Commitment 2:  Stay in the Now

The next major "commitment" that is required, in order to effectively surf the ascension, is a solid focus into the NOW MOMENT. 

Someone once said:  "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a GIFT (that's why they call it the PRESENT).   har, har.
Belteshazzar said:  "The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go.  The only thing you must remember is to keep your hands and feet inside the car!"
Ranked solidly behind a commitment to inner (and outer) freedom---thereby helping us gain clear access to what it is that we truly desire---a focus into the NOW is the grand accelerator of the Multiverse.  This is because it is, literally, the only time there is. 
Many people talk about time travel.  Many more swear that the government already has its own Time Machine (I am among them, btw).........but, as The Reconnections have taught in some of the first transmissions---the present is not the product of the past.   Both past and future are designed and manufactured in the Now Moment.  
Each Now Moment is a discreet universe that is its own designer and director of cinematography.  The past and future are variations of "clip-art" that are pasted on, in order to give colour and texture to the Now.  
How do you think it is that a person can imagine the future with such clarity and accuracy?   How, indeed, can a human being imagine what it's like to go somewhere he has never been?  The answer is simple.  In the Multiverse, everything is Now.  And we've all been there.........already!  Everything is happening simultaneously in one, fragmented, undulating Moment........divided and compartmentalized by a Veil..........that allows for everything to maintain its sense of definition, regardless of how the sequencing is arranged.  
Stephen Hawking blew everyone away when he asked:  "Do you think it's possible for us to remember the future?"  For the un-initiated mind, this sounded fantastic.  For a seasoned metaphysician, it's first-level stuff. 
If we haven't dealt with it before, we'd best deal with it now.  We are where we are, doing what we're doing, because we each created it that way.   And, even though it often appears as such, nothing happens by happenstance.  It's all custom made to order!
Time Travel........or Space Travel, for that simply a case of skip-hopping from Now Moment to Now Moment, within an ultra-changeable continuum of possible/probable alternatives.  Knowing that these exist, and piloting our "vehicle" with a reasonable amount of focus and intention---we have an excellent chance of being able to navigate ourselves anywhere. 
The pitfall, of course, is a little thing called continuity.  Once we invest ourselves, within a particular "version" or sequence of Now Moments---and become attached to an outcome--- our consciousness decelerates itself until it becomes hardened into physical matter.  In other words, what is happening in that universe "matters" to us, and we become stuck there. 
To commit ourselves into the Now Moment is to, in essence, put our head down and WHIRRRRRRRRR through the Multiverse until our vibration locks on to our strongest desire.  The word "desire" means "of the Father......."  "de" + "sire" (father).  Once that connection is made, the journey is instantaneous.  After all, there's really nowhere to go, eh?  It's all here, it's all Now, it's all YOU.  
Belt also once told me:  
"Do you know what you did yesterday?"  
"Do you know what you'll do tomorrow?"
It's only's really only NOW.......that you can do Something. 
So here we have it......commitment #2.  Being PRESENT in the NOW.  Everything else is scenery.  If it can't be done Now, let it be.  Everything will stack itself up, exactly as you created it.  Therefore, sit back......relax. 
Climb aboard your nice, shiny, new NOW MOMENT.........arrive where you want ON TIME, and in beautiful style!  <s>

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