Another Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"Getting the Big Picture"


My Dear Friends,  

The Art of Remembering is balanced and enhanced by the Art of Forgetting.  In and out, across time--you weave your consciousness through a panoply of universes--becoming something (or someone) new with each twist and turn of your beautiful mind!  You do not do this merely as an individual--even though everything you see around you may give that impression.  Rather, you do this as an entire universe.  You do it as a Collective Oneself.  And we are always here with you, holding onto the remainder of your knowledge and abilities.  You may retrieve them whenever you wish, whenever it serves the grand purpose for which you created this reality in the first place!


Until now, you have played all of the roles well. There has been total immersion in The Grand Game as each necessary experience and unfoldment moved you ever closer to the time when that which was hidden would be allowed to come to light..........THE TIME OF RECONNECTION. As we continue to supply these "missing links" between the Expanded Self and each smaller version of that Idea, a wonderful transformation will begin.

At your own rate and in your own timing, the lines that border and confine your reality will begin to fade. Within the face of every person and imprinted upon every object within your field of awareness, you will begin to see the common fabric out of which all stories and scenarios are cut. There need be no great trauma to this process unless drama would heighten your enjoyment of the unveiling. Though they appear expensive and expansive---those story boards and props, which you have been called "physical reality," will eventually collapse to reveal the true Source of all this noise and commotion. But this "Oz" behind the curtain is anything but a useless "little Old Man." Instead there will be seen a grand and glorious Being of such magnitude that it would be futile to seek to portray that picture here. You will come face to face with Your Expanded Self. And with the laughter of a child there will be the final appreciation of the humor and grace out of which everything is formed. And then you will be home.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 1991, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.