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"The Voice of God" 

(Pain at the back of the neck)


Q: Hi I have been having really bad problems with the base of my skull for about 4-6 weks on & off Sometimes it gets really bad like my head is in a vice.  Movement is restricted & yes it feels like I'm being cracked like a nut at times. I know I've done nothing physical to cause the problem

DJ: The base of the skull is the CHANNELING PORT. People who are being approached, by Spirit, to channel through (verbally, written, singing, art)......will get pressure (and even pain) there when the time is approaching for them to begin their "work." I treated a woman the other day for just this problem, and I noticed a small tattoo on the back of her neck. It was a Chinese letter. I asked her what the letter meant, and she said: TRUTH. I smiled, and then told about this insight.  She was quite enthralled.  Many are being called, fewer will choose (or be chosen).....but the energy is on the move now!

C:   When I first started channeling some years ago, I had the same kind of head pain. It hurt way more than any migraine I had ever had. My mentor said the same thing, the language of the Multiverse was preparing to enter, through the occipital  region of the skull. This area is often referred to as the voice of God. I felt like a nut about to crack open (pun intended). So I acknowledged what was happening, and asked that the expansion be accomplished in a more gentle manner, and while I was asleep, and that worked. I would say this went on for a couple months, and then I started channeling very easily, and can now slip into it very very easily, just like having a conversation with someone sitting next to you in 3D.
   At the same time, I also started experiencing chest pain. Spirit explained that this was expansion of the heart chakra. I actually saw myself during dream time lying on a table, and some golden beings opening up my body and actually expanding my ribs all around my organs there was this beautiful golden light, no blood was seen, it was not gross. Everyone is different, but there are some symptoms that seem to be very common in changing over to light bodies, and from my own experience and conversations with other people. The head and neck pain, and the chest pain, are common. So is running a fever for no apparent reason, and feeling nauseous, but it is sudden and you can tell the difference between a spiritual flu and a regular flu. Some people just shrug it off and say they are processing or releasing. I don't mean to be gross, but my own body's favorite method to release my stuff is diarrhea. I know that you are probably sick of me mentioning this book, but it really helped me tremendously when I first started having all these physical symptoms....it is called "What is Light Body?"...small book loaded with helpful information, available at www.Amazon.com. Of course books only go so far, but it helped me know that others were experiencing every single one of the symptoms that I was experiencing.

DJ:  This matches my experience exactly.  And, as a Bodyworker, I encounter these symptoms (pain at the back of the neck) more and more.  I believe that Neale Donald Walsch simply opened his own channel, with the "Conversations With God" books.......and exemplified for us all what we can do for ourselves.  But in the early stages of that process, we still have to deal with the inhibiting forces that were installed there when we were small.......some call them "implants"......if you wish to speak in terms that UFO Folk use.  These need to be dealt with, as a clearing away of psychic debris, so that we can move forward in our service to the planet.  

C:  A month or so ago, I experienced a healing circle with a man named Wyming Sun. He went around to about sixty people and "layed hands" on them. He was LAUGHING and channeling words for each person. He started the circle with me and I had a kind of lightning strike experience, it shook my whole body. The things he said for me seemed like they went on and on but I know it was just for a few seconds. They were things I felt like I'd waited my whole life to hear. After that, when he went on to the next person, the energy at the back of my head and base of my skull was so intense that for a little while, it felt like that was my whole world. It was almost painful but at the same time, very pleasurable. Since that time, I've experienced three or four episodes of the same kind of energy but not so intense. Spirit is definitely knocking! I'm opening the door wide!

DJ:  Good on ya!   From my own experience, the symbols and tones that this man were (probably) imparting amounted to the same messages we are discussing every day in this Forum.  They are simply this:  "You are not one of many.  You are really many of One.  Open your mouth, God, and speak with authority!  All of your creation is listening!"  Ha Ha!  It's so wonderful to pick up that mantle of "personal authority".........as a Conscious Creator in one's own universe.  We each have a personal universe--and, in that universe, we are each Lord and Master of the Realm.  

Very powerful, indeed!   Many people labor under the burden of "false humility," as they try not to say or do anything that might reveal them to be the Wizards and Sorceresses that they truly are.  This is left over from the Middle Ages, witch burnings, persecutions, and childhood censure by parents--who weren't/aren't ready to deal with the wisdom of the Children of the New Earth.  This "false humility" is like a yoke that is carried on the shoulders--so that one installs the illusion of being "dumb as an ox".........and stays safe from being worshipped or persecuted.  It is also the cause of the pain of repression, that each of us deals with everyday. Repression is a word that is often bandied around the Recon Forum--especially if folks feel they are being kept from saying all they want to say on a particular subject.  There is a distinction to be made, between proper restraint (staying on topic in a public forum, for example) and repression.  The former is a decision made by leadership or group consensus, to maintain structure, and the latter is something we tend to do to ourselves.  Where the pain is located, in the body, is an indicator of the source of the restraint.     

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