Dealing With Spiritual Emergency
Part 3
by Daniel Jacob

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Demon Children. Now there's a loaded term, eh? If ever there was a time to speak about them, in all those "old familiar ways," it was the year 2006. June 6, 2006, to be exact . 6/6/6. And, true to form, Hollywood released yet another nauseating chapter in the life of "Damien," Spawn of the Devil.

We talked about Demon Kids a bit in Part One, but there is so much more that needs to be said. What's up with these kids, anyway? Every family seems to know one, or have one. "Lizzie Borden took and ax, and give her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41."

Our Social Service System is chock full of them. In the olden days, we called them "Black Sheep." Then came the movie "Poltergeist," in which this little girl gets swept away by curious, restless spirits, attracted by the "light" they saw in her. Remember the key phrase she spoke in that movie? "They're here." After that, all hell broke loose. Then came "Poltergeist 2," and the same little girl (just a little older now) got a chance to give a new report to Mommy and Daddy: "They're back!"

Isn't it interesting? The more our world vows allegiance to the "light" (speaking in a moral sense) the darker things become. Heaven help us if the U.S. Government decides to declare a War on Darkness. Everything we declare war on, in this way, tends to multiply. There is a famous phrase that explains that: "What we resist, persists."

The word "Demon" has an Old English derivation (among others): "Daimon," meaning "teacher or guide." But there are very few who dare to think of demons as teachers or friends. When an angry or rebellious spirit bellows forth from a child, our first step is to try and control or contain the energy. We exclaim to the child: "What on Earth has gotten into you?" After all, we want to be fair. Maybe this particular darkness doesn't belong to the kid either (we've already determined it doesn't belong to us). Maybe an "evil force" has seized him or her or its purposes. This, to be sure, was the opening attitude of that troubled mother in the 1973 classic movie "The Exorcist."

Remember her? Little Megan MacNeil? Now THERE'S a kid you might not want sleeping down the hall from you. She really knew how to "rock" with the dark stuff. Her mother took her to Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, and even Priests, administering shock treatments, exorcisms, looking to get rid of whatever it was she saw operating in her child. All to no avail. Nothing can stop the revelation of an idea whose time has come.

We spoke earlier about parental use of the phrase: "What's gotten into you?" That's one way of approaching the appearance of a Demon Child. Something "foreign" must have entered in and taken her over. After she played with that Ouija Board, in "The Exorcist," little Megan began doing all sorts of fun things: throwing up green pea soup, shouting out perverted sexual phrases, touching herself in wildly inappropriate waysm - and, of course (my favorite), moving furniture around the room just by waving her hand. There are those who would definitely classify this as a Spiritual Emergency! Call in the troops!

Now let's talk about another way of looking at things. I'm speaking about what has been termed “The Bad Seed” - an EMERGENCE of an energy in the life of a child that hasn't been visible for one or more generations. Children's lives are often staged so that ancient family secrets are allowed to reappear within them. In William March's novel listed above, little 8-year-old Rhonda begins to exhibit the same murderous behavior that was seen in her long-forgotten grandmother. The difference between the response of Rhonda's mother and Megan MacNeil's is very apparent. The former found her answers by looking inwardly, REMEMBERING and OWNING THE ENERGY, whereas the latter was simply concerned with getting that "thing" out of her daughter (whatever it was), so she could go back to business as usual.

One of the purposes of a "Demon Child" in society is the interruption of business as usual. As we said earlier, a Demon is a teacher, a guide. Mostly, they concern themselves with probing around in society, looking for "chinks" in our collective armor. When an opening is found, they will exploit the connection until society becomes able to repair the damage in their Collective Veil, or integrate this new energy so it can become stronger, more expanded.

The Law of Entropy is another way of describing the "Grim Reaper" in our world. It states: "Whatever exists, in a moment of time, will begin to slowly and steadily go to hell unless concerted effort is made to stop that from happening." When something ceases to be important to a person or the society in which he lives, people become complacent and unmindful. As this condition deepens, the "Grim Reaper" begins to move forward to break that particular society down. Demon Children, in whatever form they take, are heralds to an impending "visit" from this Force of Entropy - Holy Inquisitors for those who inhabit the land, announcing to all who will listen: "Something has gone awry with our Community and our Way of Life!"

Telling it like it is
Everyone who deals with young people has his own personal idea of what constitutes a "Demon Kid." For some, they are users of drugs - marijuana, speed, cocaine or heroin. For others, they are those who dress in gothic make-up and wear black clothing. Still others are greatly excited when they see kids refusing to engage with society by seeking gainful employment, or those who rebel against the government and condemn whatever war is being fought at the time.

Everything that we might consider "negative" in this world exists for one of two reasons: First, it exists in order to serve as a contrast for whatever we consider to be "positive." Isn't it true that a diamond shines brightest when showcased on a black background? The same is true in society. We never realize how wonderful and powerful a system of laws can be until they are broken, drawing swift and appropriate enforcement to balance and correct the situation.

Secondly, negativity exists in order to showcase the "chinks" in our collective armor that I spoke about earlier - a host of inequities and weak facades that are perpetuated in the name of "public decency" or law and order. When challenged, they simply fall over, revealing a huge GAP between who we say we are and how we are really behaving on a daily basis.

People seek to stay "healthy" because they know that potential "disease" is all around them. If they let down their guard, the disease will flow in, turning their bodies into chaos, and their life's work into rubble. In a way, we might say that Demonic Forces are crucial if society is to remain vital and strong. This is why our governments keep declaring war on things: Poverty, Ignorance, Drugs, Terrorism. They learned long ago that nothing solidifies societal ties like gathering together to fight a common "enemy."

Demon Children tend to "tell it like it is." If school is boring they say so. If society is lax and hypocritical, they take that and rub it in our faces. We often hate them for it, but we do learn. Look at the lessons of Columbine High School. That whole business was a horror show, but it produced more social change in how Public Schools operate, socially and administratively, than any event before or since.

If we refuse to listen to these kids, they take upon themselves the very qualities we are denying, and wear them for us, just to make a point. At the time, many of these children don't even realize what they are doing or why. They are simply acting on impulse, through the inspiration of some inner voice, which is goading them to go forward into their appointed "task."

Voices, Crying in the Wilderness
Let's speak about a few more lessons that are being brought to us by so-called Demon Children:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder): The kid can't seem to sit still. He is forever running to and fro, expending huge amounts of energy that seem to be flowing in from some unknown source. He makes his parents' lives miserable, is unruly at school, and generally creates havoc wherever he goes. These kids force their parents to either exhaust themselves, trying to keep them in line, or to GET OUT OF THEMSELVES, looking to the surrounding Community for help.

Let's face it. It does take a village to raise a child. The appearance of a "Demon" in one sector of the city is a sign of danger to all. It should be a rallying point for all as well. One of the issues being addressed in the families of ADHD children is personal pride. It takes a lot for people to reach out for help in today's society. It takes even more for society to finally wake up and listen to their cries and begin to act. In the Star Child CD, I make the following statement about this particular situation:

"That condition called "A.D.H.D." (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) - a major bummer for some Star Children at this time - is simply an early manifestation of what is to come, born out of season. The "symptoms" of A.D.H.D. kids are merely corresponding themselves to the energies of their parents, their immediate social environment, or their primary caretakers. They are mirror reflections of the shadow side (repressed inner issues) of those who have to deal with them, or of society as a whole. A society which contains children that act on everything that comes into their minds is an establishment that is "failing to act" on key issues that scream within their own minds. THAT, in fact, is the real attention deficit. To merely medicate the child nullifies an important lesson. It buys time for the establishment, but are we using that time to our best advantage?"

Major Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder: There is a huge population among young people who call themselves "Vampires." They keep nocturnal hours, dress in black, and focus intensely on death, transformation, and things that go bump in the night. In our present society, clinical depression must surely be considered the "vampire" of our day. In a spiritual sense, physical energy is correspondent to the physical blood that flows through our veins. Something is definitely sucking the "life blood" out of people in society today judging by our statistics on Depression, especially young people.

The newest label that is being applied to Demon Children (and Adults) is "Bi-Polar Disorder." It encompasses all the latest scientific studies of those who have been caught "being weird" and rolls them into a singular diagnosis, which is treatable through use of medication. The only problem with this mode of treatment is the fact that patients keep taking themselves off the meds. When interviewed, they claim: "Those damn medications make me feel like I'm not alive."

Bi-Polarism today is very similar to the Shamanic Nature that is seen in various indigenous societies. A Shaman is a "Holy Man or Woman," also referred to as a "Medicine Man." The indigenous thought about the Other World, the realm of the Gods, is that it is a realm of ONENESS. The Gods or spirits are both masculine and feminine in one. Though a certain spirit might manifest before a human in either a masculine or feminine character, it is at it's core BOTH genders.

This idea of being "Both in One" is the very essence of what "Bi-Polar" means. In my opinion, we'll never get to the bottom of Bi-Polar Illness by merely medicating it. The whole argument that these medications "fill in missing chemicals" in a person's brain falls over, in light of the clinical evidence. If these pills really "filled in" what was missing in a person, why would the patients keep taking themselves off them? In truth, they simply block access to the "other" in a person, so that a singular (separated) nature can manifest once again. However, after the initial chaos abates, the patient begins feeling a "phantom pain" inside, a memory of the POWER that once flowed through him or her. Then, the cycle starts all over.

There is much more to say about “Shamanism” and the phenomenon of “Demon Children” in society today. Next segment, we will continue with our list of manifestations seen in these kids, and then discuss what might be the real purpose they are appearing among us at this time. This is ongoing research, and your comments and questions are always welcome.

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