Hi Daniel,

DJ:  Hello friend.
>Q:   Actually, I still feel fogged in with the concept of going with the flow (you can call me 'magnificent' again if you wish).  By 'the flow' I take it that we are talking about the flow of the universe, the flow of how things are unfolding for a person at any particular time. 
DJ:  Well.......they are not necessarily unfolding FOR a person.  They are actually unfolding AS that person, since his universe is ALL HIM.  He just gets to witness his unfolding as the universe is reflecting that MAGNIFICENT process. 

Q:  However if we accept everything as it is, how do we improve? 
DJ:  Improve what?  How can you improve perfection? 
Q:  Do we take it on faith that the flow will take us where we need to go?
DJ:  The "flow" IS where we need to go.  Our destination is a process, not a location.  Heaven isn't UP.  It's all around us.  And hell isn't DOWN, either.  It's in Ogden, Utah.........and it's called THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE............<s>.

Q:  Yes, I know, "Where we need to go" is where we are right now.
DJ:  But where are we, really..........?  We are EVERYWHERE.  And we are EVERYTHING.  The impression of "going" or "coming" is a perceptual construct, to indicate a shift in focus from this part of ourself to that part.  It's sort of like the feeling of "movement" you feel when you concentrate on your right hand, and then you move that concentration to your right foot.  In a sense, your gaze and interest has TRAVELED from one to the other..........but also, you were always there, in BOTH PLACES......all the time.  The only thing that moved was your awareness. 
This is what that kid was saying, in the first MATRIX movie.  He was saying........"Don't try to bend the spoon.  That is impossible.  Realize, instead, that THERE IS NO SPOON.  There is only YOURSELF........and all "changes" (or movements).....is simply a change in the way you VIEW YOURSELF.............a change of VIEWPOINT. 

Q:  But this sounds incredibly passive.  It seems to reduce us to mindless flotsam adrift on the cosmic ocean. 

DJ:  Well.......we "float some" and we "jet some"........flotsam and jetsum..........and that is our life.  Active and passive.  But really....it's all just PERCEPTUAL TRICKS......to help us differentiate parts of our eternal and omnipresent SELF.

Q:   Where does freewill and personal responsibility come in if all this is taken care of for us?
DJ:  The impression of "freewill" differentiates itself from "responsibility"...........so as to evoke different sensations---different experiential journeys.  But really....they are all the same. 
A glove cannot move, in and of itself.  It is dependent upon the hand that fills it.  They (appear to) exist in separation.........but only as an idea, a construct.  When a hand enters the glove, it COMES TO LIFE.  It moves, and does things, and all is well.  When the hand withdraws, the glove falls limp on the table. 
But really....the hand AND the glove are one and the same............and sooner or later, both will realize this.  The whole matter of living is a glorious GLOVE AFFAIR, now isn't it?
And we are beginning to realize this.  That the alpha is just another side of the omega. 

Q:  Taking a personal experience from my own life to illustrate my thoughts, as you know about twenty years ago the flow (or I) had it that I would start exhibiting signs of a neurological disorder and that ten years later I would be diagnosed with MS. 
DJ:  I told you my wife had that, didn't I?

Q:  If I continued with the flow, chances are that I would be in a wheel chair or box by now.  However MS did not work in with my own plans and I consciously decided to leave MS behind. 
DJ:  No.  The very fact that you are speaking about it now.....shows me that you have NOT left MS behind.  You have carried it with you, as a reminder.......of what you could have been.........indeed, of what you STILL COULD BE.......if you get "careless and dull" in your life. 
MS was not something you left behind.  It was a springboard into who you are today.  As such, it is part of a resource POOL from which you derive your power......a wall, against which you pushed......to take yourself into a new place.  And, I suspect, it was all part of your FLOW..........

Q:  Is this going against the flow or did the flow change direction with my decision?

DJ:  Your "decision" included the MS.  At some point, probably before the onset of symptoms........your consciousness entered a PORTAL......which said:  "I will not be the same after this moment."  As you entered the portal, the energy rush began to accelerate your body and your mind.........we call this a QUICKENING..........producing what you know as M.S. Symptoms.  Many of those symptoms, by the way, are very much a part of GLOBAL ACCELEARTION SYNDROME. 
My Guide Carion is smiling at me as I speak about this.  He says:  "Awwwwwwwwk!  Isn't it wonderful how much MOMENTUM can be gained by SHAKING UP THE OLD GIRL, threatening to take away her roller skates?" 
Did you ever have someone say to you:  "If you knew you were going to DIE TONIGHT, would you live your life differently?" 
This is an age-old philosophical argument, which is meant to be a reminder for folks that each moment in life is precious, and we need to GET ON WITH IT.........living, moving, loving, and such.  But YOU, Kate.......you went further than that.  You leapt into a portal, and you began DECOMPOSING YOURSELF.........rapidly........which caused you to push everything else to one side........and begin living like each day was precious.  And you reached into yourself and you extended yourself outside.......and you GREW, rapidly. 
Such is the gift of a TRANS-PORTAL, you see?  You POTENTIATED your life.........
>Q:     As another example, something I haven't mentioned before on Reconnections is that I was born clinically blind.  I had some vision but not enough to see the stars, or even the holes in the skin of an orange.  I must have had my own way of getting around and was nearly six years old before parents, teachers or anyone realised that I was virtually blind as a bat. Glasses and, later, contact lenses went a long way to correcting this and at the age of 16 I got to see what I looked like.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, six years ago I had laser surgery and should have near 20/20 vision for the rest of my life without the need for any visual aids. So my question is this -- by having surgery or even by wearing glasses, was this going against the flow, with the flow or making a new flow? 
DJ:  Not at all.  It's ALL the flow.  And there is a BIG STORY FLOW (which includes everything)........and there is a small story flow......which only covers certain areas.  As individuated humans, we are not defined by the energies that swirl all around us.  We are not our feelings, or our thoughts.  Rather, we are the CHOICES WE MAKE........We are the sum total of WHAT WE DO with those thoughts and feelings...........
And yet, in a larger sense..........we are ALL OF IT, as well.  And the whole process if very HOLOGRAPHIC............in the fact that what goes on in the BIG STORY is simply a more expanded version of what is going on in all the SMALL STORIES as well.  It's just different "levels" of the same ONE THEME............

Q:  If it can be chopped and changed so easily, what is the use of the flow and is there in fact any such thing as a flow in the first place?
DJ:  The "chop" and the "change" IS the flow.  Once you choose it, it BECOMES your flow. 
I was speaking with someone this morning, early, who was complaining about being in a quagmire state in life.  Trapped, confused, frustrated.  I said:  "Wow!  That's an interesting journey you have chosen.  Instead of going out and being busy and productive, you're doing TRAPPED AND CONFUSED.........which is quite a trip in and of itself.  We come to this plane of existence from an incredibly expanded realm, where we can (literally) do or have anything, just by thinking it............
To take a vacation from this.......we take some time "off" and go on a vacation in limitation........so we can see what it's like to be TRAPPED AND CONFUSED. 
Can you imagine the RUSH of that?  A GOD or GODDESS of the MULTIVERSE.......being tied up, in a straight jacket, wriggling and wiggling.......like HOUDINI.........playing at being "trapped and confused?"  I tell ya..it's the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.  And many of this guy's brothers and friends (in the Multiverse).....are all gathered around him, these days.........amazed at what he's been able to achieve. 
You'd all be quite shocked if you looked up at the GRANDSTANDS FULL OF SPECTATORS that are watching our little "dance" in human form.  It's quite extensive, you know..........!  And they're looking at this guy........who, in his former estate, has probably spun several WORLDS into existence..........and they're listening to him say:  "I am so listless.  So lost.  So alone!  I don't know what to do!"
And these spectators look at each other in amazement.  They say:  "How does he do that?  How can a person FORGET who he is??"  Such an achievement.  It boggles their Multiversal Minds. 
And so I told this guy......."Do the weakness.  Do the confusion.  Do it up BROWN, if you will........until you're done with it.  There are MANY MANY folks who are ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF IT.........and, in their lives, you're a STAR.........!"  A virtual MASTER OF LIMITATION.........as they call it. 
Have you gotten your M.L. degree?  
Q:  And Daniel, of course I like hearing your views!  What was that about 'magnificant' again......
DJ:  The magnificent QUEEN in her FLYING MACHINE............and UP SHE GOES..........UP SHE GOES...........
Say it with me.........."Jack!  I'm FLYING........I'm FLYING......."
By the way, your vision story makes me think of a wonderful teacher I had, at a seminar a few years back.  His name is Meir Schneider.  He makes his home in San Francisco, but he travels the world, teaching people his stuff.  He was born functionally blind, and he restored himself to sightedness through a series of focused exercises, which he developed along the way. Things to expand his visual spectrum.  He later enlarged his work to include physical medicine, which is how I encountered him.  He was speaking at an AMTA Conference......which is our local Bodyworkers Association........... 
Well.......enough for now.  Thanks for the good conversation.....as usual. 


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