"The changes in your world are in the process of accelerating. The forces of darkness and light are polarizing and becoming more separated and clearly defined. It will be difficult to avoid making choices between the two clear options as the stresses of separation increase.

During this final intensification, your world will shake as has not been experienced but in far distant memories of previous continental destructions.  This shaking is both a result of the inability of your leadership and your governance mechanisms to change in response to the many warnings that have been given, as well as our way to shake many more into a new awareness that major changes are necessary if your world is to survive its many assaults.

A shakeup is necessary in order to change the relationships that many Earth inhabitants have with each other, with the sacredness of the land itself, and with the ways of governance. We are entering into a time where the people themselves must assume more responsibility for creating their own safety and their own communities, and to take control of their governance out of the hands of those who have only self-interest and who seek to control the minds and the economies of the masses for personal benefit. 

We tell those who are secure in their understanding and honoring of community and Earth not to fear these changes, but to embrace them with compassion and joy, for they will result in a new unity, a new peace, and a new harmony. "

Tuwatnaw, Channeled through Wayne Moody