Excerpt from "Beyond Human Boundaries"

"Societal Control and Manipulation"

"In these coming days..........you will see many tyrants and dictators.........who will attempt to perpetuate old "systems" of outward control, and outward focus. Sit back and enjoy the show, My Dear Friends. There is no need to struggle against it. They will show themselves to be court jesters, mindlessly striving to perpetuate a way of life that is rapidly passing away. Now is your time to observe. Now is your time to be instructed!

Those who seek to unravel the fabric of society out of its season, who think of themselves as SYSTEMS BUSTERS will also experience frustration and blockage to the achievement of their goals, unless their "terrorist acts" serve some purpose in the unfoldment of the Greater Whole.

Little by little these feudal (and futile) efforts will all be brought to naught. Allow it to happen, and do not let your hearts be troubled, Dear Ones! We are here to support and sustain you...........though WE are not in "charge" of this unfoldment either.

Those who believe that they are big enough and wise enough (on any level of reality) to control the Grand Unfoldment that is happening all around you now will also join that parade of Court Jesters who are performing for our collective amusement during this time. They are the KARMIC RELIEF for a stage production that has been thousands upon thousands of years in the making! 

Relax, renew yourselves, and allow yourselves to release any sense of judgment concerning what is going on. If you experience deaths, pain, or losses.......feel your emotions, express your pain, and then get up and go on. Remember what we said about death and about power. Remember also that everything and everyone you see around you is a reflection of some part of yourself! The more you allow yourself to look with PERSONAL EYES, at a humanity that is rapidly changing, the less will be your need to look with GENERAL EYES, waging warfare and heaping judgment upon those around you.

Judgment is, in fact, the only thing that can harm you during this upcoming period. For, when you allow it to take hold on you........you drop your own energy field, which must be allowed to remain high during these changes. More information will be brought through about this as it applies! We hold you all in wonder and amazement! We are enjoying this ride as much as you are. Now is your time to take to the skies---to leave the land of the mortals! Now is your time to go forward, BEYOND HUMAN BOUNDARIES.

Stand still, and be amazed!


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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