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(Special Note:   This article is, in no way, intended to be a criticism of the Medical or Healthcare establishment.  Rather, it is a study of the societal dynamics out of which our current Medical Paradigm has evolved, and where it may be going as the energy continues to rise on Planet Earth.  I am a part of this current "Establishment," and consider many of my friends and colleagues to be brilliant and caring individuals.)

We, in the Twentieth Century, like to think of ourselves as "advanced." But are we, really? Our "toys" cost more, and there are many more of them---but have we really gone anywhere in  CONSCIOUSNESS?

When I present this query, I am purposely omitting from consideration the advances in MYSTICAL AWARENESS. As has been mentioned, the past thirty years have been replete with breakthroughs of knowledge in the  realms of Spirit.

If we compare our general society today with other periods of history- --like, for example, the Middle Ages---we see some interesting parallels. Peeling back the years between then and now, we enter the medieval period to see the Priests of the "Old Religion" being very focused on a certain affliction, being observed in their
parishioners, called being "filled with a demon."

So frightening was this condition, in the minds of the people, that their ministers formulated certain criteria for telling whether a person was "possessed" or not---complete with a list of practical "tests." These verbal "examinations" were designed to break through the denial of a person who was "afflicted," and prove whether or not he or she was "of the Devil." Beginning small, with examinations being conducted upon only a few, rare cases---this concern about "demons" grew into the horror we now call "The Inquisition."


Even though it would take several books to adequately explore all the beliefs and teachings about this fellow we call the Devil, Satan, old "Slue-Foot", the Prince of Darkness, and so on---I would like to offer a simple, operational understanding of this concept which will assist us nicely in our study here.

The Reconnections teach that each person's "Devil" is simply THAT WHICH OPPOSES HIM. If the "Devil's Advocate" is the person who always takes the OTHER SIDE in an argument---our personal Devil is that which we have to OVERCOME in order to come into our power.

Yes, our Devil is a real being. It has many faces and many names. It can be embodied in an attitude, a habit, an addiction, a resentment---or it can stand before us in a dark alley, with a knife and a leather jacket. Of course, many a man has given up his soul for a "devil with a blue dress on," and many a vestal virgin has been deceived by the winsome smile and smooth rhetoric that was put forth by a "hell of a man."

Our Devil tempts us, seduces us, discourages us, and produces in us all sorts of limitation mischief. As the psychic in the movie "Poltergeist" put it: "....It knows what scares you...."

The word "diabolical," which we attribute to issues and essences connected with this wondrously powerful being, is made up of two concepts: "dia" referring to something which is "apart," something we shall call "the other" ......and "bole" which means "to throw."

The picture here is very clear. Someone or something DIABOLICAL is a member of THE "OTHER" TEAM---throwing things at you (perhaps baseballs, which presumably you will have to either dodge or hit).  Your Devil will hurl words, thoughts, feelings, and ideas at you--- seducing you to go into your REACTIVE MIND, rather than being
spontaneous and flowing. The word "Satan" means ACCUSER. He is the one who supposedly stands before God, on Judgment Day, and acts as Prosecutor at your "trial."

If you examine the word EVIL, you can see that it is simply the word LIVE spelled backwards. The two words are, quite literally, looking at themselves in a mirror. We always call people and things "evil" if they are against us, or oppose us. Their moral rectitude, or lack thereof, is unimportant. The fact is---we decide they are EVIL
simply because they do not agree with us. This is where "Holy Wars" come from. Both sides believe that GOD rides with them---and they are truly fighting.....guess who? THE DEVIL! Remember how Saddam Hussein referred to George Bush as "The Satan?" He really believed that.


We referred earlier to the High-Priests of the Church of Health Care as "Guardians of the Status Quo." We saw how interested people are in making sure that they live within that very important guideline called the "norm." When someone or something appears, within the society, which carries an idea or implication that things are going to CHANGE---perhaps in a radical way---it is probable that society will initially RESIST that person or idea.

Down through the ages, that which threatens the "familiar path" has almost always been labeled EVIL. We don't like to change. It hurts us to build new habits, new patterns of living. In the last segment, we pointed out that "viruses" in any computer database will begin to wreak havoc with whatever program of operation is currently in use. Therefore, when the danger of "infection" presents itself, we will hire expensive technicians, whose job it is to locate, identify, and effectively remove whatever viruses are present within a system.

The word DIAGNOSE is another joining of two ideas. "Dia," once again, refers to something "apart" or "the Other." GNOSIS means "to know" or to "identify." When a physician is running his various forms of "examination," he is looking for something. After all, you came into his office and said: "something is wrong!" Therefore, he is trying to find out what EVIL has come upon you---what "team" is pitching balls at you.

Many people see their doctor as the coach for their "team." He discusses STRATEGIES for you, drawing out "plays" that you can run to OUTFOX ole "Slue-Foot" as he tries to dump on you the same old crap he gave to Job. Remember that story? God and Satan were having this discussion, which often has been pictured as a kind of Chess Game, concerning how faithful a "servant" that this man Job was. In the Game, Satan was allowed to bring all sorts of afflictions upon Job--- all for the purpose of proving whether or not Job would "buckle" under the pressure and begin to curse God.

But the Priests of the New Religion rarely look into the spiritual aspects of their patients' afflictions. To them, the causes of their problems are just part of a somatic ball game, which is played entirely in the dimension of the physical. Only when they run out of "plays," and the Game appears to be almost "over," do most Doctor/Priests ever mention the idea of getting into a huddle with anything or anyone "spiritual."

When a Doctor sets about getting his "diagnosis," then, he is really LOOKING FOR YOUR DEVIL. A medieval "Priest" would begin his Inquisition with many questions (PATIENT INTAKE FORMS?), he would then threaten his parishioner with grievous personal liability (CONCERNS ABOUT INSURANCE COVERAGE?). Usually, the poor sinner would simply repent and be absolved of his transgression (CHANGE HIS LIFESTYLE?). If the manifestations of "possession" went away, the sinner would pay a heavy fine (A BIG DOCTOR BILL?) and return to society a restored man.

<Quick question. If a person refuses to pay the bill for his Exorcist, does he get repossessed?>

If, however, the object of that Inquisition was stubborn and denies that he is "possessed," the next level of questioning would begin. There would be poking, prodding, and uncomfortable positions for the penitent to take (PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND TESTS), then he would be cut or burned in painful places (BIOPSIES?) to see if he would 'fess up, concerning his dances with darkness.

During these times of his "denial," a patient might be examined under focused light (X-RAYS AND RADIATION), or dunked in boiling water or other hot liquids (PHYSICAL THERAPY). Some sinners were forced to drink noxious liquids (DRUGS AND CHEMOTHERAPY). The medieval Priests reasoned that an "innocent man" will not die if he drinks the poison. A guilty man, a man who died because of the drink, was
simply "too far gone" to be saved.

Should a parishioner survive these very grueling procedures designed to extract his inner "Devil," the final level of torture would begin. In many cases, he was put upon the "rack" (TRACTION) so he could be persuaded to confess. If that failed, the Priest might order some of his body parts to be cut off (SURGERY) or inflict other methods of bodily alteration in order that his soul still might be saved.

In the final stages, the "penalty" for not confessing (giving up your "Devil") was DEATH. It was a sentence that was "passed" upon you, spoken by a Priest who told you that you were "beyond hope." In such cases, death could come swiftly (FOUR TO SIX MONTHS), or it may come much more slowly---following more torture and examination that would make the parishioner pray to Monsignor Kevorkian to come and take him into the next life.


If it sounds as if I am demeaning the medical profession here, please look again. I will declare it now, direct from my Guides and my inner heart, that the entire Religion of Health Care plays a tremendously important role in society. It helps to keep the people
IN LINE, secure within a well-defined structure.

Just as The Inquisition arose as a defense against the incredible infusion of magical knowledge that was coming in during the Middle Ages, so modern medicine anchors the minds and hearts of men and women in the physical dimension---offering them practical solutions to everyday "pains" and "scrapes" that would otherwise make them miserable and shorten their life.

If viruses (divergent ideas) enter into the human "computer"--- carrying thoughts and ideas of TRANSFORMATION and RECONNECTION with All That Is---a Medical Doctor can retard the growth of that process until the very last minute, thereby insuring that a person can maintain his "human" existence until such time as he is ready to own
his personal connection to the Divine.

The Doctor can do this by giving a patient a pill, and saying: "Your problem is an infection, and this pill will make it go away." If the patient is not yet ready to understand that all "flu-bugs" actually symbolize (on the physical plane) an infusion of certain knowledge and bits of wisdom that he has just received (on the spiritual
plane)---the act of visiting the Doctor can deflect his attention away from his inner transformation, and re-install his feeling that "everything is normal."

Of course, everything is NOT NORMAL. Things on the spiritual plane are changing now at an amazing rate. But most of humanity still does not KNOW this. Why? Because every time Spirit comes to them with another "visitor from infinity"---they go get some antibiotics, or anti-something else.......and they try to kill it! Eventually.....we will NOT kill it, however. These viruses do not "go away." Rather, they simply go UNDERGROUND. They become invisible, and live in the subconscious mind.

It is a disruptive and arduous process, this idea of Reconnection. I have not always been ready for it! I still go to doctors at times.  Quite often I need to "shake off" the power of the "merge." For awhile, we will all be able to do this. Spirit is purposely giving us this infusion of knowledge SLOWLY so that we can digest it in our
own time and feel somewhat "in control" of this whole transformation.

WHERE, you might ask, do all these "Devils" go when the Doctor says he kills them? Carion, the Reconnections' Master of the Physical Transformation, teaches me that they live mostly in your COLON. Also, they gather around your lymph nodes, stay trapped in the muscles, become imbedded in your joints and generally HIDE wherever
you and the Inquisitor would tend not to look for them.

Truly, every human being, especially those who have used broad- spectrum antibiotics, are walking "Flu Machines." Carion says: "People don't catch colds. The colds catch THEM." But really, the elements for our "destruction" (if you wish to call it
that) live inside of us 24 hours of every day!

We live blissful, carefree lives, because we have learned to FORGET, or functionally EXORCISE the knowledge, that the "Other" is there.  Only when it comes time for a PLAGUE to hit mankind, do the people realize what dark forces have gathered around them, the "enemies" who have lived within them all the time they thought they were "safe" and "healthy."


In truth, the whole Religion of Health Care is simply an outgrowth of the Grand Game. This Game began with the invention of physical existence. From an unlimited Unity of Oneness, we chipped off a portion of Ourself and called it "not me." This fundamental
separation, which occurred within an Eternal Unity, is a dance of tension and polarity that has expanded and diversified throughout time and across the reaches of inner and outer space.

The whole dichotomy of "them and us," "God and the Devil," "he and she," and, of course, the primary Game called "good vs. evil"---is the very CENTER of this Game called SEPARATION. In truth, the Game is ILLUSION. It is a fabrication in the Mind of a Higher Self. We "buy into" it because it is FUN, and it is EDUCATIONAL to observe parts of the Oneness in a somewhat dissociated way.

Life after life, issue after issue, story plots grow out of story plots. We kill each other, love each other, capture each other, and exploit each other. We do all of this primarily for the joy of experiencing! One bumper sticker I saw not too long ago read: "MY

We, the members of the Oneness, wish to categorize and explore it ALL! To do so, we have to maintain the Veil of Forgetfulness as LONG as we possible can. Health Care simply works for us, insuring that we will not "find out" the secrets of the Multiverse until our "appointed time." The Priests of the New Religion are the Guardians of our Power. And what is that power? It is the KNOWLEDGE that everything and everyone is THE SAME. It is the tactile, experiential, emotional, and ideological MERGE with the entirety of my perceived universe.

Yes, indeed.......the Devil surely exists. He is a real being who is awful, and evil, and he is working all manner of mischief and malaise upon mankind. KILL HIM! Find your Devil and EXORCISE Him! Take a pill, kill that virus. Cut off your breast, get rid of the cancer. But realize this: that Devil is just another aspect of YOU. He is a part of the Oneness, because there is nothing else!

THIS is the teaching of the Reconnections. Until we are ready to re-join the Oneness, we will keep trying everything we can to FORGET away the rest of who we are. We will medicate it, cut it off, exorcize it, radiate it, and do whatever else will "work" the miracle that we seek, the remedy that will keep us focused here in physical separation. This is PERFECT, and it all how things SHOULD BE.

Neither I, nor the Reconnections (who are also me), wish to malign or remove ANY ASPECT of this walk called Physicality. We bless Doctors for their skill and compassion, we salute technological research for the "findings" it brings forth, and we advocate allowing everything to move as it always has---until it comes time to GO HOME. Then, and only then, will the Veil for lifted on this whole Game called "dis-


I told you last segment that I would discuss the specifics about the reactions of the physical body when it comes in contact with these new viruses and bacteria. Spirit told me that I must first explain the whole Inquisition dynamic first.

There are NO PATHS that are "better than" or "worse than" any other. The Path to Reconnection is simply another path. We are NOT on our way back to Eden. If you signed on to experience that, you'd best get off the bus here. The whole "Garden" scenario is about IGNORANCE/INNOCENCE, which........we must admit..... is surely BLISS. Once "knowledge" starts to come into the picture, the bliss turned to action, the action turns to insight, and the insight (if applied) turns to wisdom.

The Path of Reconnection is a journey into the sun. It is a recognition that a person has explored, in all his or her collective lifetimes, all that is needed of the denser physical experiences to complete this voyage through the World of Separation.

The Reconnection Universe is a gradually accelerating, relentlessly exposing surrender of our illusion, in order to embrace the experience of Oneness. Those who can't take "the heat" will surely get out of the kitchen. They will exclude away these articles, throw away their books, remove their physical bodies from this universe, and blot out all memories of these discussions. It is called Metaphysical "White-Out." The knowledge of these "dark secrets" (which are called "dark" because they are held in the subconscious and unconscious mind) is surrendered for the sweetness of forgetful separated living. Remember that guy in that movie "The Matrix," who sold out his friends, so he could be re-inserted into the illusion and eat steaks once again?

In the next segment, we will actually go into the physical body--- tracking through what happens when a "virus" arrives. In doing so, you will surely see the wisdom and precision that is contained within the wondrous Dance of Separation. Having grasped that, we can begin to appreciate this next phase of the journey which we have elected to take---the caterpillar who decides to shed its protective cocoon and suddenly take to the sky!

As always, your comments and questions are appreciated!




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