Dealing With Spiritual Emergency
Part 2
by Daniel Jacob

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Last month we spoke a bit about this topic of "Spiritual Pregnancy." In 3D medicine, the quintessential "emergency" situation is experienced when a mother has reached full term, and is about to bring her child into this world. Expectant fathers are allowed to speed, so they can hurry and get her to the hospital, cab drivers bend over backwards to make sure she gets transported, policemen will gladly give her an escort, and waitresses will gladly clear off a table in their restaurant and boil some water, if it looks like she won’t make it to the hospital in time.

The same thing is true in the Spirit Realm, when an etheric "baby" comes to term. The Reconnections, whom I channel, have commented in the following way about this process:

"Many of you have noticed yourselves putting on weight. Still others are experiencing energy surges, moving up and down their spinal canal. Some have recently been forced to deal with chaotic situations in marriage and relationships. All of these aspects, and many others, are clear indicators that you are running Soul Group Energy. You are a point of awareness appearing in a dark place, and many discarnate souls have become attracted to you for Reconnection back to the Oneself.

Physical body fat, in many instances, is a material manifestation of "non-descript energy potential." It is not developed enough to become muscle or organic mass, but it remains attached to you, waiting patiently for its time to become invested in the Grand Game. In fact, excess "weight" could also be seen as excess "wait," do you see?

When the fullness of time comes, the "wait" will be over. The energies lined up there will be born - either as purposeful action, expressions of love and concern, channeled guidance, or works of art. Having tried everything imaginable to "lose" this weight, in order to appear "normal," you must now accept the fact that you were never "fat" to begin with. You are simply with child! And now, the birthing time is near. Some of you are physically wearing this pregnancy, and some are simply feeling it, energetically. All are one, regardless of how things appear.

Until it is time to sponsor an energetic traveler through your Gate, simply think as yourself as being vibrationally pregnant. Whether you are male or female, it is no matter. You are pregnant just the same, carrying aspects of the Expanded Self, with whom you have formed pre-incarnate contracts. If you had no contracts, they would never be able to find you. Deal with that, so you won’t be immobilized by fear or shame issues.” (The Reconnections)


Spiritual Midwifery
During these highly transitional times, certain people will be called upon to carry energetic "children," while others are meant to coach them through their phases of gestation and birth. Regardless of your position in the process, everything that happens is a reflection of some part of YOU. These are the teachings of Universal Oneness, and they apply to us all. However, not everyone will choose to listen to them - and that, too, brings its reflection.

As mentioned in the transmission above, an etheric "child" could represent an idea (which is also referred to as a "concept"), a union of two or more people around a common purpose, a business relationship, a work of art, or any one of a thousand different entities. Some take on physical form, while others move through our lives like gusts of wind, creating change and sustaining life, though remaining unseen.

Physical Mid-Wives stand alongside a mother in labor and attend to her. They coach her, encourage her, give her water or medicine to assist her process, and genuinely try to be useful. But when all is said and done, they still remain separate from her. Spiritual Mid-Wives are often called upon to do more. In essence, we BECOME the person we are wishing to help. We "take them on," energetically, within us. Though we operate as separate bodies, our hearts and spirits become unified, in a state which Dr. Milton Trager once called "hook-up."

The Art of Entrainment is not simply a magician's trick. Rather, it is a clear recognition that each and every one of us is part of everyone else. For a moment in time, a Spiritual Mid-Wife lays aside the separationist tendencies which permeate our lives in 3D---and focuses upon becoming ONE with someone who is going through some form of "labor" - a process which feels significant to both.

Spiritual Mid-Wives are everywhere. In one transmission, called "Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium," the Recons speak glowingly about this noble task of assisting those who are in the throes of giving spiritual birth:

"As leadership for this "new" experience, we can surely accept nothing less than the BEST of what has come before. Whether one visualizes them as resurrected, born again, the result of reincarnation, or simply Gods and Goddesses come down to mix with mortals - there will appear shortly, upon the face of the Earth, a race of priests and rulers, the souls of ancient and beloved Shamans and Druids, come back to experience the final "act" of this play.

Indeed, they live and breathe upon the planet as we speak. Many of them have purposefully "forgotten" who and what they are. They wake up to normal jobs, as did Richard Bach's "reluctant Messiah," yet they surely are not "normal." They sit beside you at the diner, shop in your grocery stores, and lie on beaches reading books and magazines.

These are the Children of Oneness, aged and seasoned to meet the need which shall surely soon present itself! Though they were born "from the old ways" and steeped in ancient customs and bygone disciplines, they return today to stand beneath the Tree of Life. As thunder rolls and temporary chaos shakes the Tree, these wise and wondrous beings shall catch the ripe fruit, precisely where it falls." (The Reconnections)

Children of Oneness
Though the above paragraphs describe "giving birth" in terms that don't necessarily emphasize physical children, we cannot exclude that possibility too, as we speak about these labor pains that are currently being felt by humanity.

The kids coming in at this time are very special, indeed. Many of them are "Neo-Shamans," bearing clear marks of innate divinity. They are Old souls inhabiting young bodies. Over and over, the Reconnections urge us not to downgrade the importance of these younger "Workers of Oneness" in our midst. They tell us:

"Watch the children and learn. Do not merely correct them and pretend that you know better. They function from an entirely different database than what you have known up to now. Observing them in their innocent play and relaxation can bring wondrous insight. Allowing them room to move and to breathe, and offering encouragement to question the status quo can bring fresh new ideas, some of which may have never been considered before. Above all, you must give yourself time with them. Time to care. Time to listen. Time to realize! They are the ones who have not yet been bogged down with protocol, the denial of feelings, and the playing out of roles. They see, they feel, they respond. They behave authentically from who they really are." (The Reconnections).

The three foundational types of CNE (Children of the New Earth) are: Indigos, Crystal Children, and Star Kids. In the last few years, many more have been named, but I still primarily focus on these three.

Indigos tend to be “systems busters” who are high profile and like to question authority. They ask the hard questions, and they expect clear answers in return. If they don’t get those answers, Indigos have been known to raise a ruckus.

Crystal Children tend to be very energetically close to the Earth Mother. They are highly sensitive and tend to keep a low profile. But if you are lucky enough to earn the trust of a Crystal Child, you will have tapped into a hotbed of intuition and deep emotional understanding. Mothers of Crystal Kids learn how to protect them from “outside interference.” If they don’t, their kids suffer tremendously. They are like raw nerves for society. Art and Music can be wonderful outlets for the energy that pours through these gifted children.

Star Kids are distinctive in their ability to comprehend the "big picture" in regards to life and multidimensional reality. Their keen minds enable them to do many magnificent things. Just as Crystal Kids are very close to Earth Mother, these kids are highly in tune with Father Sky. You could say that stars are really crystals, hanging high in the sky--while crystals are simply stars, buried deep in the Earth.

Star Kids are purported to show traces of super-human DNA, though my own definition of them does not necessarily require this. There are those who refer to them as "Meta-Morphs" or "Meta-Humans," a title which many find a bit daunting. There have been some unique TV and motion picture depictions of Star Children. The most notable ones of late have been found in the weekly series "Roswell," as well as in Steven Spielberg's mini-series "Taken."

There are those who feel that the characteristics of all three "types" of CNE can manifest as "stages" of the life development of the same gifted child. Many of us know kids who bear a resemblance to ALL these attributes---majoring in one set of traits at one point in their lives, then moving to another set when the energy seems complete.

The Tragic Ones
If our Children of the New Earth do not have a proper environment in which to grow and develop, they can become "Shadow Warriors" against the establishment. Having been denied spiritual oxygen (freedom) and nutrition (love and attention) - things that any CNE rightfully requires - these powerful kids have the ability to go extremely negative, even to the point of taking their own lives, or the lives of others. We have all heard of the horror that was Columbine. And since that time, many other children have gone "wild" in our midst, doing things which we could never have imagined a child could do.

The whole world is shocked and appalled by "suicide bombers" in the Middle East who strap explosives to their chests and detonate them in populated areas. Even more shocking is the fact that many of them are kids. I have begun to think of ALL these types of people as "tragic ones," who deliberately go down in "flames" of terror and shock, so as to punctuate unmet "needs" that continue to go unnoticed in our world.

One news commentator cleverly concluded the other night that "there wouldn't be nearly as many folks creating havoc in Iraq if someone offered them jobs." There is a lot of truth in this. People who are used to living in reasonable comfort have no idea the plight that is being suffered by those who live in third world conditions, or who are repressed or harassed by other (more dominant) parts of society. Suicide Bombers, at whatever level they appear - whether in Iraq or at Columbine High School - are made up of those who feel their lives are so dismal and undervalued by society that they have very little to lose by ending them. And, as long as they are leaving us, they might as well take a few of us along, just to punctuate that message.

The Reconnections have addressed this clearly in one of their transmissions, entitled "The Tragic Ones." They tell us:

"The fire that consumes these Tragic Ones will serve as a beacon to those who now shake sleep from their eyes, who are learning to walk in the new way. They act out, however subliminally, their reaction to living daily in a state of surrendered omnipotence. So they establish themselves as Servants of a Higher Purpose. In your travels here should you encounter one of these "Dark Angels," we invite you to think twice about seeking to deflect them from their appointed task. Would you counsel them, and lead them to peace? Well, certainly, go on and try, if you can. But remember, My Dear Friends, could they not, at any time they choose, rise up to heights of inestimable glory and grace?

It is for this grand purpose that they enter the world. And, though it is appropriate to try and deflect ANYONE from doing something negative, there will be times when that result cannot be attained. We remind you, in such cases, to stand back and drink in the grandeur of their performance. Take time to savour the portrait of personal ruin they are painting for you. They are paying much to deliver it. And it comes from a heart of love." (The Reconnections)

Next segment, we’ll be speaking a bit about “Demon Children” - those who manifest qualities which seem so threatening, so sinister, that adults have been known to conspire together to try and do away with them. You know me, always looking for unusual and exotic views about this miracle called life.

© 2006, Daniel Jacob

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