Free Playback of a Live Teleconference, 1/19/05

led by Daniel Jacob and The Reconnections

Come and join us for a delightful hour with a wonderful group of souls.  Daniel gathers together a group to explore the basics of an ancient art, that is enjoying a huge resurgence in our world today.    

This 60 minute overview is free, and it is part of our Instant On-Demand Playback System that is now used for many Recon Teleconferences.  

To access the recording, you must get on your phone and call the system.  There are no charges by us, but your long distance carrier will charge you to access the Conference Center.  If you are in the U.S., and have no cheap long-distance rates, I recommend you dial 1010636, then 1 + area code + number, and most phone companies will automatically bill your call at 5 cents a minute, right on your phone bill (check with your local area).  There are no extra charges, or minimum fees.  Just 5 cents per minute.  If the call goes through, it should appear on your next bill.  Or, if you're out of the country, try  They have some decent rates.    

To dial in, follow these instructions: 

To access this function, call the original number you used when you called in for the class.  As was the case before, long distance charges will still apply on your own phone. 
1.   Dial 1-949-270-2290 
2.   A voice will welcome you to the Conference System.
3.   You will be asked to punch in the Access Code.  This can either be 463# or get to choose.  If one doesn't work, the other one will.  (don't forget the # sign).  Immediately after punching this in (don't wait for a prompt), type in *3.   (That's a star, not a # sign). 
4.   You will be prompted to punch in the file number.  That number, for this class, is 27119#  (don't forget the # sign). 
5.   You will then be prompted to push "1" to begin the playback. 
6.   As the playback begins, you will be asked how many minutes of the class you would like to skip, before the tape is played.  If you wish to listen to the entire class, punch "0" and the # sign.   In a day or so, we will post a table of contents for the class, with minute-markers, so you can skip right to that which interests you.    

7.  You may hang up at any time, or hit *3 to terminate the transmission. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the playback, write



Beginning February 2, 2005, we will begin a 6-week series of Teleclasses, timed at 90 minutes each, which will take a person, step-by-step, through the opening stages of becoming a Conscious Channel.  It will continue every Wednesday Night until March 9.  Time: 6pm to 7:30pm PST.  There will be homework assignments, a private discussion list on the Yahoo System, and encouragement for members to take reasonable steps towards expressing whatever ability there is inside that is wanting to come forth.  Paid observers and auditors of the class are allowed, and no one is forced to go beyond where he or she wishes to go.  These classes will NOT be recorded, and each member's privacy is of the utmost importance. 

For costs and Info, please go to this page:  

For additional info, or to reserve your space, contact Nina Florenz at (425) 889-7447, or contact me at .      

Blessings and Enjoy!

Daniel and the Reconnections.