Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Energy Crisis"

          My Dear Friends,

Your current concerns about diminished Energy Sources, coupled with huge cost increases for the "basics" of life, are directly related to your collective decision to begin NARROWING THE GAP between how you traditionally spend your day's energies and what it is you TRULY DESIRE to do with your lives. 

Whenever the symbol of a "fuel shortage" appears in your Limitation Game, it means that you have LOST INTEREST at one or more levels, and you are preparing to shut a few things down.  When you run short on money or physical stamina, it's because your spirit can no longer support the hierarchy of values you are applying to yourself.    

Do not let your "righteous anger" be sidetracked---blaming rising prices on the greed or manipulation of the "ruling elite" of your immediate culture.  What you are each experiencing is a self-induced wake-up call, a re-enforcement of DIVIINE LAW, governing how each 3D Life Journey is designed, contracted, and made manifest on the physical plane.    


The storms and maelstroms of your physical world are mostly sourced in human boredom!  That's right, you heard us correctly.  HUMAN BOREDOM.  Is there any other kind?  Did you think it is GOD who is angry with you?  Do you feel that He is displeased with you because you play so many "stupid games with the world?"  And who is GOD, anyway?  Who or What, pray tell, do you think that idea is meant to represent?

          It's all's all's all YOU.         

Your Collective Oneself occasionally feels so claustrophobic in this Game--so locked in a dungeon, with nowhere to go---that it throws fits of desperation.....rattling the doors of your "Earth House"....longing to break free from this deadening "snail's pace" many of you have set for yourself, spiritually.  A great deal of those who cross over in tragic hurricanes, floods, and other cataclysms....are literally offering themselves up, like warriors of old, to be consumed by a refiner's fire. they can be remade, and cast anew. 

What is it about HUMAN ANGER that has power to make it "righteous?"  Is it adherence to some Holy Teachings?  Is it membership in some organization or sect?  Is it engagement against some Planetary "Axis of Evil?"  No, not really.  The one singular element which turns ordinary human anger "righteous" is:  the QUICKENING Effect it has on the person who feels it.

If you feel angry, and you project that anger OUTWARD---towards some person, or nation, or even the world in general---your anger is wasted.  You have given away your power.  That's why WAGING WAR is such a travesty. 

The real SOURCE of your feelings of disappointment and discomfort is never "them," even if all signs seem to point to that.  If there is unhappiness and lack of fulfillment in your life, it's because YOU have forgotten to mobilize the necessary INTEREST and FOCUS OF INTENTION that was/is needed to anchor your creative space and manifest what it is you truly want.  So "they" appear to come along and "take it away" from you.  It is illusion. 

My Dear Friends........."they" are none other than reflections of  YOUR VERY OWN SUBCONSCIOUS SELF. Images, seen in a mirror.  "Grim Reapers" of your own self-deprecation....born of apathy, fear of discomfort, boredom, and dissociation from the GOD SELF who dwells at your Inner Core. some cases, "they" are reflections of parts of you who do not really match what you SAY you want.  When this is the case, you are experiencing "motivational incongruity"........a virtual "train wreck" of divergent feelings.......where your left hand literally doesn't know what your right hand is doing.  

Now is the time to WAKE UP to ALL of who you are.  Find out how ALL the "parts" of you feel.  Wake up to your joy, your passion, your fears and hesitancies........ your sense of PERSONAL ALIVENESS, which is the heritage of every man, woman, and child on the Earth at this time.  Wake up and smell the coffee!   And the minute you do, it will be as though someone (or something) has PLUGGED YOU IN.... to a Power Source which is beyond your Imagination.  And that feeling will be a TRUE ONE, do you see?  Because THAT is exactly where your WELLSPRING of Personal Power dwells.  More will be shared about this in due time. 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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