Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Changing Gears"

My Dear Friends,

We will begin our outline of Multiversal information with a transmission that will eventually result in the END of what you call Frustration. For, in the understanding of these truths, there will be the beginning of comprehending the full potential of this tiny sliver of consciousness you have known as Physical Reality---and its relationship to everything else. Until now, locked within the concepts of Duality, it was believed that the many thoughts and desires that flowed through your Consciousness---sometimes raging rivers and sometimes gentle streams---were only shadows, without form or substance. Sensing their presence as they moved, you reached for them but they seemed elusive. At times, it broke your heart to realize that you had almost grasped a particular dream---only to find that situations and circumstances seemed to snatch it away like cloth in a dog's teeth. Over and over, in disillusionment, you surrendered the hope of attaining those desires---only to reach for new ones....on and on.


Now we reveal this wonderful truth that, as a Citizen of the Multiverse---every thought you have, every dream, every desire that longs for fulfillment is HAPPENING NOW, IN THEIR ENTIRETY, WITHIN YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF. You see, this Physicality that has been held so dear---this solid matter that you have clung to as "Real"---it is THIS PLANE that is the shadow!!! And every part of that shadow; every nuance---is REAL AND COMPLETE somewhere in the Multidimensional Self.

Part of the mechanism that binds together the Limitation Plane is the "blocking" from your consciousness of full representation of all you are and all you are doing. Since this is "defined territory"--there is just not room for it all here. Therefore, the Limitation Focus was created to view, in full manifestation, ONLY THOSE IDEAS WHICH YOU WISH TO STUDY "UP CLOSE" AND IN SLOW MOTION. It is the "microscope" designed for studying and exploring all those aspects about yourself that interest you---those "issues" your Higher Self has programmed you to resist. If you think about it--ONE HAS TO BE RESISTING THEM in order to SLOW THEM DOWN to this vibrational frequency so they can become solid. Therefore, this Plane of Visualization contains those "assignments" that "fill in the gaps" experientially---joining with other alternate, simultaneous existences and forming the huge jigsaw puzzle you are within the Multiverse.

"Well, then..." you may ask, "How about those thoughts and desires that appear IN MY MIND ONLY but never find a resting place in physicality?" Our answer, then, is that they passed through your mental body merely as a reminder that SOMEWHERE, IN ANOTHER PART OF YOU the entire dream is being ACCOMPLISHED PERFECTLY and with great joy!! If the hearer wishes a linear concept that would illustrate this---try the picture of a fleeting desire to, perhaps, attend the wedding of a friend. To your disappointment, physical "circumstances" prevent you from going. However, two days after the event, you receive a call from that friend saying that the wedding had been videotaped in it's entirety by SEVERAL different photographers and all the cassettes are awaiting review at your earliest convenience! And, we might hasten to add---when a Multidimensional Photographer takes a Video--it's the kind of "replay" you can CLIMB RIGHT INTO!!! This is because TIME DOES NOT EXIST! All a person needs to do is turn his attention to that particular "channel" of the inner awareness and IT'S SHOWTIME!!!! It is even possible for One to view, while still present in Physicality, any events or dreams which are represented fully "elsewhere." It is through the usage of the gateway of IMAGINATION that those in Form have ALWAYS had access to the Multiverse. And certain Spiritual Guides, accelerated parts of Yourself, who have been placed at the entrance of this Gate, can be of assistance in Your explorations.


To utilize everyday concepts to explain: your universe is like a TV set---tuned to a particular setting of vibration. While your attention is focused on that "channel," there is the illusion that the program seen there is "All There Is" on that TV set. However, if the viewer is instructed properly how to utilize the controls, it is possible to CHANGE CHANNELS and view another program---one that is being broadcast SIMULTANEOUSLY but on another frequency of vibration. My Friends, if you have ever been "TV junkies"---you have had, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES, a continual example of the mechanism of the Game of Life. Of course, the purpose of our teaching today is not just letting You know that "life can be like a big TV." We go much further than that! We're here to give you CABLE!!! No---how about SATELLITE??!! And once the VIDEO market opens up---the prospects are ENDLESS.

My Dear Friends, we are telling these truths now because the time is rapidly approaching when All must make drastic adjustment in the way they relate to the Physical Plane. For your entire life, because THIS LIFE was designed to be one of remarkable perception and deep awareness, you have driven and rushed Yourself to accomplishment and experience. Subconsciously aware that energy is accelerating, each of you hasl tried to accelerate with it in an attempt to "keep up" with the pace of the Universe. Not only is this NO LONGER NECESSARY--but events and unfoldments are assuming a velocity where it could be very harmful to your physical form should you continue to drive yourself to keep up.


Now is the timing to "CHANGE GEARS", to use automotive jargon, into the Multidimensional mode. The events and occurrences of the Physical Focus will shortly reach a pitch of velocity that, if that frame of reference is ALL YOU KNOW--IT WILL BE TERRIFYING!!!!! Therefore, a new and manageable understanding of everything will be found in the recognition that the Physical Field of Awareness is merely made up of symbols---representative of the "passing away" of the old framework and the reunion with the Glorious Multiverse. If anyone's belief system is such that Physicality is the only reality they know or will accept--great will be their sense of loss when this process is complete. And many situations and occurrences that are coming will represent this idea to you. It this is all happening according to your plan and creation. All participants gladly assume their roles as, together, we record this GREAT EVENT for the viewing enjoyment of the Gathering of the One.

In actuality, the "Fires of Hell" which has been dreaded since Sunday School are truly representative of the rapid acceleration that will soon fill the Earth Plane--setting ablaze all those aspects and ideas which resist the shift into the velocity of Multidimensional Connection. But there will be more reference to these events in detail later on. The main focus here is to effect this essential shift in Your perception and knowledge so that YOU will not be frightened into a state of panic during this transition. For you, it will be smooth and exciting.


So--Simply go about your day to day tasks. Should a desire arise, follow the energy as far as clear, discernible desire takes you. Should the energy dissipate at any time, know that the project has been completed in an alternate universe and that your "assignment" here was simply to "walk through" a mere PORTION of that path---a portion which represented a point of RESISTANCE for you. Once completed, you were free to release from Physical Focus the remainder of the project so that the "microscope" would be free to "study" another area of resistance. In other situations, you may witness in the Physical Focus the entire completion of a project. However, whether you see a dream become physical or not--there is always an alternate universe (hidden from your present view) where a representation of Yourself (just as "real" as this One) fully accomplishes the goal. So, never mind whether or not you COULD have had a V-8---GO AHEAD AND HAVE ONE!!!!!

Now, My Dear Friends, We realize that you may not feel entirely ready to completely grasp these ideas. That is allright. It is all according to the timing which YOU, yourself, have established. Now that you have heard this message, the information will remain, in seed form, within your information banks until such time as you elect to fully utilize it. Give yourself all the time and space you need.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 1992, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.