Excerpt from Meta-U-Phoria

"Feeling and Personal Responsibility"


The relinquishing of world control does not mean handing power over to someone else.  Rather, it is a recognition, at the deepest levels, that all power...........and all vulnerability and sweetness.......exist side-by-side, within the same ONE BEING. 

In this sense, the lion CAN lay down with the lamb, as each person realizes (for him or herself) that physical strength and stamina is not the only touchstone to define rightness or beauty.........that the greatest power a person could exercise might be personal, willing restraint---if it means that a smaller aspect of the Oneself could suffer by your proposed action.

Believe Us, Dear Ones.........there will come a time, not too far hence, where a blow that is delivered by your right hand will be clearly felt upon your left cheek. There will be NO NEED to turn your head to receive another. 

The ILLUSION OF SEPARATION is passing away.  Its demise may tend to be messy, since CONTROL does not tend to go gently into that good night!   However, what some may consider a "dying of the light," will be perceived by others as NEW DAWN............for, in the recognition that "I have met the enemy, and he is ME," there will be an essential transformation of the traditional "Us vs. Them" scenario into a clearer, more concise understanding of the central issue---Separation vs. Reconnection. 


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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