intimate.  Eating flesh and drinking blood is about as intimate as a person can get.  And the Sexuality of the Future will be very much like this--not in a literal sense, but in a figurative one.  It will be less characterized by an "act" and more characterized by an intent or an alchemical drive for becoming One and Reconnected with the Oneself of All That Is.  

As each of you begins to stand at the Gate of your Garden, holding out your cup and and inviting those who pass to "come and drink," you also will form a Vortex Merkaba, which will meet and greet those who choose to accept your invitation.   


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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