"A good song can make your day, a great song can change your life!" ~Anon.

"Movies are slices of life we carry in our hearts forever." ~Stephen Friedman

The Dark Knight (click here)

"The Power of Movies"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


Natalie Portman as "Nina Sayers" in "The Black Swan"

"The Black Swan"

Brief Impressions........

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B



Peter Jackson and the Studios finally worked things out!

"The Hobbit"

(2011 and 2012)

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Something ONEderful, direct from Sweden!  From the pen of Stieg Larson, who headed off to the publisher's office with the final installment and died walking up the steps.  He never saw it made into film, and now it's being cast for an American Version as well!  Incredible acting.  One wonders how America can improve on these awesome stories. 

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
"The Girl Who Played with Fire"
"The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" 



  VACATIONS IN LIMITATION:  Someone wise once wrote:  "You are not human beings, having spiritual experiences.  You are really SPIRITUAL BEINGS, having a human experience. As we go into the 3D "Trance" of Forgetfulness and Limitation, we forget about the rest of who we are in a more Expanded Sense. We put "blinders" on ourselves, hide from our true divinity, and we play out roles---very much like actors and actresses do on stage and screen.  Even as we, ourselves, are busy ACTING, as we stumble through life (pretending we are leaves.....tossed to and fro by the winds of fate).....we create movies, books, television, and theater to further reflect what it is we are doing, and why.  We refer to these manifold media operations as "Dreams of the Mass Mind."       

THE POWER OF DREAMS: The concept of DREAMING AND DREAMS shields the Limitation Consciousness from fully comprehending what is happening when we make our excursions into The Multiverse.  We take flights of fancy, and refer to them as DREAMS in order to keep a firm foothold on what we believe is "real," and what isn't.  When we journey out in this way, we say::  "Oh, it's just a dream......,"  and we assume that will be that..  But there is much more to it than that.  

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."

~ William Dement

  WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN:  When the audience is seated in a theater, and the lights go down, it's as if we all agree to SUSPEND REASON, for a period of time, and allow our fantasies and internal curiosities to have their way with us. We fly on the wings of imagination, and we love every minute of it (if the movie is good).  When the lights come up again, it's very much like waking after a night of active dreaming.  We say to ourselves:  "Oh, it was just a movie....." and we exit the theater to rejoin our everyday world once again.  But deep inside, a part of us REMEMBERS.......and changes subtly and slowly occur in the way we think.....the way we view our world.

"The only true ILLUSION that ever exists would be the belief that what is seen, within any 3D Space, is ALL THERE IS that exists in that space. Everything else is 100% true. What you see (and acknowledge) is what you get.  And more than that, it is also WHAT YOU ARE." 

~The Reconnections


  THE PRINTED WORD:  I find it quite interesting that, even in the publishing world, there exist types of publications which could be classified as "dreams within The Dream." We read the New York Times or Washington Post and automatically grant great respect to what is printed there. Then we thumb through National Enquirer or The Star, and we laugh---because it's "just the National Enquirer."  Do you see?  From a Multiversal Viewpoint........EVERYTHING is true.  And EVERYTHING deserves respect and a modicum of consideration, no matter how ridiculous it seems. Our personal Itinerary in 3D is already laid out, and our energy will guide us. But what about the mental pictures we take along the way?  I am learning to keep my eyes open. There are many strange and wondrous secrets which often remain HIDDEN in plain sight.          


 TELEVISION NEWS:  The Bush Years were especially interesting when it came to TV News.  It didn't take America (and the World) long to realize that the News Divisions of Prominent TV Stations were almost entirely in the pockets of the ruling elite. This gave birth to a form of cynicism, on the part of viewers, in regards to the truthfulness of the news that was being reported to them.  That cynicism gave rise to Comedy Central, whose Network News Spoofs soon became the PRIMARY SOURCE of American News for entire strata of Americans, as well as many countries of the world.  Rising stars Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (among others) began to shake their heads in amazement.  "Our work is actually MEANT to be funny.  But here are all these people, taking seriously what they hear on the show."  And now, it seems......with everything in society falling apart........these guys carry more of an important burden than most people realize!  They hold our spirits high, through laughter.     


Jon Stewart on the "O'Reilly Factor"


  SPEEDS OF ARTISTIC INTEPRETATION:  (from The Reconnections):

"It is truly amazing that you are producing such powerful simulations of life in the Multiverse.  But even more amazing is the vast spectrum of interpretations that you tend to give to them.  The moment a book or film leaves the hands of its author or director, it truly becomes the property of the minds who behold it.  .      

Take, for example, a film which is designed to be shown at a particular speed-- a film of a gentle rainbow on a summer's day.  If you were to slow down the rate at which you move the frames through the projector, what appears to be a tranquil, uplifting scene might be transformed into a psychedelic nightmare of distorted colors, ominous shadows, and indistinct forms.  At other speeds, there may be great amusement as the altered version assumes a certain personality and story line all its own.

Essentially, all scenery is neutral.  Words are just words.  Locations are just points in physical space.  But when they are outfitted and presented in certain ways, calling upon already established mass symbolism and creating reference to current or historical affairs, that neutrality solidifies, and the audience is brought together into a state of common understanding and shared emotion.    

The mind abhors a vacuum of non-interpretation.  Therefore, each viewer tends to assign meaning to all the images he or she sees.  Like Adam in the Garden of Eden, he will name the animals that are paraded before him, and they shall all be to him exactly as he has named them.  In truth, is this not the very essence of personal creation?"   

CREATIVE SHADOW WORK: Movies provide a means whereby people can do Shadow Work, in a safe and intensive way.  What one or two persons cannot "own" within him/themselves.......a whole group of people can "own" through film.  When the lights go down, we can go deep inside the souls of Ghandi, The Boston Strangler, Jesus Christ, Hitler, or Mother Theresa.....while still keeping a respectable distance.  If we wish to do so, we can climb inside the BEST of humanity and the BEAST of humanity, all in the same day.  Dark Shadows and Golden Shadows are still SHADOWS, as long as we refuse to own them. 








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