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Excerpt from Labor Pains of the New Humanity

"Going Under"

"Many of you are familiar with writings, set forth by this physiological channel, regarding a condition known as "Global Acceleration Syndrome."   This term is not a medical diagnosis, per se.  Rather, it is an instrument of identification, that can be applied to your life, when no medical diagnosis (or treatment) seems to help you with your "symptoms." At that point, you begin to realize something.  You're pregnant.  You're pregnant with the NEW YOU.  And, even though there may be medicines and treatments to help your pregnancy go smoother, which one of you expects to be "cured?"  You aren't really sick. You are with Child.  

The transformation from planetary human to Earth Mother is not limited in experience according to gender. All of you have both male and female energy within you.  All of you are capable of being pregnant with the rest of who you are!  Accept it, and move on--or deny it, and falter.  The choice is yours.    

Here are a few of the main signs of Physical Transmutation, when they appear in someone who cannot be relieved through ordinary medical means:  

  • FATIGUE:  Your body feels tired, even when you have slept the whole night through.  You drag yourself from task to task, wondering if you'll ever feel joy in your life again. What is happening here, in most cases, is your nervous system has temporarily blown a "fuse," due to a rapid influx of energy.  The body can survive more infusions than you might imagine, but the emotional body will only tolerate so much before it goes on "tilt."  The fatigue that many of you are feeling is often a result of that very thing.  Feeling yourself to be "electrified," you shut down your nerve receptors, which results in feelings of chronic tiredness and malaise.  Energetically, you've blown a fuse.

  • DEPRESSION:   You feel terrible, locked in a dark dungeon of despair.  Nothing in the world is going "your way."  There is no part of life that excites you anymore.  Your loved ones call out to you, but you'd just as soon not answer.  You remember love, but you don't often feel it.  There is a sense of isolation, even when you are in a room full of people.  There are many things we have already shared about depression--one of which is the fact that you are, quite literally, being depressed........held down, seemingly against your will!  It's like the world has it's thumb on you.  This is happening so that your expanding internal nature will not follow a "normal" course and cause you to try and become a "God" on your planet, rather than uniting with the planet, itself.  Your "Dark Side" energies, which are your source of internal magic and wizardry, are not accustomed to being encapsulated in human flesh.  They feed on freedom, and they cannot abide the idea of having to be in one place, at one time. But they must, even as the "lighter" aspects of you must become willing to leap into the "dark" of an unknown future, filled with unknown terrors and possibilities.  

  • MOOD SWINGS:  Your internal motivational system, at times, may feel like a "train-wreck" of emotions and desires.  You want "this," but you also want "that."  Normally, both "this and that" run counter to each other!  Fire and ice.  Oil and water.........all that sort of stuff. But now, your expanding heart and mind have made room to embrace them both!  So be it.  And by the way...........Of course some of you are manifesting the idea of being "bi-polar."  Isn't the Earth bi-polar?  Why shouldn't you be?  You have the raging tides of the sea, and you will also have the stillness of a mountain lake.  You are learning to become it all, and that is causing many of you considerable discomfort.  It will become balanced in time.  

  • SUICIDAL THOUGHTS:  Many a mother has gone through feelings, at some point in her pregnancy, of wanting to abort the process, and walk away.  Things aren't as you planned them!  It's a lot harder than you thought it would be. These viewpoints are only natural, when one considers the big picture.  Those who are called in to "comfort" you, in your distress, cannot always grasp this. They see suicide as a "break" with escape.  This is because they are not pregnant, themselves.  They are asleep, and may remain so for some time. But to us, the pondering of death in the midst of giving birth is a sacred remembrance. It is a holy cognition.  You are a Bridge Between Life and Death. Though we do not recommend following a suicide path to completion, we validate the need which many of you have to ponder it.  Part of you is dying, even as another part is beginning to live. 

  • LOSING YOUR GROUND:  You are so tightly anchored to the 3D Plane that your transformation guides cannot access delicate programming mechanisms that would infuse you with new life. You are practicing "transformus interruptus!"  While the alarm for soul awakening is sounding, some of you are "hitting the snooze button" and rolling over to go back to sleep.  Your allegiance to job, spouse, family, physical health, hobbies, possessions, or simply having fun is blocking that path to the expansion which other (sleeping) parts of you crave.  And so, in a moment of time, some of your "grounding forces" are simply taken away.  You become ill, lose your family, lose your job, or get a good deal of your possessions wiped out.  This isn't meant to be punitive at all.  It's just part of the process of being opened up.  It brings you forward, to live life on the edge!  What seems like disaster actually ends up working in your favor. 

  • HYPER-SENSITIVITY:  Here is a difficult situation, indeed.  Even as your world is becoming more strident, demanding, noisy, complicated, and callous to its citizens--your own inner sensitivity is increasing by leaps and bounds.  At times, it is as though fingernails are scraping across some planetary chalkboard, leaving your nerves jangled, and your emotions on edge. Many of you loathe the idea of going outdoors. Others experience panic attacks when they are in crowds, or visit markets and shopping malls.  It feels as though someone has taken a bandage off a tender area of your soul!  It is a sunburn of nervous exhaustion, that makes you want to climb under the covers in your bed and hide.

  • INSOMNIA:  You are mixing and mingling the sleep-state with waking consciousness.  You are neither here nor there, but somewhere in between! During normal sleep schedules you are wide awake, thinking, planning, or merely feeling despair.  During daytime work schedules, you are plagued with drowsiness and a feeling that you have been awake for a thousand years.  Waking or sleeping, it sometimes feels like a nightmare.

Your first step of Reconnection has been to acknowledge everything and everyone as an aspect of yourself.  Mentally, if not emotionally as well, you have done this.  Those who haven't done it will need to begin doing it now.  After that, you begin to connect to the concept that your body has become correspondent to the Planetary Body.  "As above, so below" has many expanded meanings, as you are about to discover!  To go through this, you must begin to expand your concept of yourself beyond the first-person level, and begin to identify with all levels. The Earth is not just something that you live upon.  It is now becoming something you are.  Do you understand this?  Is so, please continue.  If not, contact the Reconnections Office for assistance in this regard."

<end excerpt>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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