Excerpts:  From The Reconnections......

"Fragmentation In Relationships"


"When we teach you about the symbolic meaning of people in your perceptual universe---we will refer to them as "frags."  This word is short for "fragments," and its usage is meant to remind you that everything you create is truly an aspect of YOU.  Everything is in you, and you are in everything. This does not downplay the divinity of your "frags" (since each of them is a co-creator in his or her own universe as well),........but it certainly clarifies yours.

This Cosmic "Game" you are all playing is called FRAGMENTATION.  It is a breaking up of a WHOLE, in order to examine and savour the essence of each of its parts.  In a sense, it could be said that each universe is but a "slide" that has been placed under a huge Microscope, so the eye of the Oneself can examine, in detail, each piece of All That Is.  Each spatial relationship is a learning experience, for all involved, and the Oneself gets to collate and archive all the data that is received.

The Game was a gift that We gave to Ourself to facilitate exploration and expansion.   Also, it is just plain entertaining.  These, then, are also the reasons we create RELATIONSHIPS.   Let's look more at these goals in greaterdetail.

When an individual fragments, there is a "coming apart" of all the elements that make up his being.   A kind of stage (like that which is found in a theater, or on a movie set) is created, and all the actors take their places upon it.   When you walk into a meeting room at work---you see people sitting there, and you say hello to them.  Your Separation Mindset tells you that these people also walked into that room, the same way you did. Actually, in a Reconnection sense, each of them stepped out of YOU.  Each of them is a facet of the wonderful crystal which you are.

Does that sound PUZZLING?  Oh my, yes........it undoubtedly does!  For you ARE a puzzle, and every little gathering, like this one we mention,  becomes a way of "putting yourself together."  All images that enter your mind are processed through a perceptual "filter" or "grid," which a creator uses to interpret what exists within a specific context of reality.  Since each creator has only HIMSELF to use as a means of comparison---for interpreting the images..........all of his "creations" end up looking LIKE HIM.

The same is true in the universes of everyone you meet.   Within their individual "movie," they get to see reflections of their DARK SIDE (the sides of themselves that they usually cannot see).   You do them a favor, by wearing those attitudes and characteristics for them.   In this way, you swap images with each other, allowing each of the projected story plots to expand in every direction.  It is, quite literally........... CINEMA MULTIPLEX!"

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