Dream Time Gatherings:  The Light Side of the Moon


I am naturally quite excited about reports coming to me concerning Dream Time Encounters that are taking place among our Star Kids.  More and more, young people (and Star Elders as well) are waking up suddenly, with the clear awareness that they have just landed from a journey out into space.  One 50-something friend of mine in Alaska has evidently been elected to participate in many  such gatherings, some of which are reputed to be taking place on the Light Side of the Moon.  It's a Conclave, of sorts........and I'm surely pondering the idea of opening a branch of the Brighter Days Space Cafe there.  It should be incredibly prophet-able........


An ongoing record of meetings on the Light Side of the Moon!


"There is a Divine God Source and I am part of it. I am a spiritual being with a human body. I am here on a special, Divine Mission. I have unique, paranormal powers. I accept the self responsibility to develop and use these powers wisely, for myself and others. I recognise that all beings on this planet are Angelic Beings, like myself. We are all equal in Light. By combining our spiritual powers, we can bring peace and harmony, to all on the planet. I have Divine help and guidance always on hand. At the end of my Life Mission, I will return to my true spiritual home."

~The Abbotts. 2000.