Dreams of the Mass Mind


By Daniel Jacob


Ah yes, my friends............SO DARK THE CON OF MAN!  

Spoiler Alert:  Parts of this Discussion may reveal some of the story plot for the book and movie.  Read on at your own risk. 

The primary themes explored in "The Da Vinci Code" seem to be religion, conspiracy, governmental and ecclesiastical cover-ups, and rival factions of power within various sects of Christianity.  Those are splashy issues, of course (judging from the publicity, the protest marches, the book sales, and the picket lines) but personally...... I believe the roots of this story go far deeper into human consciousness than we might suspect .  In one particular scene, Sir Leigh Teabing states this case quite succinctly:  "Sometimes, people refuse to see something that is right in front of their faces."  I heartily concur, and will go more into that in a moment.   

Having read the book and seen the film, I don't see how Ron Howard could have shortened things any more than he did, or kept the film from presenting a major challenge to his audience---both intellectually and emotionally.  "Da Vinci Code" simply can't be presented as a piece of Hollywood "Fluff," or be disproportionately hyped by action scenes, special effects, or sex.  Any way you look at it, this is a thinking person's movie. Any viewer looking for simple diversion or shallow entertainment will naturally be frustrated.  And that's all there is to that.  Even if these folks can't please everyone, they certainly made life more interesting for me, and for millions of others.           

The story line presents an alternative view of history which blatantly flies in the face of  historical tenets that have been embraced by entire generations.  To even begin engaging the audience, Dan Brown and Ron Howard have to lead us.....step-by-step........ through a maze of symbols, terms, and historical documentation that has been virtually overlooked by most of society.  Some say it is unfounded and frivolous.  Howard and Hanks dismiss those comments, by stating clearly that it is "fiction" and is meant to stimulate conversation and to entertain.  How convenient!   If people come at you arguing about "historical" facts, you simply shrug your shoulders and say:  "It was all in fun."   Meanwhile, the ENERGETIC TONES presented in this movie continue working, long after the lights come up and screen credits roll.   

Avid readers of the book certainly have a head start, as did readers of the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.  But would a responsible Director attempt to create a landmark movie experience, catering only to those who have read up on his subject in advance?  Thankfully, no........in regards to both productions.   

The mystery-intrigue-police investigation element in this film provides a sensible and appropriate pathway through the evidence.  We're trying to solve a murder.  That gets the heart going.  But we're also looking for resolution about several things.......including a way out of this conceptual maze that stands before us. 


Tom Hanks' character, Robert Langdon, is a perfect picture of Da Vinci's Man for all Ages (see above picture).  He is a scientist, a master of symbols, a pragmatist........while also being someone with a heart for ALL kinds of knowledge---not just what suits his personal bias.  Langdon represents reconnected rationality, who meets a willing counterpart in Sophie Neveu (played by Audrey Tautou).  Sophie enters the story as a French Police Woman who can pack a great left hook, as well as open her heart concerning some startling realizations, many of which apply directly to her.  At one point, she looks at Langdon and says:  "I cannot do this alone."  How true that is!  Together, they unite to form a complete UNIT OF EXPLORATION, a reunion of "chalice and "blade," equipped with all things necessary for solving the Mystery of the Ages.  

In Oneness, whatever applies to the "chalice" also applies to the "blade."  How does the saying go?  "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."   But in 3D, our focus is on PROCESS, not equality.  Someone has to lie on the dissecting table, and someone has to hold the scalpel.  It's a worthy system, and one we should not, one we CANNOT, circumvent.  So.......however fate seems to deal our cards.........either to play the role of surgeon or we become the body on the operating table.......we do well to allow our process to play itself out.  This is the relationship of Langdon and Sophie, and it also plays out in many other lives as well.   

If I were doing the casting, I believe I would have put David Duchovny in the role of Langdon.  This role definitely has a "Fox Mulder" feel to it.  But Tom Hanks is good enough for me, anytime, in any role but a villain.   Audrey Taotou is great, too, even though I have heard it said that the two of them have zero chemistry.  In my eyes, their "chemistry" is supposed to be for the quest, not for each other.  And that can be a powerful foundation for relationship, by the way.  Sometimes, the "love of our life" turns out to be the whole world, and our joy in each other gets discovered indirectly, through our remembrance of who we are in relationship to that world.

Within each reconnecting human, there is an inquisitive, reasoning mind (Robert Langdon) and a hungry, responsive heart (Sophie Neveu).  We are not separate, though many of us like to think we are.  The mental barriers formed by denial of our essential Oneness with All That Is makes it difficult to consider such new and innovative ideas.  I covered this at length in my article "In the Cleft of the Rock"---a treatise on what "believing in Jesus" might also mean, if we looked at it from a different angle.  As the Reconnections have often said:  "We're not here to take anything away from you.  If you like where you are, you are welcome to stay there for all eternity.  But if you choose to expand, we would like to give you that option as well."   

Sophie and Robert, or Sophie-Robert as we might call them in their collaborative state..........find themselves bound up in a world of intrigue, unfolding details, clues, symbols, and intense mystery.  All of this is going on in the lives of EACH OF US, during our present unfoldment.  The symbol of the Vitruvian Man hangs suspended over us all, whether we're willing to notice him or not. 

In a recent transmission, called "Centers of Gravity," the Reconnections speak to us about the universe of our perception.  They emphasize how each person has a universe that is 100% administrated and formed by his or her energy.  In your very own reality base, YOU are the Center of Gravity.  Everything flows in and out from you, and everything derives its meaning through to its relationship to you. 

Believing in this concept does not grant a person license to trample on the interests or feelings of his neighbor.  Au contraire. Isn't his neighbor merely a reflection of some part of himself?   And isn't that idea the very basis for what we think of as "The Golden Rule?"  What the Reconnections add to the picture is the knowledge that, in our personal universe, our neighbor IS an aspect of self.  The "Law of Reciprocity" is something far more than merely an ethical guideline. For a reconnecting individual, it is a key to life. 


The role of Sophie in "Da Vinci Code" provides the viewer with a view of the Divine Feminine, as She awakens within the life of each person.  Sophie is tough, having learned how to take care of herself after the death of her parents and her brother.  As the movie begins, she is also faced with the shocking murder of her Grandfather---who seems to be at the center of some circle of intrigue.  Her introduction to Langdon is initiated through a dying wish of her Grandfather, who leaves a string of clues about the hidden life of Jesus Christ, and an incredible secret he has been keeping from her since she was a little girl.

In the above-mentioned transmission, the Recons point out how easy it can be to consider Universal Oneness when we do it in an abstract sense.  "Everything is One."  However, when we move those inquiries from the abstract into a personal realm (i.e. "Everything is ME"), the whole experience takes on new meaning.  We begin to FEEL into the idea, and that sensorial activation sets off a ripple effect that moves through our entire universe.


While viewing "The Da Vinci Code," a fascinated audience gets to experience EXPANDED SELF REALIZATION through the startled eyes of a young woman.  Critics, who claim that historical evidence does not support this unfolding premise, have yet to encounter the truth that, in the Multiverse........there are universes which support EVERY IDEA IMAGINABLE, and then some!  Any visitation to one of these universes brings an instant manifestation of all the proof necessary to allow a believing heart to attain absolute confidence. Conversely, any denial of a truth automatically defaults an individual into "The Universe that doesn't Believe," where personal limitation and individual disputes (of any kind) can also proven, for as long as the believer chooses to maintain denial.  The Multiverse is a "have it your way" kind of place........just like Burger King

The Reunion of Chalice and Blade (internal masculine and feminine) is now happening all over the world.  As that energy spreads, in the same manner that was so clearly illustrated by the "hundredth monkey" story, more and more individuals are going to find themselves RECONNECTING to the Oneness of All That Is.  And this process will funnel each soul directly into his or her Reconnection Universe---where we will all eventually go through a similar amazement and discovery to what Sophie Neveu faces in "The Da Vinci Code."  

As the Reconnections have shared with us so very often: 

"Your own community of film-making has been a constant, yet unconscious, reminder of the fascinating process which both contains you and governs your experiences.  What they produce on celluloid is merely a shadow of what you have been, and are,  within the glorious Multiverse.  

We refer to these many gifts of media as "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."  We also use this term to describe various books, works of art, magazines, musical works, television, sculpture, jewelry and any other means of expression whereby a human dares to reach through the Veil and draw forth something terrifying, hysterical, or sublime.  

And the veracity of these portrayals is assured, since many of their motives for these productions involve a desire for commercial success and societal acceptance.  What society cannot resonate with, it will not support.  And so, with cool and focused precision, your directors, producers, authors, artists and musicians are regularly providing accurate reflections of who you now are, and who you also could be---a gift that brings great nourishment for personal expansion.  The magical and metaphysical interests abound at this time, in the world of modern media.  And this is truly indicative of where humanity's mind is moving as well.  The Dreams of the Mass Mind."

Ah yes, my friends..........So Dark the Con of Man!   But ultimately...... it's not about church, a particular group of people, or a political system at all.  It goes right to the heart of who we all are.    

We recall, once again, the words of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks:  "It's only ENTERTAINMENT.  Why are we getting ourselves so worked up?"

I'll tell you why.  It's because..........deep inside...........some part of us knows.  Some part of us remembers.  There's a conspiracy that's been going on, all right.  It's a Conspiracy of ONE.  And that One has been bending and manipulating our human mind all across time......across the ages.  In these latter days, we are quickening the One Mind, and calling out for it to awaken.  We are slowly, carefully letting ourselves in on the grandest secret of all

Like Sophie Neveu, we are being completely, totally bowled over by it.  And that, too, is perfect. Our physical bodies tingle, our spirits soar, and our minds are totally boggled by the inflowing of this new knowledge.  It's a premiere all right.  Don't forget to iron your gown and press your tux.  You know how ruthless those paparazzi can be.


Copyright, 2006, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.