Excerpt from "Aids and Planetary Healing"

"The Nature of Reality"

"The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable etheric membrane which covers the consciousness of each Traveler in Limitation (Physicality).  Each Traveler is, essentially, an Etheric Master who has elected to enter the Earth Plane for experiential training and recreation.   
The determination of what is real is a matter of perception rather than existence.  Everything exists, but not everything is perceived.  The physical senses are not "windows" to an "objective" universe.  They are really FILTERS, blocking from your awareness what you have no desire to see.  The Veil enables a Traveler in Limitation to design and enter a specified course of experience. Though there are many universes available, to honor and embody every possible/probable manifestation of everything, the Veil helps him to focus upon exactly the context of reality he  wishes to explore.

OUT THERE exists an infinity of possibilities---a universe which honors every concept or group of concepts imaginable (and then some).  But IN HERE is where you live---the You-niverse of your perception.  YOU get to decide what gets in here, and also what is expressed.  And, whether you believe it or not, everything here is/was custom-designed to your specifications, in order that you might fully accomplish what you came here to experience or learn."      


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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