(Not your Average Burger Joint)

Come one, come all. The latest Hot Spot to hit 5D!!!
A place to come and let it ALL hang out. Second Star on the right..........straight on till morning.

Y'all know the way. Simply speak "Chehala Selah" before dropping off to sleep or meditating, and a Trans-Portal will bring you to us.

We have stores located in all Crystal Cities from Avalon to Zimbabwe......Open 24/7...........Featuring the Sassiest Grub on the other side of the Veil. (Not to deny the beauty of Waid's Place, which still rocks in 3D).........

Pleaidian Pookie-Berry Pie, Sirian Pancakes, Dragonmilk Smoothies, Arcturian Curly Fries. You name it, we've got it.

IN fact, we're still looking for NAMES to go with some of the stuff we've got!


Don't be afraid to bring your Dragon! They are always welcome to frolic in our Dragonspace while you eat and visit with us! And like Waid's one eats alone! We are ALL ONE. Sasha and Sebastian, our Reconnections Dragon Guides are excellent hosts. And Christine, the Fantasy Artist even has a Dragon who blows smoke bubbles.........(fancy that).



Mmmmmmmm...........Try some!

Everyone's Here!----Wookies, Hammerheads, Dancing Princesses,

Greedo, Droidy-Car Rides for the Kiddies, Astro Speeder Races.

Everyone fits! Everyone is welcome!

Come on over! Don't delay! The Brighter Days Space Cafe.


Nano. Nano.