Conversations with "Star Kids"

Part One

B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B

I HAVE BEEN NURTURING FRIENDSHIPS recently with several young people who bear many of the characteristics described in my series "The Star Children." Spirit just brings them my way, and I make it a point to pay attention. I let them decide for themselves what "flavor" of Meta-Human they wish to be (Crystal, Indigo, Mystic, Star Kid or whatever), or even if they wish to be called anything, other than by their own names.


Star Kids are usually quite normal looking, but their inner lives can be an entirely different story. That's why you have to look so hard to find them. Many of them are loners, and don’t try to stand out in a crowd. Once contact has been made, we need to gain trust so they will open up and tell us more about that rich inner reality of theirs.

Star Kids are made up of those whose DNA has been "altered" through consciousness connections and genetic patterns that originate outside of our normal, 3D ‘box’. When fully awakened, Star Children have an ability to ‘log-on’ to a kind of collective consciousness - similar to what is seen in whales and dolphins.


Jake is a young man who recently spoke very passionately to me about the day he began to grasp some disturbing facts about the world of adults. He said: "I finally realized that most adults are just big kids! Many of them don't know what they're doing anymore than we do. They just have more elaborate ways of pretending, and more resources to create their illusions of control."


When I heard this, my mind immediately flashed on "The Wizard of Oz," and that scene in the throne room, where the four friends are standing before The Great and Powerful One. Even while tongues of fire and billows of smoke rise up from this gigantic throne, the dog Toto goes over and pulls aside a heavy curtain, revealing a little old man who is speaking into a microphone and working his gadgetry to make the throne room seem so awesome.


It is soon becoming very clear that "The Great and Powerful Oz" is, indeed, a little old man who is scared and far from his home. He doesn't remember how to escape the dream... so he puts up this facade to keep himself safe, even while he earns a few bucks on the side, in order to pay the rent. Industries, Governments, Tyrants, and Local Authorities show us, in so many ways, how baffled they are by what is happening at this time on the Earth. Why can't they just say so, so that we can all set about the task of figuring things out?


The outstanding new movie, "Whale Rider" speaks about the growing pains, trials, and tribulations of the Maori Tribes of New Zealand. The story centers on the struggles that exist between the older generation, ancient traditions, and the wiser, younger folks that are coming onto the scene at this time. It explores gender discrimination, age discrimination, and it underscores what the will of the "ancient ones" really is. We're not to be protecting the status quo anymore. Things are in motion, and we dare not resist the tide. Those who love stories about the Children of the New Earth will want to check this movie out.


Another recent high school graduate told me an amusing story about a fellow on his campus who managed to persuade all of his fellow students to stage a protest against the (diabolical) W.A.S.L. test, here in Washington State (even most teachers hate it)... by encouraging everyone undergoing testing to draw pictures on their test pages, instead of writing answers to the questions. He suggested that they draw about things they liked to do, who they really were, and what they were feeling inside.


I am told this fellow became the talk of the school. The Principal was so angry that he staged a mock inquisition to find out who the instigator of the prank was. Washington Governor Gary Locke came to the school and spoke sternly to the students about the affair, saying: "Do you know what you've done here?" (I am recounting this story to you exactly as it was given to me, from a student's point of view).


Yes, Governor Locke, I think they do know. These kids were taking your ultra-sophistication and suggesting a better way! They are, once again, rebuffing the idea of being collated and classified, like pieces of meat. As long as you made that trip to the school, you might wish to take time to examine (in an interested, friendly way) the mindset of this young man who had the ability to turn the attitudes of an entire school. You might have gained a valuable ally in your quest to open up stronger lines of communication.


The long and short of it was... the student "leader" remained anonymous until after graduation, when he had diploma in hand. Then, and only then, was his identity revealed.


We wonder why some high school students spend time inventing viruses that stop industry and put hundreds of thousands of employees out of work for days on end. Could it be that they're trying to tell us: "Hey! You're overlooking vast resources here, while running through the hamster wheels of your life!" To be sure, creating computer viruses is NOT the way to produce change. Neither is stopping traffic on a bridge, during rush hour, to protest President Bush sending troops to Iraq. But these kids will find a way to be heard. We can expect them to try nearly everything until they are given a suitable forum of their own. They need an audience for their keen points of view.


As I watched the face of that 19-year-old who told me the story about the W.A.S.L, it was very clear that this instigator had become something of a prince in that school. He was described as bookish (but brilliant), and it was emphasized that he didn't lord his intelligence over other kids. On the contrary, he was also quite social. He had incredible charisma, and always went out of his way to help anyone he could.


Realizing that I am dealing with very alert and intelligent beings, I asked one young man about his own experience of "waking up" to spirit, while still residing within his family of origin. Anyone who has considered the "Wandering in the Wilderness" material in the "Star Children" articles knows that we Baby Boomers have had to deal with lots of ridicule and denial in our day, concerning all this "secret knowledge" we possess. Eventually, it became obvious to us that, if we were going to survive in this world, we would have to forget some of those deeper things that we knew.


Star Children are here to remember. Forgetting is no longer an option for them. The energy on the planet is too high for that. And yet, there are many tender areas of consciousness that can be permanently damaged if they are exposed to intolerance for too long a time. Jake has simply learned how to camouflage himself (he calls it "shape shifting") so that he doesn't have to deal too personally with "outsiders", those who are threatened by who or what he is.


"I dare not show weakness very often," he says. "If I do, people around me tend to exploit it, and use it as a means to draw me into their games."


Wrapping oneself in a cloak of chaos works very nicely in this regard. Jake says that all of life is really just a sea of chaos. Though it is human nature to find meaning in things, those definitions are really each person's own construct.


Jake says: “All around us, there are random energies, doing whatever it is that they need to do. It is natural for people to assign an ‘order’ to what they see, but those structures are also quite random. It is your belief in them that makes them seem more 'real' than anything else. It seems that people today need to have a reason to feel things. They have created a set of conditions that must be met before they can experience joy, anger, or before they can have peace. But really, experiences are always available, if we just choose to let them happen. We don't need a reason to be who we want to be. We can simply choose to be it."


As usual, these types of talks leave me with much to think about. Please feel free to contact me with any reactions, rebuttals to these ideas. We’re all here to share, learn, and grow! There are more conversations to come.

© Daniel Jacob, 2004

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