Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"A Circle of Rivals"

My Dear Friends,

You would do well not to miss some incredible changes that are taking place right before your eyes.  The Heart of Polarity is being broken at last-and the scattered shards of Old Guard Thinking are currently reforming themselves into a single, congruous whole.  They gather around a man who has made it his goal to bring together a nation, torn and divided once more---teetering on a new brink of extinction (or so it seems)---yet never stronger or more determined than at this point in human history.

It has been written:  "No man can serve two masters.  For he will either hate the one and serve the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other......"  (New Testament, Matt. 6:24)   And thus, your allegiance to the Heart of Polarity was born and bred. 

But, Friends....... nowhere does it say that two masters cannot serve the one man.  Or even MORE than two, or twelve, or twenty!  Such was the case with a young boy who dared to pull a sacred royal sword from a stone, way back when.  A young man who gathered a people, and gave life to a dream!   And thus will it be with your new President-Elect Obama, so long as he embodies and symbolizes ONE PEOPLE.......reunited, dedicated to learn, to grow........and determined to survive.   


We have spoken to you previously about an Assembly of Souls, gathered around an Etheric Roundtable----a Sacred Meeting Place, where representatives of ALL REALMS, ALL VIEWPOINTS come to share their gifts, their ideas, their hopes, and their aspirations.  There is no disagreement in Oneness.  There are simply infinite variations upon the same one theme.  In a tolerant, compassionate, RECONNECTED Environment, all things are possible because all things are ONE.    

The TEAM OF RIVALS which is now being formed to lead your incoming Administration is but a dim reflection of THE ONESELF, WE which has already formed within your Collective Planetary Soul.  In the same way that the physical Internet reflects (albeit dimly) a Worldwide INNER NET of Consciousness, connecting all minds and all shall this Team of Rivals begin to embody what a truly integrated Collective Consciousness could be like.

It is the responsibility and the joy of every President to embody and inspire the highest and purest hopes of ALL THE PEOPLE under his charge, not just a select few.  To strike a tone of UNITY which is so strong, so sensible......that private agendas and vendettas are cast aside so his Oneself Agenda can come to life. 

This type of Sacred Fervor can only be achieved and maintained if EVERY person within the Oneself Whole considers him or herself to be that ONE PERSON who is leading the way.  To point to the One Man, served faithfully by Many Masters, and say in your hearts:  "There am I.  This is MY universe, MY creation."  And it would be true, since each of you is a universe unto him or herself. 

Crossed Swords have always symbolized a mixing and mingling of sharp minds and worthy considerations!  A Confrontation of Opposites to bloom and flourish across Fields of ONEder.  Only in such company will it become possible to step outside of polarized conceptual "boxes" which once held so many of your hearts in suffering and discontent.


Each of you has a "Circle of Rivals" within your own soul!  You have felt immobilized, up till now, because you clung to the belief that you had to "clear" or "resolve" these rivalries---so you could decide, once and for all, who you really are.  But we say to you now.......WELCOME IN THESE DIVERGENT FORCES........just as they are.  Embrace them for their distinctiveness, their uniqueness, their wealth of experience and charm!

Tell them you hear their voices, you need them, and you long to be THEIR PRESIDENT, too! 

As you learn to honor and develop your very own Counsel of Dissent, deep within, some wonderful changes will occur.  What shall we call this new Governing Body?  The UNITED NOTIONS?   So be it!  And as you form and fashion a whole new world, inside yourself---your outer reality will faithfully reflect these changes right back to you.  The MANY always exist to edify and reflect THE ONE, so long as the ONE lives to embody and represent them.  And we will be there to celebrate with you, as all move ever closer to our Grand Reunion of the Ages.  Chehala Selah! 

<end transmission>      

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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