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The Economics of Oneness

"The Awareness Crisis"

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anointed in blood, are we who desire
betrayed as we are by our creations
intoxicated by impressions flowing in our veins
spilling into pools of distorted reflections
seduced by hypocrisy, we praise ambition
vanity unveiled, the face of hunger becomes our lust
ever the hunted, we devour our spoils in haste
lest all semblance of fulfilment be lost
invariably, the end times press hard upon us
as yet do we grieve, for the passing of our beliefs
in truth, all blood rituals will utterly fail
until the bitter cup is passed no more
thus anointed by love do we become
the compassionate ones
©copyright, 2007 by  Russ Njust.  All Rights Reserved.


of all the journeys of my soul,
my earthly sojourn is closest to my heart
why this is, I cannot truly say
why do we fall in love unintentionally
why does only love remain
beyond the sting of broken dreams
so many heartbreaks we have experienced here
so many expectations fading before our eyes
so many intentions lost in the pain of vain remorse
oh, but is she not our shining jewel in the heavens
is she not the great heart gem of the galaxy
no other soul has given so much for so little
no other soul retains her pristine beauty
despite the constant onslaught of human misconceptions
how many sorrows can she keep safely within
how many toxins can she transmute into light
how much compassion can one soul embrace
ever trusting in the great awakening of all that is
I fall to my knees, undone once again
blessed be she, who so freely gives life and love abundant
blessed be her sacred journey forever onward
blessed is she, who lays her life down at our feet
that we may walk in peace on mossy beds
that we may bathe in clear, cool waters
blessed be, are we that sleep so deeply upon her breast
and harvest the fruits of her wonderous creations
oh my love, of all the journeys of my soul
my earthly sojourn is closest to my heart
and I will not leave her now in her hour of need
for our destinies have clearly become one
©copyright   Russ Njust


The Secret

Let me tell you a secret
there are no secrets...
Life has no secrets
We don’t see the obvious
only because we secretly enjoy secrets
The reason we don’t want to admit this
is we’re trying to keep life at a distance
Maybe because we don’t feel loved or validated
or because we feel incapable of loving or validation
Maybe we feel undeserving of all that life has to offer
Distance is how we deal with our pain
and we create self-images to mask this fact
regardless of outward appearances
There are no secrets
Life knows all its creations
We can live our lives in denial
but that won’t hide the facts forever
Of course, illusion is the name of the game
We may define the rules
We may create the definitions
We may choose the boundaries and the opportunities
And, we may forget that we did
That’s the only secret we have
As illusions go, it’s a big one.
©Copyright, 2007.   Russ Njust.  All Rights Reserved.


Transformation Tales

By Russ Njust


Long ago, demons were akin to humans. They were elementals who had served and worked with humanity for aeons of time, but who gradually became transfigured by human misconceptions and lack of reverence for life. Being a part of human creations, they too had once been aware of the innocence of life. Carrying our burdens, they felt betrayed by love and became bent on holding love at bay at all costs. They had no individual soul, but shared the souls of others, or rode the currents of the elements, seeking sometimes desperately for a home.

They occupied his body. He clearly felt their presence and tried to cope as best he could. They whispered to him at times to fear what they called dangerous situations and people that could not be trusted. He learned to tolerate them, but he was grieved by his inability to free himself of their dominance. As the years past they became strange companions, and respected one another’s domain, as long as their own needs were met.

In this life, he had gazed into the great light of love and was returning to that place of innocence, determined to get there or die. Love had sent him an angel, who watched over him day and night. She was his love light on the darkened path, and together they traversed the stars. He loved her deeply, and his elementals in turn feared her greatly, for powerful was her love.   MORE



"Shadow Wandering and Wondering"

By Lucy Love

I’ve been wondering through thoughts of ‘shadows’ lately…shadows and the shadows that live within the shadows and the further shadows that exist within those shadows and onward into the “infinite shadows”.  Just as there is “Infinite Light”….there is “Infinite Dark”…and between the two, therein lies the “Infinite Shadows”…but within it ALL there is the “Infinite Love” flowing freely for One & All, from One end of the spectrum to the Other…for Us to continuously explore and travel between the veils of which We wish to explore…the “Exploration of Love”….to “Explore with Love” , All of the facets of Love, Colors of Love, rRces of Love, Light of Love, Dark of Love, sensations of Love as well as ‘sin’sations of Love.
LOVE is free. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has made Love ‘cost’ or make Love ‘pay’. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has laid a ‘price’ on Love….not Love ItSelf…Love knows not of “cost”…Love only knows Love. And I Am not speaking from a ‘monetary’ level of ‘cost or price’, but all of the other ways that humanity has learned to ‘make others pay."   MORE


"Hy Brasil"

By Phillip McGough


  Far across the western sea lies Hy Brasil....behind the sunset, deeper than the sunset, where only dreams and lost ships may go. It is given to perhaps one in a thousand to see her, and perhaps one in a hundred thousand to see her once more. The rest of us have known a little of Hy Brasil and her beauty when evening comes to rest upon the spires and domes of old Jerusalem; or when dawn rises full of omens over Mecca in the cool of the morning, and gently rouses the sand leopard from his sleep in the blood-red shadows of the desert. A little of her beauty is in these things, and a little of her majesty and her mystery, but only a little; for they cannot compare to Hy Brasil across the western sea, whose gardens and lemon groves are watered by sweet-scented fountains fed by softly singing streams, and whose many golden temples are lit by constant and curious flames that do not so much as flicker in the rough Atlantic winds.     MORE

RE: Sanvean---I am Your Shadow


"A quotation, for you, from one of my favourite books 'The Wizard of Earthsea' by Ursula Le Guin.


It's a story about a powerful young mage called Sparrowhawk, named Ged, who releases a shadow from the bowels of the matrix. He runs from the shadow until he realises he has to turn and hunt it...and speak its true name which he does not know until...

'Aloud and clearly, breaking that old silence, Ged spoke the shadows name, and in the same moment the shadow spoke without lips or tongue, saying the same word: 'Ged.' And the two voices were one voice.

'Ged reached out his hands, dropping his staff, and took hold of his shadow, of the black self that reached out to him. Light and darkness met, and joined, and were one.

'...Ged had neither lost nor won but, naming the shadow of his death with his own name, had made himself whole: a man: who knowing his whole true self, cannot be used or possessed by any power other than himself, and whose life therefore is lived for life's sake and never in the service of ruin, or pain, or hatred, or the dark. In the Creation of Ea which is the oldest song, it is said, 'Only in in silence the word, only in dark the light, only in dying life: bright the hawk's flight on the empty sky.'    T.G., in the U.K.


(United Kingdom)


Was there always just the two of us?

Do you remember just before taking form?

When we decided, to run the gauntlet of terror and pain apart?

Thus began the hard knock life for us,

Born unprepared;

For some, suffering becomes their badge,

For the others, self-respect and honour became our flags........


A Remembrance, by Kessie Amponsah. 



By  Kessie A. Amponsah


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