Another Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"Releasing Ownership"

My Dear Friends,

In days past, we have described for you the need to become very personal and intimate with the reality that surrounds you.  Instead of being detached and separate, we have encouraged you to OWN WHAT YOU SEE all around you, as true and perfect aspects of SELF, so that your Veil of Forgetfulness could begin to diminish, and you could find your way into our rich storehouse of Multiversal Knowledge and Expanded Perspective.  

Now, you have accomplished that task.  Your Veils are becoming thinner and more malleable.  You have taken on so many energies that it feels as though your Reconnection Universe could almost burst with its abundance of stimulation and supply!  For some of you, this has had a noticeable effect on your physical vehicle, as your expanded ownership of energy translated itself into an expansion of body mass.  And this, too, is perfect.  Nothing appears in your physical universe that you do not need.  It all has a place and a purpose.  Whether you are male, or whether you are female in gender, you have been pregnant--pregnant with the Oneself YOU that is about to be!  

As you move into this new "lighter" state of being, which characterizes the Watcher and Knower Self, we encourage you to begin releasing the paradigm called OWNING IT ALL, and begin to replace it with a practice of ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IS, and then simply letting it all be.  

As we have said in other transmissions:  everything is real, everywhere it appears.  The Game of Separation denied that, for a time, but now the Veil is beginning to lift.  And keeping yourself on the path no longer requires that you fight against or deny the existence of certain elements that might seem painful or injurious if they are not addressed.  Neither are you required to heal or "fix" those elements when you notice them.  Do you see?  Fixing is just another form of denying.  It implies:  "You are not perfect, just as you are. Let me re-make you in my own image."         

A good deal of the impulse to FIX comes from your sense of ownership.  And that is fine.  A good steward is one who takes good care of that which he or she owns.  No problem there.  But a Watcher cannot be a fixer, can he?  Neither can he allow himself to be bogged down with the daily grind of maintaining and administrating that which he owns (or rather, that which owns him!).  If he does, he will miss certain things which require his focused attention.  The lessons which are learned from daily ownership have already been fully completed in you.  Now is your time to move on, into a whole new plane of existence.  And yet, you never have to leave this one, for it is all just a state of mind.    

Everything is real, but not everything is relevant for your purpose at this time.  Therefore, you can allow the Oneself to retain your rights of "ownership" of the elements, while you simply RENT or LEASE THEM for the amount of time they are required, to help you fulfill your Watcher Self tasks.  And then, when your current project is done, you can easily say good-bye, with no strings or hesitancy.  

Because of your exquisite Shadow Work, and personal application of Reconnection Knowledge, you already understand, at your deepest levels, that everything and everyone is you.  There is no need for continued denial. You also have integrated that death is just another illusion--the by-product of your utilization of time and space as tools of focus and learning.  Therefore, your time of struggle is just about over.  Now is your time of joy and playfulness in the flow.  So be it.



Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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