By Daniel Jacob

Picture:  "New Faith" by Dale Wicks

Many have been speaking to me recently about the so-called "Energy Flu."  I've had my own version of it, though it felt mostly emotional in nature.  One of them began the day after Christmas, 2003, and has re-appeared--in varying degrees, since then.  New Year's that year seemed to me, more than any other, to be a kind of bridge between the Old Paradigm and the New. I guess that's why the Guides subsequently spoke to us so clearly and so emphatically about "Crossing Over."  They were saying:  "This is happening, deal with it."     

Our Mass Consciousness has begun to step through the Gate.  We're on our way now.  The view of what that looks like varies, depending upon the vibratory frequency of the beholder.  In some respects, everything appears to be going on, business as usual.  But in many other respects, we are all reeling with the extent of the change that has just occurred.  Humanity has stepped off a cliff, with no real assurance that there will be anything to support us as we walk forward. 

In the third Trans-Portals Transmission, The Reconnections speak specifically about this process we have begun, at the level of Collective Humanity:

"Many of you may remember a film that was released a few years back called "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."  This film includes a particularly inspiring scene, in which the hero finds himself needing to cross from one high place to another, where no way of passage seems to exist.  In a required act of faith, appropriate to the plot, he places his foot upon what *appears to be* empty air, and a bridge instantly appears beneath his feet, allowing him to cross safely to the other side.

In another famous film, "The Matrix," released only a couple of years ago, one of the heroes demonstrated a mastery of physical force, using what was called a "Jump Program," which enabled him to leap across a huge expanse of physical space, moving freely from one high building to another.  Even characters in the film exclaimed  "Whoa!  That's impossible."                

An Astral Bridge begins as an Etheric Connector which brings together two points in physical space which appear to be separated by a gap.  The Bridge itself originates somewhere else in the Multiverse---performing a clear purpose within an alternative level of here and now.  Through a process we shall explain shortly, a perceptual cursor is passed over the image, and it is highlighted and copied (to use familiar computer terms) to a place where it is desperately needed.
At the moment of its transposition, an Astral Bridge is constructed almost entirely of faith.  It has been written that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  People don't believe in things because they appear.  Things appear in physical space because people believe in them.  So it is with an Astral Bridge.  At the moment it is required, the Bridge gets pasted directly into your a process that only could be described as miraculous........even though it often appears to be a natural part of your flow.  

We are each feeling a sense of dizziness and alarm because of what the Mass Consciousness is doing.  Where there is no outward indicator, to explain the sensation of great change--we will invent one, based on our individuated reality context.  In this way, the experience of the Collective is being grounded and anchored into the experience of those who are willing to be aware at this time.  Those who cannot imagine it simply get sick, or their finances dwindle, or their relationships explode.  They do whatever they do, in order to form their own rendition of intense and dramatic change.


A person once wrote to me, saying that he has been experiencing hell within his family.  He had been reading the transmissions and articles on this site, and he was ecstatic about the possibilities he saw and the resonance he felt inside.  This is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.  I get letters from people all over the world, and they tell me:  "The words you are speaking are my words--I have heard them in my head!  You just know how to say it better than I do."  

He gets excited, as he reads them over and over--and then it seems as though everything backfires and his world begins to implode.  It's an extreme high, followed by a devastating low. We have spoken about this, somewhat, in the article on what it's like to be "nubbed"..........grounded by the Guardian Spirit, so we don't actually explode with the velocity of our growing internal force. 

The Guides recently informed us:  "Your life and the life of your planet, which are now one and the same, shall be like pottery thrown hard against a stone wall.  The shards scatter themselves across the courtyard, as each one becomes  quickened, and begins to dance a new dance.  And you are here to observe it all, to feel each and every part of it."

My Shaman Friend in Colorado says that this internal energy we're integrating is like a cosmic "hot potato."  We hold it and are warmed by it, and then we have to move it around our perceptual field, lest we become seriously burned by the sheer power of it.  In Oneness, everything and everyone we see around us is a mirror for some part of who we are.  This over here?  It's you.  That going on over there?  It is also you.  There is no detaching from things anymore.  However, we can move the energy around, if we so choose. 

Some of us are feeling extremely lonely.  At the same time, we're loathe to allow anyone into our space.  Friends call us on the phone, and we just choose not to answer.  How perfect is that?  We feel like we want to connect, to reconnect, in fact--and then we don't answer the phone.  The right hand doesn't want to know what the left hand is doing.  One side of the Oneself is calling out, and the other side is refusing to answer.  It's a crisis of faith, a long pause in the Symphony of the Collective Now.  The audience stills to listen, and then the music begins to play again.


It isn't loneliness we are feeling.  It is only-ness.  We are beginning to understand that there is only one of us here. As the strength to effort and struggle flows out of us, many are finding that they just cannot afford to spend time and focus upon things which are not absolutely essential to their energy unfoldment at this time.  So, they withdraw.  Some have career investments, some have mates and families, and there is a crisis of values occurring, all across the land.  When our emotional 'budget' gets cut, the recipients of all that attention reel in amazement.  This brings a sense of shame, if we internalize the situation as "laziness" or "lack of caring" on our part.  We become bogged down by what we feel are "sins of omission." 

What is really happening here is a phenomenon called "abbreviance."  We are separating that which is absolutely essential from that which no longer serves our deep inner purpose.  Additionally, we are waking our life, our gifts, and our passion.....and the people and things that used to fill those voids are now being displaced by the natural inhabitants for that space.

Parenting is in a big crisis right now.  While one partner in a family desperately scrambles to hold the family unit together, the other frequently wears for everyone the desire to go off into a new direction, a new destiny.  The time of "nuclear family" is fading, and Families of the Heart will soon be springing up, all across the land.  This doesn't have to threaten anything and anyone that truly matters in our journey. But it does require us to let the "energy" of the relationship take precedence over any vows or promises that have been made in days past.  When the energy departs, the relationship is gone. Then, it's time to go to the next level of our life experience. 

Parenting is a fact of society, for now, but it is a sick and desolate system.  So is "government," in many respects.  In essence, they are different levels of the same thing.  We all feel we need someone to "watch out for us," so we hire people to do that job.  Then, when they betray us in favor of their own agenda, we get incensed or depressed.  Just as the will of the people needs to play a huge part in the actions of those governing, so the temperaments and verbalized needs of children need to carry clout with their parents as well.  

The kids coming in today are our teachers, and they are far more powerful than we give them credit to be.  The walls that we put up around them (i.e. age discrimination, the feeling they are terribly vulnerable, the need to teach and control them) is just a way to separate ourselves from playing and loving and re-discovering our own inner child. We feel we need to "parent" them (which is another name for control and manipulate) because we know they would pass us up if they were given power and authority to do as their spirits are directing them.    

We parent the way we were parented, or we parent in reaction to it.  But the real poison in our systems is the whole concept of "parenting"..........instead of embracing children as "little people," and letting them live and work alongside of us, as equals...........honoring their freedom, their preferences, and the fresh perspective they bring to the game.  It's not up to any one person to "fix" society..........but we can look at society as a mirror of our own inner world.  When we change the image in the mirror, the mirror will change with it.

Our friends, mates, and children will not be permanently harmed if we pull away in favor of connecting with our deep inner self.  They may suffer and wail, however!  Harm and suffering are two separate things.  Most of the dependency "ills" going on in society come from the fact that we all need a breath of fresh air (inner connection) in our lives.  In times of intensive change, some folks have to be the "designated breathers" for the rest of society.  Otherwise, there will be no one left to hold the lantern from which the rest of us will light our candles.  

When we are fly on airplanes, the flight attendants give us instructions about what to do if an emergency occurs.  They say to us:  "If cabin pressure drops, masks will appear from above your seat.  These have oxygen to keep you alive.  Parents traveling with small children need to secure their own masks before attempting to put masks on their children."  Do you get the analogy of what is being said here?  Those who are receiving inner direction (air) need to get their own minds clear before they try and attend to the needs of others.  It isn't a sin.  It's just common sense. 


We must live up to the light (conscious awareness) that is given us.......and more will be given.  We must make sure we do what we truly want to do, rather than what we think we "should."  If I hear myself saying "should," concerning some obligation or duty in life, I usually need to run the other way!   To do something because I "should" kills my love for it.  Indeed, there are things that must be done everyday.........doorways that must be gone through.  I will end up going through them, either by choice or by force.  I may resist them at first, but they will keep appearing.........keep opening.......until I finally choose to embrace the lesson.  But in the meantime, I will probably keep experimenting, keep abbreviating, until I can get my life *right* in my own eyes. 

We're all doing that, in one way or another.  We listen to that chattering in the back of our brains, telling us how bad we are, for not doing such and such.  It's rubbish.  We need to turn the volume down on anything that screams at us.  We need to turn the volume up on anything which gently calls to us, that warms our heart.  A man can't be a "good husband and father" if he can't connect within himself.  The best he could be is a handyman and a babysitter. 

Some wives will settle for those things, because they're so overburdened and confused that they fear being abandoned with the load.  Many of them have long since given up on the hope for love and joy.  They're just hoping for sanity and utility.  The struggle for this drives away the longing for anything deeper.    

The "ground crew" for every family will keep paddling hard, trying to keep the boat afloat.  The "test pilot" aspect is looking up at the heavens, daring to consider in what other ways things could be arranged. They are two sides of the same Oneself.  It's called "evolution," but it often feels more like revolution.  And it is a common belief that, in revolution, someone has to be "wrong."  But that is not always true.  And, in many families, above-mentioned scenario is now being reversed.  There are more mothers who are opting to walk away from husbands and kids today than any other time in history.  And when they are gone, who will take their place?    

On some level, the kids feel it all.  They grasp what we're all going through.  A person must be honest with him or herself about what he wants, and just go for it.  The kids will eventually see through the "shoulds".............and they will understand.  Or, they will use those "omissions" as cover, so they don't have to grow, later on.  Either way, everyone wins.  Their egos and your mate's ego may scream..........but their souls will understand, even if you have to leave, and go somewhere else, in order to get your sense of "self" back.  In this way, you'll be securing your oxygen mask, so you can see clearly to help others.   

Many of us feel, in various ways, that we have been called to step off a "cliff"--trusting that solid ground will appear under our feet.  Many are building bridges between Families of the Heart and their nuclear family.  This, too, is part of the process.  Not everything has to be altered or eliminated. Some of us will leave jobs, change careers, and redefine the very nature of who we are. Others will dare to remain stable, while they watch nearly everything crumble all about them. 

It's a dazzling (and excruciating) time to be alive, isn't it?  My body aches with the shifting of the tides, even as my heart swells with the knowledge of the expansions that are occurring all about me.  I'm an aching, shifting, swelling kind of guy these days!  And I love it.  I wouldn't want to be any other "me" than the one I am today.  I am realizing, more and more, how perfectly suited this physical and emotional vessel is for the tasks that I have laid out before it.  My weaknesses become my strengths, because they teach me to relax and to trust.  My fears become my springboards, as they lead me to move from "here" and to discover what "there" is actually like.  And judgments, about myself or my world, are falling away, for lack of a second!  We let the "motions" die, or we bury them in committee. 

The lines of that poem are echoing in my ears, as I write this:  "There's no forsaking this journey now. Days of deliberation, nights of doubt and fear--- all are washed clean by the loud, insistent drumming of our expectant hearts." And so it is.  Humanity moves steadily onward, we know not where.  A crisis of faith.  A crisis of development.  Planet Earth is awake, and the giant is beginning to stir.  Hang onto your hats, my friends.  Harmonic Concordance is nowhere near over yet.  In fact, it has only just begun. 

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.