Dealing With Spiritual Emergency
Part 4
by Daniel Jacob

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In this segment, we're continuing in our discussion about "Demon Children."

If one of the root meanings of the word "Demon" means "teacher or guide," then what is it that a Demon might come to teach? In their transmission "Dark Forces and the Coming Transformation," the Reconnections have this to say on the subject:

"These beings, who are oft referred to as "The Dark Forces," are contracted by you, in advance, to serve the purpose of anchoring you in physical form. The image of them as sinister demons with flashing red eyes only serves to increase their effectiveness. In fact, they are very light (in terms of density) and service-oriented beings who are assigned to you, as Guides, to take you into your 3D Limitation Journey - even as what you call "Light Forces" act as Guides when it is time to bring you Home."

As a matter of review, the primary lessons brought to us by "Demons", and more specifically, by Demon Children are:

• Showing us the presence and location of "chinks" in our personal or societal armor - weak places in our definition and ownership of SELF. Demon Children go right for the "Achilles heel" of society whenever they can - deficits of integrity, hypocrisy and pride. Why? Because they can. In so doing, they lead us to realize our mortality and encourage us to seal up those wounds and reach for greater things. When we have learned all we can from them, Demons usually depart.

• Challenging us to stand up and declare ourselves anew. By forcing us into dark and compromising situations, Demons invite us to come more clearly into our light. Or, by the same token, they help us recognize and embrace that all people have "dark spaces" within.

• If and when we are unwilling to stand firm and reaffirm who we are as humans and in community, Demons help us dissolve that which no longer serves us, dismantling outmoded lifestyles and societal forms in favor of stronger, more resilient ones. Like carrion crows picking clean the bodies of those who have fallen by the wayside, Demons help tear society apart, so that ashes can become ashes, and dust can turn to dust. It’s part of the way of things.

Lords of the Flies
There are few who can forget the content of that movie referenced in the title of this section. That novel and motion picture called "Lord of the Flies" was a stark reminder to humanity of what anarchy could truly be like when young boys are stranded on a desert island, with no adults to govern them, and all semblance of "law and order" is thrown to the wayside.

Kids can sometimes be like bulls in a china shop. And isn't that a neat contrast? On one hand, we have the power of the bull, almost a FORCE OF NATURE, straining at the bit to explore, enjoy, experience, and move directly through life. On the other side of that we have fine china - delicate, ornate, supernal, and sweet. Trying to bring these two together seems impossible, at times, especially if one is living in proximity to a pre-teen with ADHD or Bi-Polar Disorder.

Rampant also in society today is DEPRESSION. And would it really surprise us to know that many of the roots of depression go back into childhood, where parents or other authority figures opted to short-circuit the POWER of the BULL in the lives of their little ones, in order to preserve the delicacy of the china in the parlor. In my article "The Stolen Child," which is one of the nine chapters found on the Star Child CD, I explore how it is that "lost boys" get lost, and I discuss ways in which they might be found again.

If we demonize power and freedom, then children will end up depressed and angry. If we crush delicacy and subtlety in our society, we lose touch with what is beautiful, natural, and still. It takes many elements, integrated comfortably together, if we are to find fulfillment, usefulness, and balance in this world.

Freedom is at the very heart of what it means to be a Magical Child. Responsibility (which is the ability to respond) has become a badly abused term in today. In its purest sense, the word describes an individual who is consciously present in the current environment. Someone who is aware. Who can see a need and make an in-the-moment decision about how to meet it.

However, as the word is bandied about in current society, responsibility seems to be equated with programmed reactions to life.

"When this happens, you should do this, or you must do that."

When arbitrary protocols get to be too heavy or too harsh, an overlay of rebellion can take their place in a child’s heart. Or, if he or she is caught between compliance and defiance, the child may simply choose avoidance in order to sidestep the issue entirely.

Without the element of choice in play, a person’s mind and heart can get overloaded by family expectation, to the point where the child will create a wall of complacency to defend against the social imperatives which seem to come from every direction.

Within much of World Government today, we are watching grown men and women play out their own version of "Lord of the Flies," operating under the guise of "responsible leadership" and "patriotism." In their transmission on "Terrorism," written shortly after September 11, 2001, the Reconnections had some powerful remarks to make on the subject:

"What is Terrorism? It is idealism that acts without feeling. It is nurturing a daily habit of depersonalization, being driven by some inner focus, right past the faces of humanity that are pressed up against the window of your soul.

It takes tremendous idealism to capture a jetliner, and then crash it into a city building - killing yourself and everyone on board. This is insanity, and no one will dispute that. It is Terrorism.

However, it also takes tremendous idealism for a person of means to brashly spend money on elaborate pleasure boats and cars when there are children racked by disease - starving daily in cities and nations all around him. The mental state of this latter type of person produces what we call a "Terrorist Situation." In order to support and defend your ideology of "I am not my brother's keeper," in all its modern forms, a person must choose to destroy certain neurons in his brain that could connect his consciousness to the cries of despair and serious need that rise up all around him. It is murder by omission, and the person you kill is always yourself.

Lords of the Eyes
In one Star Child Series published a few years ago, I made reference to the unusual appearance of the EYES of many of our Children of the New Earth. There are other channels and laypeople who have commented on that attribute as well. I was pleased to notice recently that Dr. Meg Blackburn's book "Children of Now" features them prominently on the cover; those incredible eyes. It is almost as though they can see right through you. This is especially dazzling when it is seen in an infant or a toddler. Some Star Kids are born "awake." They already remember where they came from, and are clearly in touch with what they came here to do. For that destiny to manifest, however, it is necessary that their environment remains supportive of their needs and powers, and their parents appreciate and honor the sensitivity that is involved in being fully awake during this time in Earth's history.

I spoke with one Star Child who had endured much battering in her life because of the uncanny "knowingness" that her striking eyes reflect. When people think you can see deeply into them, they don't always like you much. She has also been troubled in life because of "inner journeys" and lapses in time. Closer investigation into these experiences has uncovered memories of being "worked with" by Beings that come from other worlds and/or dimensions. And yet, with all her inner work, there are still many aspects about herself that she does not yet understand.
This whole business about unusual eyes brings to mind an old Sci-Fi movie from the sixties, called “Village of the Damned.” It was remade again in 1995, interestingly enough, just about the time the Hale-Bopp Comet passed us by. As you may recall from the Star Children Introduction---the Comets Kahoutek (1973) and Hale-Bopp (1995) played a prominent role in heralding the arrival of Generations X, Y, and Z onto the planet, even as our newly identified Comet McNaught (visible to the naked eye in January of this year) is now heralding the arrival of yet another generation of Star Kids.

The primary focus of the above-mentioned movie is: (you guessed it), Demon Children - youngsters who possess powers which neither their parents nor community can tolerate. And it was all about their eyes. The implication of the film was that these kids were seedlings from another planet. Aliens. And isn't that how Demon Children feel when they are in our midst? Having experienced rejection a good portion of their lives, they learn to pride themselves on it, almost as a sign that they are fulfilling their life mission. At the end of the above-mentioned movie, the children are killed. Another template broken, that will eventually rebuild itself, again and again, until humanity finally GETS the messages that are being offered to us through these kids.
Star Children. They have their Father's Eyes. Eyes that see beyond our facades. Eyes that remember, and ask penetrating questions. But who is their Father, really? Is it God? The Devil? Are the Two that separate, or do they simply symbolize opposing Aspects of the same Planetary Oneself?

Meeting the Challenge
Alarm bells are sounding, announcing the presence of Spiritual Emergency going on all around us. How do we deal with rebellious young people, whose stories and images haunt the headlines of local and national news? How will we answer important questions that are beaming out at us from behind those incredible eyes? The following points may serve to lay a basic foundation for meeting the challenge that so-called "Demon Children" bring:

• Stop ignoring the alarm bells. America is becoming world famous these days for fiddling while Rome burns. The whole country could be falling down around us, and it scarcely registers, so long as we still get to eat our cheeseburgers and watch color TV. We see a "Demon Child" in action and we say to ourselves: "It's not my job." Demon Children are everyone's job. What seems far away today can end up in your backyard tomorrow. And, even though our level of participation with them may vary, according to our life purpose, we can still go inside and ask: "What part of ME is this child reflecting?

• Own each child as a mirror of self. Everything that enters our consciousness must first pass through a mental "grid" in our brain in order to be interpreted and classified as reality. Some images and ideas are immediately discarded, because they don't seem relevant to our process. Anything that makes it through the grid to full mental perception does have meaning if we'll just look for it.

• Understand the power of metaphor. Part of the process of "mirroring," as mentioned above, is learning how to use metaphor to build bridges between our own experiences and those of other people. The Law of Correspondence is a powerful tool for seeing deeply into areas of life that would otherwise seem obscure and unreachable. Though it takes practice to use metaphor effectively, the end benefit is well worth the time and energy expended to learn it.

Realize that negative attributes are simply positive traits taken to an extreme. The gift that a Demon Child brings is almost always a caricature of some aspect of human life that we are also doing in secret, or some trait that we need to learn to apply but have chosen to ignore. Kids sometimes blow things out of proportion so that we absolutely can't miss the reflection they bring. For example, stubbornness is simply an extreme application of determination. In the presence of a stubborn and recalcitrant child, parents and teachers have the opportunity to ask themselves one of two questions: In what ways am I being stubborn in my own life? or, possibly - In what ways would it benefit me to show more determination in how I live my life? This is true of nearly ALL negative reflections. Anger is simply a caricature of forcefulness, Con Games are simply a caricature of diplomacy and strategic people skills, Flakiness is just a caricature of flexibility, and so on.

Continually strive to establish and maintain contact with your own Magical Inner Child. It takes a child to know a child. Demon Children delight in playing tricks on folks who are perpetually stuck in their "prissy adult" selves. Remember that High School Principal in the movie "Ferris Beuller's Day Off?" He was always trying to "capture" Ferris and return him to the "sweat shop" so he could be like all the other clones. Clearly, the man had lost touch with what it's like to be a kid. By the end of the movie, the audience was actually cheering when the old coot was attacked by the Bueller family dog. Being in touch with the Inner Child can help a person discern when a Demon Kid is NOT to be messed with. Some things that appear menacing ARE menacing. Knowing the difference is a gift that is given to those who have learned to balance child and adult consciousness within themselves.

Indeed, there is much more that could be said about these kids. And perhaps someday I will write more. As I was discussing Demon Children as part of this series, I got a similar feeling as the one which came to me when I began to mention Star Kids while writing about Energy Activations back in 1997. Next segment, I will be discussing bodily changes that occur when humans are exposed to sizeable infusions of Spirit Energy over a short period time. In the lives of many, this form of Spiritual Emergency is taking quite a toll these days.  Stay tuned.

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